Upcoming [Temps Needed] Serpent Coils [Dec. 30]

French Roast

Lord of Altera

The garrison of Fort Sungrad is expecting the arrival of an Asrakosian scout force within a few days.
But the people they will greet at the gate will not be the guests they were expecting.

The Acolytes of the Many-Headed Serpent are on the move.


Where: Fort Sungrad (an unmarked fortification to the north of Astrakhan some distance)
When: Sunday, Dec. 30th - 4:00 pm EST
Rating: Violent and private by application

This is part 2/2 of a confrontation between the Serpent Cultists and the Asrakosians/Fort Sungrad forces under Carlos de la Fleur, which I've been organizing with Blorbis. The first part of this was done as a private event quite some time ago, but it has been on hold due to the Forlorn campaign and many scheduling issues. I'm pushing ahead with this on the date listed, and to pull it off we need people to temp as a small garrison force of no more than 5-6 soldiers. The Cultists they are facing will be a similarly sized force, but the difference being the Cultists are mostly full-fledged characters - which means our stakes are markedly higher if we fail.

This is an opportunity for people who perhaps want to try their hand at a situation which will most likely involve character combat, without risking a real character.
The guidelines are simple:

- You will be given a base uniform skin if you choose to participate. This must be used to be allowed to participate.
- Since you are a temp, you cannot have any equipment beyond the generic equipment described. For equipment you would have chain/gambeson and a basic helm, light crossbows and arming swords. The Cultists will have comparable equipment.
- Temps are generally accepted to have only basic training in combat. That being said, you would be expected to be putting forth effort as this situation can potentially swing to either side. Please do not join to intentionally throw. If you have interest in helping the Cult/RPing with them, we can discuss such privately.
- Rules against powergaming still apply as normal. We will organize for a neutral DM to be present. If the situation calls for the DM to intervene, then whatever they decide will be final. If you continue to argue after the DM has called it, I'll simply ask you to leave because nobody wants this to draw out for several hours longer than is necessary and it simply isn't worth it especially in a situation where the stakes are markedly higher for my Cultists than for the Asrakosian-Sungrad forces.

If you are interested, you can post here or contact me via DMs either here on the forums or on Discord.

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