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Name: Tevis. (Tev-iss.)
Nickname/Alias: Tev.
Title: Hunter, Guardian.

Social Status: YaVei-Makani

Tev - (ClearBackground) - By Kam.png
(All Credit to Kamaoe for this brilliant and awesome artwork.)

Age: 27 Years, or roughly 332 Bright Moon Festivals.
Gender: Male.
Race: Makani.
Height: 5ft 4in or 1.63m
Wingspan: 14ft 5in or 4.40m
Weight: 137lbs or 57.6kg

Large and un-turning. With a large pupil taking up the majority of the eye, the outer ring is a deep orange in colour.

His beak is slightly shorter and wider, similar to his overall physique. A light grey colour at the start of his beak, close to his face, darkening in gradient as it nears the tip of his beak to a dark grey.
One of his noted idle habits is keeping care of his beak, like a man would sharpen his sword with a whetstone, Tev can be seen 'chewing' on small bits of bone from time to time.

White in colour with black tips and 'highlights'.
Feather - Pattern.png

Hard and scaly, his skin is a light grey with a very faint tint of brown in colour. Only seen on his arms, hands, calves and feet.

Identifying Marks:
White feathers with black highlights, scaled skin and a large set of wings. He would clearly stand out from the rest of the races of Altera.

Down the outside of his left thigh, is a long and thin snaking scar, caused by a tuffle with his younger sister and her careless claws in their youths. They were always the competitive type when going through the training of their clan.
Along the right side of his torso, about stomach level, run three, evenly spaced out, slash marks. Caused by an angered Ayyei during a particularly rough encounter. The marks are hidden the most of the time by his own feathers.

A fresher set of scars can be seen along his left arm, from anther Ayyei clash in Storms Landing. These ones are slightly more visible due to a thinner density of feathers on his arms.

While he is shorter than the majority of other Makani, he is noticeably more stocky, a common trait of the YaVei Clan.
Near short-to-none in the regards of head-feathers.

His day-to-day outfit consists of two, thin, crossed leather straps over his chest, serving as a bandolier to hold small items of interest. Upon both his biceps he bares two decorative cloth bands, dyed in a deep maroon colour. Around his waist is a tied off leather belt supporting a wrap around 'skirt', a light brown in colour.

On his right thigh can be seen a leather sheathe with his bone knife tucked away. Over his left shoulder he slings his shortbow. His blowpipe tucked into a small leather ring along his chest straps.


Tevis - Spooksy.png
Tevis - His younger, childhood years.
(All the Credit to Spooksy_)

Primarily to the YaVei Clan and the Makani as a whole.
'Neutral Good' in his own eyes.

Family Heritage:
His parents, his parent's parents and so on and so forth have all been members of the YaVei clan as far back as records date.

Marital Status:
Maunakea - (Mah-Nah-Kay-ah) - Father, the White Mountain.
Kalani - (Kah-lar-nee) - Mother.

Kekoa - (Ke-Koh-Ah) - Half-Sister, Michcat


Traits or Blessings:
Long and sharp nails at the tips of his fingers.
Taloned feet at the end of his digitigrade legs.
Wings capable of gliding.
A short and sharp beak.

Languages Spoken:
Yakai - Fluent.
'Glide speak' - While not a proper language, it is a set of shrieks and whistles that have basic meanings to other Makani.
Common - Mediocre at best, poor pronunciation of many of the words he knows and grammar is 'shoddy'.

Religious Beliefs:
- The Will of Manna -
Their god, the A’keiyah, and the Three Sisters keep their society from crumbling. If not for the theocratic caste system, they would have died off to infighting ages ago. It is so deeply ingrained that the A’keiyah speak for Manna and that their word is law.

Tev is an undeniably brave and proud member of the YaVei Clan, he holds himself highly out of belief in the caste system of the Makani and over the groundlings as a whole too. By the very nature of his clan and the beliefs implanted within him his entire life, he has a naturally strong protective nature over his fellow kin and will fight for them with a ferocity inspired by the Ayyei (Gryphons) themselves.

To most people, both Makani and Groundling, he can have a rather tough shell of approachability. Being one to keep things short and sharp, to the point. From a life of limited resources, he has little interest in wasting time or word. Closer friends and fellow YaVei, this will be as less apparent, but this stems from the other YaVei having the same style of upbringing.

This can all change come festival and celebration. When it is time to relax, to enjoy oneself. He has never been one to shy away from 'letting his feathers down', so to speak. He will relish in sweet fruits and the company of others, a far more open and talkative Tevis will emerge. But come the end of the festival, it will be back to work and focus.

Habits and Hygiene:
Feather Preening - To align feathers and clean of mites.
Bone Chewing - To keep his beak sharp and maintained.

The frequent light rain keeps him clean of mud and blood, but occasionally he will find himself a treat to cleansing dust baths.

Goals in Life:
Hunt and provide for Vata'inu and the Makani.
Continue to fight besides his fellow YaVei in protecting the more vulnerable of the Makani.
Inevitably to discover more about these 'groundlings'. "How much of a threat do they pose to my brethren?"

Able to see with crystal clear precision at great distances.
Can glide for long distances.
Able to gain a foot or two of lift by flapping his wings.
Capable of kicking and scratching with their talons.
Taloned feet allow easier climbing and perching upon objects.
Highly competent hunter of small animals.

Poor hearing and mediocre scent.
Fragile bones.
Cannot move his eyes, and must turn his head instead.
Cannot perform facial expressions.
Isolated to the point of hostile xenophobia.

Drowning in the deeps.
Failing in his born duty.

Main Profession:
Hunter of game and Guardian to the other clans.

Extra Jobs:

Current Wealth:

Political Alignment:
The Makani.

His roost was located near the peak, just on the side of steepest cliffs of Vata'inu.

A Song That Would Summarise Him:
Place: Vata'inu.
Pastime: Hunting.
Food: Goat.
Drink: Juice of Melon.
Colour: Deep maroon red.
Animal: Birds.

Least Favourite
Place: The Ground.
Pastime: Swimming.
Food: Vegetables.
Drink: Water
Colour: Sickly Yellow.
Animal: Cat.



YaVei Clan - His literal brothers and sisters. These are his brethren, he loves them dearly and trusts them with his life as they trust him with their own.
Kekoa - His half-sister, they may get into fights and arguments. They may be highly competitive at striving to be the best. But he loves her as family and perhaps his best friend. Michcat
Adiella - He had come to form quite a deep emotional bond with her. Caring about her as much as his sister, if not more than. He is deeply saddened to have lost her.. bettemus99

A'keiyah Clan - The figureheads of all Makani, of course they must be trusted. Despite their interesting selection methods.
Talu - A fellow YaVei, a battle brother. He has fought and hunt beside this man. Since their re-meeting, he has helped take down one of the larger Goat-Demons quickly and cleanly together. Glados
Maui - Talu's blood-brother, a fellow YaVei. By nature of clan, he entrusts this Makani greatly. He located their new potential home. Rygan

Keema - Leading the 'negotiations' with these groundlings, while she may not be of the A'keiyah, he looks to her as the spokeswoman for the Makani. Niah
Vamei - He understands Vamei's fear and it is well placed, they must be cautious now they are stuck upon the ground. He will be taking special care to watch out for and protect her. BrianAT16
Tei - While he was of the Po Clan, he has put clan differences aside and looked out to keep him safe. He has also been surprised by Tei's willingness to help provide and study and learn about the groundling way of life, doing so for the benefit of the Makani as a whole. Narvendel

Lei Clan - Both entertaining in song and dance and useful in craftsmanship of many daily utilised things.
Evani - One of the newest arrivals to the mainland, she seems wise, realising of the severity of the Makani's predicament. Spooksy_
Kol - This young child is undoubtedly scared to be stuck down in this place without her parents. He will be watching out for her. Bobert
Aia - He is impressed by her.. chipperness, despite the incident with the groundlings, she has been open to trade with them with song in her voice. Charybdis

Po Clan - While being vital to the survival of Vata'inu, they can be seen as rather.. tricky and snarky.
Vassi - His first encounter with this Po began with the theft of the Oleev's hat. After some tense arguing back and forth. The 'conflict' resulted in Oleev keeping her hat. Colonelgames
Demitrius - He showed him the location of a now deserted Gryphon nest allowing Tevis to pay respects where due. MRPolo13
Sugarcane - She gave him some grapes, some water. A tour of Sanardu, this goat of a groundling was suprisingly nice to be around compared to previous experiences with the goat-groundlings. Ruu

Unsure of:
Ventare - Dark Demon! This one was one of the first to come to their roost and ask many questions. He possesses a heavy and shiny.. weapon? Cumbersome, why someone would want such a thing.. ShaolinPunk

Olive - 'Oleev' Demon! Groundling! He likes the colour of her hat though, but even that is not enough to change what she is. Smurf
Ater - 'Aytir of the Heelerrs' He fixed up Maui, he acts polite, he did not fight back. What is this Groundling's plan!? Magiik

Wary of:

Afraid of:

Groundlings - Tev has not had any interactions to yet justify being trustful of the 'groundlings'.


Simply what it is, a small wooden tube used to propell feathered darts at a target. Essentially silent in use, while it has no use as a directly damaging instrument, it can be applied with toxins for a more effective use.

Shortbow, 20lbs Draw Weight
A lightweight hunting bow that is kept slung over one shoulder, primarily meant for hunting animals. It can be used as a weapon, but it is not expected to do as much damage as some of longbows the groundings utlilise. [It is currently cracked from 'The Fall'.]

Small, Bone Knife
Tev possesses a small bone knife, kept in an equally small leather sheathe on his right thigh. The bone was taken from one of his earliest hunts and carved and sharpened down into the small weapon and tool for present day use.
Bone Knife - Smaller.png

Leather Waterskin
Quite simply, a leather waterskin that hangs from the left side of his belt. Useful for keeping himself hydrated when away from fresh sources of water.

Knife Skills
[x-x-x-X-x-x-x-x-x-x] [4/10]

Archery Skills
[x-x-x-x-X-x-x-x-x-x] [5/10]

Hand-To-Hand Combat
[x-X-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x] [2/10]

[x-x-x-x-x-X-x-x-x-x] [6/10]

[x-x-X-x-x-x-x-x-x-x] [3/10]

Medical Expertise
[x-X-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x] [2/10]

Athletics and Acrobatics
[x-x-x-x-X-x-x-x-x-x] [5/10]

Cooking Quality
[x-x-x-x-X-x-x-x-x-x] [5/10]

Gliding Ability
[x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-X] [10/10]

Feather Preening
[x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-X] [∞/10]

Before the Fall
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