Finished [The 9th Day of February] A Disturbance in the Countryside


Lord of Altera

Reports have found their way to the nobility of Hawklight that there is a disturbance in the countryside. Under the guidance of Theodra, the young nobleman Tirius Westergard has vowed to gather a handful of bannermen to investigate the matter.

When: Saturday, Feb 9th, 4:00 PM EST
Where: Blackstone countryside, Talon Isles
Who: Private. ( Message me on Discord @Tohm#0571 if you want to come, but there might not be any spaces in the party.)

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Is this still occurring? Kam mentioned to pass on the DM position unless you were rescheduling


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I can DM your event if it's sometime relatively soon. Let me know when, or message me on Discord (JUMP#2179)


Lord of Altera
The hunt has concluded. After a prayer to Theodra, Tirius, his twin brother Forrest, and Sir David were seen tracking the beast into the eastern forests of the isle. They soon found evidence that a gryphon was responsible for the killings of the cattle. As the group pondered their next step, Tirius caught and killed a large rabbit to be used as bait. The group set the bait in a clearing just outside of the forest, and hid among the trees, waiting for the beast to fall into their trap. After several hours, the beast emerged from its lair and attempted to scoop up the corpse of the rabbit in its talons, but Tirius and Sir David were quicker, wounding the gryphon with a spear to the wing and a bolt to the neck. The gryphon circled back around, and began to dive at Lord Forest. The steadfast lord met the gryphon's dive with his own spear, burrying it deep within the gryphon's chest. The gryphon then fell to the ground, but as Tirius approached it with his spear ready, he was charged, but warded off the Gryphon, which then made an attempt to fly from the trio. A well landed spear by Forrest was enough to bring it down permanently, killing the gryphon upon impact. Tirius offered a prayer above the gryphon's body, concluding the hunt.

Thanks Squidziod for coming in clutch with the DMing
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