The Blessings of the Divine

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The gods don't venture down from their seat in the heavens anymore, not for an age. But maybe there are still signs that they're watching.

(Through recent action, certain characters have seemingly earned the attention of the divines,and display supernatural abilities in accordance with their patron. Boons are generally usable once per week, and are better suited to address Altera's plagues than interpersonal combat.)


Blessing of Ignis: Seen as a dazzling beam of sunlight, called upon foes. Not subtle.
Blessing of Jax: Occasional bursts of preternatural good fortune.
Blessing of Sallana: Occasional bursts of preternatural persuasion.
Blessing of Korog: Uncannily deft crafting.
Blessing of Vermella: Postponed exsanguination.
Blessing of Shalherana: Postponed death.
Blessing of Rahas: Inspires courage.


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Divine Magic
- Tiers of the Faithful-
Acknowledgement from the Divines come to those who’ve earned their place among the ranks with persistent faith. One must develop a divine’s trust in their faith, their portfolio, the Divine Law, or in the ways of their lives. Only those deemed worthy can unlock a Divine aspect and be accepted among the ranks to pursue a path through the Divine Tiers.

The Divines themselves seek prayer from their followers for significant reasons. In order to promote it, they seek followers, worthy of gaining hints of their powers.. in order for their faith to have weight. Only those prominent will achieve Exalted rank - these individuals are sole leaders of their chosen divine. They spread the divine’s portfolio and are the most in tune with their aspects

(Ooc note: Chosen players must have a list of their spell under their profile, titled [Divine Blessed].)

+The Blessed+
Tier I & II (One spell point each) | Allocated Spell List - The Blessed are those who’ve stood out among those who follow a specific divine.
To instill more flexibility and variety, a blessed will have a pool of two spells to choose from, based on their Divine's Good, Neutral or Evil alliance. These spells use will be emoted a proper way for a blessed, based on the following table.

Emote ||
| Thought: 1 emote in rp chat, signifying prayer or acknowledgement to your divine.
| Touch: 1 emote in rp chat, signifying physical touch
| Incantation: 2 emotes in rp chat, speaking of a prayer, or saying, towards your divine.
| Ritual: 3 emotes in rp chat, signifying physical action, prayer, etc towards your divine.

Heretics: Defined as those who pray to false gods. Those that are not of the Pantheon.


Purify: Purify a liter of water from poison or contamination. Water turns to “Holy Water” that temporarily singes demons, undead, arcane users, and heretics. If drunk, it will prevent sickness for a day (colds, flu). [Touch | One use per liter, effect of holy water stays until use - Once per day]

Shield of Faith: Protect yourself or another being with a shield around their person. The effect lasts until the shield is struck once by an outside force, person with a shield on attacks- or until the spell wears off within an ooc hour. [Touch - Once per day and used on one target]

Deliver: Touch a being, creature, or yourself and remove one condition or disease. Must be a temporary ailment: blindness, deafness, paralysis, poison. The divine spell will not work if the being's ailments are permanent. [Incantation + Touch - Once per day]

Aura | Bliss: Emit a captivating aura in a speak range. Players are enticed to give you attention and a glow emits around your head for the duration of a speech, or held conversation. Can be visually thematic to a color of whichever neutral/good god you worship. Players around you will be calmed. Effect doesn’t work on characters extremely violent towards you when enraged. [Thought - Once per day]

Repose: Bless a corpse from turning undead. It will decompose naturally. [Incantation - Once per day]

Detect Good or Evil: As it says- search for a Holy being, Undead, Beast, or Demon in an rp range. Can estimate how many of that kind, and from which direction. [Thought | must choose only one from the list - Once per day]

Stun: stun a creature from making any moves. Effect lasts for 1 combat round. (Only works on animal like creatures, demons, undead, arcane users, or heretics. To use against another character, the user must roll off against the player..) [Touch | Requires skin-to-skin contact - Once per day]

Feast of the Valiant: Conjure a divine table worth of blessed food, ale and wines. Those who eat from it feel healthier and cures minor ailments (cuts, bruises, headaches, dehydration). [Ritual - Once per week and feeds up to 5 people]

[Choose Aura|Bliss or Aura|Unease]

[Choose Repose or Dispose]

Divine Poison: Poison a cup of liquid or food. Retains the effect forever and is equivalent to an alchemical poison potion. [Touch - Once per day]

Darken: Removes any source of light in a 10ft radius, centered around you. Candles, small fires and torches are snuffed out, glowstone no longer glow, redstone lamps turn off. Isn’t very useful in daylight. This does not shroud the area in a literal dark cloud. The sources of light return within an hour. [Thought - Once per day]

Madness: When you force an emotional action, another is forced to display the same. You laugh, they laugh. One has the ability to laugh, scream, cry, be angry, or fearful. Must have intent on only one person of madness per emotion. Lasts for 2 combat rounds. If there is an attempt at physical harm on the subject, the spell breaks. To use against another character, the user must roll off against the player. [Thought | Must be in visual range of target - Once per day]

Aura | Unease: Emit an aura in a speak range. Players will generally feel unsettled in your presence and a glow emits around your head for the duration of a speech, threat, or held conversation. Can be visually thematic to a color of whichever neutral/evil god you worship. Players around you will feel uneasy. Effect doesn’t work on characters extremely violent towards you when enraged. [Thought - Once per day]

Dispose: Taint a corpse with intention of it turning undead. Does not work instantly and cannot be used inside the wards. [Incantation - Once per day]

+The Sacred+
Tier III | Unlocked Artifact - The Sacred are those who've continued to pursue divine favor and spread their knowledge. They’ve grasped the portfolios of said divine, to a degree, and have respected the Divine Law. In order to promote more faith and followers, they are chosen. A Boon artifact, formed into one, tends to be granted.

Boon: {Here} Artifact: {Here}

+The Prophet+
Tier IV (1) | Speaker of Divinity - One who speaks and teaches on behalf of their Divine earn the rank of Prophet. A passive essence is granted from their Divine.

..Every step you take, every breath you take, they'll be watchin' you.

+The Oracle+
Tier V (1) | Land of the Holy/Tainted Saints - A certain church, cathedral, temple, shrine, or other that is prominently used by followers where one goes to pilgrimage often.. will undoubtedly earn a Divine's favor. The rank of Oracle is given to the one who called upon such a favor and the benefit that came with it.

+The Exalted+
Tier VI (1) - It is a mystery. Only individuals who've reached the pinnacle of their divine favor become Exalted. No more than one per Divine can achieve it.

In the current atmosphere of Divine influence and potential loss of it, there is chance all tiers will be null if your divine dies. If your character chances upon an artifact, it may remain.

- Lannis & Elz for starting the system in the campaign
- Solus for the writeup and expansion
- NIAH for proofreading powers
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