The Blessings of the Divine

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The gods don't venture down from their seat in the heavens anymore, not for an age. But maybe there are still signs that they're watching.

Divine Tiers

Acknowledgement from the Divines come to those who’ve earned their place among the ranks with persistent faith. One must develop a divine’s trust in their faith, their portfolio, or in the ways of their lives. Additional benefits do come from spreading that faith to others and bringing them under ones wing. Only those deemed worthy can unlock a Divine aspect and be accepted among the ranks to pursue a path through the Divine Tiers.

The Divines themselves seek prayer to thrive and live from. Without followers, believers and faith, their purpose in this world weakens. In order to promote it, they seek followers, worthy of gaining hints of their powers.. So that their faith has weight. Only those prominent will achieve Exalted rank - these individuals are sole lore leaders of their chosen divine. They spread the divine’s portfolio and are the most in tune with their aspects.

If a player roleplays against their Divine’s portfolio, you may report it to Lore in a private conversation to make them aware

How to be noticed by a Divine:

The Divines no longer walk among the people. They grant their faithfuls to carry out tasks in their names. Oocly- We shall explain this process.

There have been a few issues with players asking Events to sit in on their Divine happenings in order to have some response. This has taken a lot of time and energy and not everyone is able to sit in on frequent events due to things coming up or timezone issues. Moving forward, players should not be asking anyone managing the Gods to sit in on their events, prayers, or tasks, unless a spell below specifically indicates this request. Asking an Event member to DM as an event person normally does is a different matter. In order to have a Divine notice you to be initially Blessed, players must create a Divine Character Log. This log will record all things they do that you feel aligns with the portfolio of your chosen divine, among other things they do that sway them elsewhere. You are required to keep track of your own logs so that it helps us monitor the character progression. There are two ways:

+In a conversation with the Divine Staff. Title it [Divine Log] Character Name | Divine
+Once the character has been blessed, they may create their profile on the Divine Index under Lore and follow those guidelines there.

If a player attempts to hold a happening, event, or ritual asking for a Divine response and they have not reached a tier where that spell is cast- There is no guarantee on an expected response, but it will be acknowledged and relayed it has been seen.

Chosen players must have a list of their spell under their profile, titled [Divine Blessed]. If a player becomes inactive for 5-6 months, their Divine Status will be up for debate and may be removed by the Lore Keepers of that time.

The current Divine Staff are the following:
Elz blargtheawesome Rygan

Lore Overview: Elz Lannis Solus
Player contribution: Cymic_ Jase Jazzper Luam Raal TheDeester
Past Contributions: NIAH
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Divine spells' will be emoted based on the following table. All spells cast must be in visual range of targets unless stated otherwise.


Components ||

Somatic (S): Measured with precise movement of one's hands focused on ones Divine.​
Verbal (V): Speaking words, phrases. Must speak in a strong voice focused on ones Divine.​
Material (M): Physical substances or objects that disappear by the spell energies in the casting process focused on ones Divine. Some materials between Divines may overlap. This will be left to the character's to interpret unless explicitly stated in the spell.​

Action ||
Reaction: 1 emote in rp chat, a trigger activates its response.​
Thought: 1 emote in visible range of rp chat.​
Touch: 1 emote in rp chat, signifying physical touch​
Incantation: 2 emotes in visible range of rp chat.​
Ritual: 3 emotes in visible range of rp chat.​

Concentration (C): Spells that indicate Concentration are spells that remain active so long as the Caster is aware of its casting. If they lose consciousness or cast another spell, it becomes dispelled.

Spell Format ||
Tier: Tier #​
Divine: Name/Universal​
Action: Reaction, Thought, etc..​
Components: S, V, M​
Cost: # sp​
Duration: Time, Concentration, etc..​
Spell: Description​

Heretics ||
Defined as those who pray to false gods. Those that are not of the Pantheon.​

Overall SP Count ||
Blessed: 3sp​
Sacred: 5sp​
Prophet: 7sp​
Oracle: 9sp​
Exalted: 11sp​
Universal Spells: Spells may be prepared by any alignment unless explicitly written otherwise.
Deity Specific Spells: Spells that only certain deity worshipers can do.
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11/3/2018: +Changes to how Blessed work.
"The blessed may use a number of abilities per day dependent on their rank, of spells drawn from the list appropriate to the alignment of their patron deity These spells must be chosen and prepared at the start of the day through a short period of prayer, and can't be changed until the next day. You can prepare duplicates of the same spell."
-What this means: All current blessed may now cast anything available to their deity's alignment, but have a limited number that they can cast per day. What they can cast that day must be decided at the start of each day, and can't change until the start of the next. You can prepare the same spell multiple times, but can't otherwise exceed the casting limit of "x spells used per day." Blessed are now more versatile, and can cast more frequently.
-IC effect: The blessed universally feel a deepened connection with their deity, and the knowledge that a modicum more power has been granted for their use. All are aware of the effect, and some may solidly infer why it has happened now.

+Potentially expanded spell lists to reflect increase in spell slots.
+Artifact balance changes.


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1/3/2019: Major updates.
-Added deity-specific spells at Tier 2, as well as 2 universal spells that can be prepared for two slots instead of one
-Added spells to Tier 1 list
-Recently added Tier 3 passives, some alterations to Korog's and Valiant's.


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-Shield of Faith reworked to reduce potential cheese in PvP.


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5/27/19: Divine System Patch adjustment

+Addition of Disclaimer & How to be noticed by a Divine in the 2nd post.
+Addition of "Divination" for Blessed. And "Commune" for Sacred Tier.

Reasoning: There have been a few issues with players asking Events to sit in on their Divine happenings in order to have some response- same with prayers in-game. This has ended up giving the expectation there will be a response and not everyone is able to sit in on frequent events due to things coming up or timezone issues. We will focus these signs and rituals to an actual spell being cast for each the first two tiers.


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06/26/19: Divinity Update

+Rewording of this spell. A few players have used this to ask questions our event team isn't always prepared to answer unless there's been some discussion about it. We would like a week's notice prior to it being asked in-game. I've also added in a condition that if the question isn't appealing enough, being a demand, there may not be an answer.

Tier: 1
Divine: Universal
Action: Ritual
Components: S, V, M
Cost: 1sp
Duration: C
Spell: With an offering and divine magic of the divine, the Blessed may contact them and ask a single question. If the question appeals to their favor, there may come a reply with a sign, phrase or omen. This can be used once a week. The player must contact the God Event Staff at least a week prior to using it so they may know what question is being asked.


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07/11/19: Divine System Patch .06

+Adjustments to the texts of the following healing spells. The purpose was to make sure their direct uses were listed so that no spell was ‘vague’.
-Tier I: Holy Water, Deliver, Feast of the Brave, Minor Heal, Selfless
-Tier II: Unyield
-Tier IV: Spiritual Well

+Adjustments to the texts of the following attack spells. The purpose was to make sure their direct uses were listed so that no spell was ‘vague’.
-Stun. Added vs player option where one can roll off against the target.
-Aroma. Added 10b range.
-Order. Specified what arcane spells will be effected against Ignis’s domains.
-Mountain’s Pillar. The confusion of treading ‘half terrain’ and ‘speed’ of targets are substituted by physical representations of hindering the terrain in moving stone.
-Name of the Wind. Confusion of arcane abilities removed and adjusted to ‘Projectiles through wind will be hindered’.
-Soulbinder. Adjusted wording.

+'Peace' was changed to 'Tranquil Shade’ to differentiate from the Korog Divine Spell of ‘Neutrality'

+Countered Spell. Removal of the following spells due to complications of going into details. Trying to blanket the whole arcane school vs divine to ‘half damage’ and finding an alternative took longer than I thought. Therefore, it is removed for the time being until a proper way to explain it can be found.


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I've updated the thread with minor edits - Mainly being that the divine staff team is myself, blarg, and squid. Also that to begin reaching blessed status a divine log in forum conversations must be made, and updated. I do not care to check people's prayer logs on profiles in my day, but conversation alerts help let me know when updates are made.
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