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[ The Caparii ]


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The Caparii are a free loving and free spirited forest people, by tradition. They fight threats to their homes as fiercely as they love. As legend goes, they were created by Shalherana to defend her forests and have done so since before recorded time. It is this idea of deep forest folk that has shaped much of their culture and the perception that other races have of them. Many Caparii have a loose sense of morality, as compared to some of the other races and because of this they are viewed as debaucherous.


HEIGHT: Males and females both average between 5’5ft and 6’ft tall.
Females can go between 125lbs and 150lbs. Males can go between 140lbs and 180lbs. These weights could increase or decrease based on muscle mass, diet, health, and/or height.
Caparii are referred to as “Goat Men” because of their unusual builds. Upper bodies are akin to humans and they tend to be more muscular. Lower bodies are sturdy and built similar to a goat due to their digitigrade legs and cloven hooves.
Their eyes tend to be brown, grey, or green.
Their skin colour ranges from white to light browns, and various shades of tan in between.
HAIR & FUR: The fur on their lower half tends to range from light brown to black. An extremely uncommon trait among Caparii is light coloured fur, such as blond or grey. Hair on their upper bodies tend to share the same coloration as their fur, but differentiation is not unheard of. Males tend to grow fantastic beards.
OTHER TRAITS: All Caparii have two horns that range in size from grand and spiralling to mere nubs. These horns are often adorned with metal rings and bone beads. The colour of Caparii horns range into bone colours of yellows, browns, greys, whites and blacks. Their ears are long and somewhat droopy, having a small degree of fur on the outside, although his does not give them the same precision of hearing that other races, such as Elves or Nakam. Their noses are large and flat, which add to their goat-like appearance. Unfortunately, like horses, their hooves can naturally degrade over time, at which point they will need to be shod in iron shoes.
LIFESPAN: The average lifespan is around 250 years. Caparii mature at a faster rate than other races and reach maturity around 13 years.
PREGNANCY: The gestation period for a Caparii pregnancy is ten months, with the ovulation cycle a yearly occurrence.
LANGUAGES: Fae (Any other languages are dependent on subcultures)



Lighthoofs: These slimmer more frail Caparii have bodies proportionately more akin to elves and tend to be a bit shorter than the Greathorns. Their facial structure is more human and their horns less prominent allowing them to more easily integrate into human settlements.

Greathorns: These are the brawniest of the Caparii ethnicities, resembling Dwarves in their build. The Greathorns as the name implies a known for the massive curling horns that come from the heads of the males. They tend to be fiercely competitive and love nothing more than drinking a bottle or three of wine with a friend and having a friendly grapple.

The Reds: The reds are the hairiest and most feral of the Caparii. Often preferring a solitary existence to village life, they typically only meet to mate. A lonely Red in search of a companion will traditionally blow a huge and often ornate horn known as a Bootie. these haunting notes resonate through the forests of Altera and are aptly named Bootie Calls.