The Celestial Wards and Plane

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Celestial Wards

Divine Ward - This ward is a protective field around the Eastern Continent of Altera- the main continent the mortals freely reside in. The Good and Neutral Gods of the Pantheon came together to continue preservation of this land from chaotic and evil divine tampering as well as the prevention of Undead Apocalypses. Although a few have found loopholes around it as is their nature, it stands to protect the people so long as their faith in the Gods continue.

These wards had once been represented by the Immortal Kings, long since dead, who had protected the Northern Kingdoms from the same problems - along with creatures of arcane binds. As the Bastion stones have been ruined, Shalherana guided way to use its powers, along with the willing members of the Pantheon, to create the Divine Ward at the end of the Holy War. The wards are of a different nature.. and are thus boundaries for different things that Alterans have not yet pinned down.

Celestial Gate - Between the members of the Pantheon, there came a truce to push back from the mortal's realm while they still influenced its creations and destruction. To prevent its ruination with direct contact, many no longer walk among the living, leaving behind their will among the faithful. The Divine Gate was created by the Good and Neutral Gods of Altera to restrict their own, and the Evil Gods, meddling with the world. Mortals cannot easily find their way passed it in the Planar. However, some Gods have found ways around this by either binding themselves to the Mortal Plane to continue their influence, or using parts of their power to leak creations through.


Celestial Plane

Unnamed - A realm where the gods would gather during times of strife and change. It's depiction is of an island, as if it was floating upon a colorless sea. Orbs of lights float about in the air and a palace of marble sits in the middle of the island. There is no room but one- a large hall with no thrones and no kings. Etched upon the ground are the symbols of the Pantheon.. and those who survived the last Holy War. This is where Valiant spends his time, making sure the realm continues to exist, awaiting the next War.

Unnamed - A vast angelic realm of clouds and sunlight where Ignis Synnove resides. There are three suns visible in this realm, above the clouds. A large one rests high above, one to the east in constant ‘dawn’, and one to the west in ‘dusk’. No moon or stars are visible here. Whichever direction one looks- the skies meld into the colors of that view. Upon the clouds rests one large, majestic and pale marble city that's lined with towers and buildings. A single divine marble pillar stands in the center of the city. Monuments of Ignis’s warriors and priests stand on top smaller pillars around the city, visible upon open paths. A few crystal-like waterfalls gleam from high above into the clouds below. Soft bells ring every now and then.

Unnamed - There resides a tree so large and so huge that its roots and branches reach north and south, as if they go on forever. The atmosphere is always green and forest-like. Bugs and mold encase themselves against the tree in every nook and cranny. Nothing seems to end here- life.. Landscape.. stars, skies.. it goes on.. And on .. and on. This reflects Shalherana's domain. Upon the root's, smaller trees grow around it with lakes, hills and rivers winding around its maze. Wild beasts of all shapes, tempers and kinds run free. Theodra peruses an eternal hunt here. And finally, Sallana’s temple sets upon a large branch of the tree, a trail of exotic flowers leading up towards it. Half-creatures and half-mortals that the goddesses have played with and created, and whom had no place in the mortal realm, are allowed to live here. Some hold a guardian-like weapon. There is no settled civilization in sight.

Unnamed - A hidden realm of Mirrors and Secrets of Visage's design. It was once filled with an expanse of books and warmth. It now has a few visible books hanging.. floating .. or strewn about the misty landscape. Knowledge is now locked in chests, caged away or chained inside a grand mirrored maze. A blueish hue always hangs in the air and there's a mist upon the rest of the dark landscape.

Unnamed - Upon a rocky, snow inclined cliff, there resides a temple of grand architecture and craft above thick clouds. Inside, torches are lit and a grand feasting log table extends from the entrance arc to a throne of gems at the end of the opposing wall. Dishes of all cultures, shapes, flavors and sizes are constantly filled as invisible servants refill drinks and plates. Korog's realm is a stormy one with lightening and rain just outside, while inside- those qualified of skills are welcomed to have their final feast with him and be merry.


Others - Among the others of the Pantheon, it is rumored that Skraag has bound himself in the Sorrows of the Primal Plane in Altera to be amongst his creations. Jishrim has found a loophole, as he would. Jax walks among the mortals, but daring not to anger his kind- he keeps mostly to himself. Only influencing the world through his faithfuls. And the Grey Lady has chosen to reside in the Spectral Plane.

(OOC Lore Note: Lore will be selectively known IC on future terms. Some things may have already been revealed.)
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