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The Compendium {Moderate}


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The Compendium is an effort to collect and preserve the history of mortalkind. It is a city of records. Its former caretaker, Edric Stone and current Athryl Mithtanil, worked together to save the tomes and artifacts from the village of Thiil in the Northern Kingdoms and transplanted them to a mountain range nestled in the south central area of the new continent. With what wealth that was left from the long dead House Mithtanil, the Caretakers oversaw the creation of the new world's first home to the world's collective knowledge.

The physical body of the collection is housed in The Athenaeum, which is a pair of towers cut into the vale's mountainside. Inside the esteemed Athenaeum is a library housing over three hundred books, a repository for valuable and historical artifacts, a scriptorium for aspiring scribes, a cartography hall, an alchemy lab, and so much more.

Compendium exists as neutral and unaffiliated entity. Political ties are irrelevant within the Inner Vale, as far as the caretakers are concerned. It is open for any, and all, to make pilgrimages regardless of House or profession. It is only those that threaten the collection, or threaten Compendium itself that risk being turned away.


Find Sizzix (Edeline Baker) or Icefire120 (Athryl Mithtanil) IG and talk to us about joining!
We’ll get you set up in RP.


Sizzix - Edeline Baker - Caretaker
IceandFire - Athryl Mithtanil - Caretaker
Glados - Oliver Northstead - Loiterer
Michcat - Tzemik Kevasn - Physician
Niah - Veijashil Kevasn - Child
Magiik - Ater Impes - Physician
Baron - Rosmund - Researcher
Cloaked Reaper - Jaden Seeker - Ranger
Raalvara - Gynn Carpenter - Barkeep
Bobert - Arianne - ?


OOC Rules

  • Griefing will not be tolerated in any form. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Theft of Items
    • No removing books, artifacts, or decorations without knowledge and consent of region owners and the owners of the specific property in question.
    • No removing contents from chests without consent from the region owners
    • Altering/Adding Builds. If someone is given property within Compendium, they may not alter the exterior of that build without consent of region owners.
    • No basements or additional rooms may be added without knowledge/consent.
    • No adding buildings without knowledge/consent.
  • After a month of inactivity, the region owners have permission to empty abandoned residences and offer the houses to others. Possessions left within the chests become part of the town storage.
  • The region is considered Moderate. This means that you need to ask consent from the people you're RPing with BEFORE engaging in violent RP. If your RP involves damage to the town/buildings/collection, ask consent of the region owners. Moderate means upfront communication, friends.
  • Residence/work is granted solely through RP. It is not guaranteed that it will be given. Visitors, however, are always welcome.
IC Rules
The Protections of The Compendium

This city is the stronghold for our people's knowledge. Within this vale, records are protected at all costs and artifacts dutifully preserved for future generations. The Caretakers of the Compendium keep the remnants of our history safe, and as such, their decisions are the protections of Compendium.

Those that are deemed unfit at the discretion of the Caretakers will be handled accordingly. Any that threaten, steal, or act with great suspicion, will be handled accordingly. No artifact, tome, or secret shall be removed. No resident or visitor shall be harmed. These are ways in which the Caretakers strive to protect The Compendium.
Credit to Niah for much of the original information.
Credit to Elt for the screencaps.
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City Event Coordinator - Glados
This person's job in the Compendium is primarily OOC. They are responsible for event scheduling and procession of requests to host events in Compendium. At any given point, a DMed mini-event can happen in Compendium with the approval of this person via forum PM.

How to Schedule an Event in Compendium

Events in Compendium are always welcome and the city is typically freely available to host events within that range from peaceful to violent and anything in between. To get approval to use the region for an event, please contact the City Event Coordinator either in-game or on the forums with your event idea and any impact it might have on the town or its residents. Confidentiality will be ensured.

Below can be found all previous and upcoming events that take place in Compendium. Check back weekly to know about upcoming events!

=[ Next Campaign Event ]=

=[ Upcoming Events ]=

=[ Finished Events ]=

  • The Council of Lords - Public
Synopsis: Forces of hell garrison against us within the rift. A meeting is called in Compendium to discuss the future.
Where: Compendium
When: 5pm EST, July 8th, Sat
Host: Rygan

  • [Compendium] The Grand Re-Opening of the Library - Public
Synopsis: TBA
Where: The Library, in Compendium
When: TBA, TBA
Host: Glados

  • Overthrow: The Compendium - Public
Synopsis: The Giant Scorpions are approaching their final obstacle before they are able to settle comfortably in the lands to the Southwest. They are on the move, and are expected to end up stumbling into The Compendium before they find their home in the savannas to its West.
Where: Compendium
When: 3 pm EST. June, 25th.
Host: Glados

  • An Allocution of Visage - Public
Synopsis: A wandering devout of the Pantheon has curiously made his way to these lands, after a very, very long disappearance.
Where: Lecture Hall
When: 7:30 EST, June 12th
Host: Glados

  • [Compendium] Hunting Trip I - Private
Synopsis: A gathered force will travel into the woods Northwest of Compendium in search of a Gryphon’s Nest.
Where: Northwestern Forest
When: 10 PM EST, June 23rd
Host: Magiik

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The Athenaeum

Contains a library of 300 books, a museum/repository of historical artifacts, a scriptorium, dormitories, public meeting and reading rooms, book repair rooms, and much more. The main house for Compendium's records and collection.

The Briar-Rose Ward

The local hospital is run by Physician Tzemik Kevasn with the help of Ater. It accepts all of the sick and ailing of the continent, asking for no payment.


The Council’s Gardens

As a politically neutral entity located near the center of the continent, Compendium serves as an unaffiliated meeting place. The Council's Garden is open to anyone wishing to organize gatherings. Heads of state, guild leaders, or common folk can use the large table to hold any manner of events.


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The Alchemist
Retired Staff
The Compendium is searching for students and teachers to take classes within the Athaneum. We are hoping to continue the advancement of the city through these classes and lessons. Please contact Athryl Mithtanil or Edeline baker for more inquiries.


We're starting classes soon! First one is tomorrow, come on out. If you'd like to teach feel free to contact me or Sizzix.


Doge Keeper

I'd just like to update everyone on the state of things in the city, as it's an exciting time for Compendium.

  • We are adding new builds and tweaks to the scenery. This includes things like:
    + A Crafter's Street and housing for guild halls.
    + A Marketplace/Festival Area.
    + Two new mage's towers.
    + A new Ranger's guild hall.
    + Tidying up roads and entrances to the city.
  • The town census will be updated over the next couple of days, if you are new to the town and do not see yourself on the census please make a post in this thread with this format:
    Forum Username - Character Name - Character Profession
  • In line with updating the census, people who have not RPed living in Compendium for some time are at risk of losing their housing. If you are concerned about this, please PM me on the forums to let me know your intentions.
  • There are currently events in the works for player-ran campaign centered around Compendium.
And big thanks to Raalvara for all her help.


The Lurker
Retired Staff
Magiik Raal CloakedReaper Michcat Sizzix IceandFire Centurion Baron

I tagged who I could see on the census thread, but Icefire spoke with me about Compendium, mentioning that he didn't forsee returning any time soon. For the time being, the region has been transferred back to me as the Big O owner. If any of you guys, or anyone else, have homes in the region and would like to collect your materials/belongings, please let me know. I may just sit on it so that the inactivity timer doesn't run out, or I may do some buildwork. ICly it's up in the air. But I wanted to let you guys know that there's been a changing of the guard back to me.

Feel free to message me on skype or via convo, but I may not have many answers for you because I don't know what I'm going to do from here quite yet. Either way, after a couple weeks I will likely clear out some of the members of the region.

Edit Note: I am not kicking anyone out right now if they still want to live there and already have a house there. But for those that don't want to stick around, or are no longer active in the region, please let me know.


Dark Council Elite
If you're being "given" the region, it would be kind to return the 450k Sizzix paid. Ice was never the bottom line decision maker to begin with. NIAH


Retired Staff
>Ice owns half the region and does none of the work OOC
>Gives it away without even notifying sizzix

never trust this scammer of a man


The Lurker
Retired Staff
If you're being "given" the region, it would be kind to return the 450k Sizzix paid. Ice was never the bottom line decision maker to begin with. NIAH
Take that up with Icefire then. Your transactions with him don't have anything to do with me, as there was no money involved with this change. I have about 100k to my name.