The Constellations

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In the night skies of Altera exist a large and beautiful array of stars and constellations. To navigate by and to light up the night, these are only a few of the many constellations that exist in the sky during the night of Altera.


The Silver Crown
The Silver Crown resides in the west and wanders through the year from the northwest in the spring, to the southwest in the fall. It holds a fairly bright star in its center that pulses so slowly few mortals are able to perceive the pulse. The pulsing star is the second brightest in the night sky and remains in the sky the longest, from early evening to late morning. Legend says that it is the legendary silver crown worn by Queen Leminth. Upon her death, the crown was placed in the stars by the gods to await a new ruler capable of claiming it.


The Northern Chalice
The Northern Chalice resides in the northern night sky throughout the year. It is used as a way-point for sailors and other star gazers to travel. It contains the brightest star in the night sky and is one of the easiest constellations to find because of this. During winter months, it appears to upend itself, and sits upside down. Legend says that the Chalice belongs to the gods, and that to signal the year coming to an end they upend their chalice. This is done as warning to the mortals so that they begin to exercise frugality in the lean months ahead.


The Dancers
The Dancers reside in the eastern night sky and remain stationary throughout the year. This constellation contains two relatively bright stars that make up the head of each of the dancers. During the summer, it intersects with The Pilgrim’s Path as it moves across the sky in it’s yearly arc. This gives The Dancers the appearance of dancing down the path. In some legends, it is said that two dancers danced at one of Sallana’s festivals with such grace, fervor and devotion of their goddess, that she removed them from the mortal plane to dance in the skies forever.


The Pilgrim's Path
The Pilgrim’s Path is a large grouping of stars that forms a continuous path across the night sky. It tends to wander throughout the year going from the northern night sky in the winter to the eastern night sky in the summer. At one point it intercepts the ‘The Dancers’ constellation and it appears as though it is being danced upon by the pair as The Pilgrim’s Path moves in it’s yearly arc across the night sky. Legend has it that The Pilgrim’s Path is the final path all faithful must take to prove their faith, and that if the final pilgrimage is undertaken in the summer Sallana’s dancers will dance and travel with pilgrims to show them the way.


The Portal
The Portal is the largest of the constellations listed and contains no incredibly bright stars within its own grouping. Throughout the year it resides in the western night sky just above the horizon at sea level. However, contained within the constellation is a large concentration of smaller stars and constellations that add light to that section of night sky. Old legend from the exodus between worlds say that if ever this world were to be threatened by destruction completely, The Portal would be what saves life on Altera once more.


Grief is a constellation that resides in the apex of the night sky. It remains throughout the year in the apex and no other stars except those that make it up cross close to it. It is a singular dark spot in an otherwise bright night sky. Old legends say that this is the remnant of the last otherworldly exodus, the world that used to be, swallowed by corruption and made dark.

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