The Crafting Perk


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Return of the [Crafter Rank]*
The Crafting Perk [5$ or more Contribution]
With a minimum of $5, purchase this package for the following perks for 30 days:

+Apply Colored Titles to your items through Anvils
+Use the Chat Feelings plugin for an enhanced roleplay experience or just for fun
+Access Portable: Anvils, Crafting Tables, & Enchantment Tables
+Use the command /back to teleport back from where you warped to. ie- at death, accidentally heading to spawn, and so on
+Use the commands /warp sorrows, nether and frontier for quick teleports to resource worlds
+1 HW Credit

Important Notes
-Separate purchases of this package around the same time do not accumulate and stack, unless it's for the HW credit.
-Single purchases with increased donation amount do not accumulate and stack.
-If you purchase this package a 2nd time before the complete 30day expiry date, the package will replace the time to a renewed 30days that begins at the start of your 2nd purchase.

*In Addition There are two options:

1) The Crafting Perk. A craft rank without the golden rank title. This allows players to keep their chosen colored title while still gaining access to pretty perks. This option allows anyone to subscribe and gain perks, even those who've never donated before. Buyers will not gain any titles that aren't already purchased in their current package or rank.

(Example - If you are a villager, you can purchase the Crafting Perk and pay $5 for a month. You do not gain titles beyond Villager Rank with this package)

2) The Golden Craft. A crafter rank /with/ the golden rank title. This shows a player with a golden rank and allows them the perks of the crafter rank. You must be Legend rank or higher because this rank combines all titles accumulated from Legend and below, and Crafter. The Golden Craft - will have access to the all previous titles and commands such as /hat for a total of 292 total titles. The Golden Rank title does expire after 30days if not purchased again. You will return to your prior rank before this purchase was made.

Horse Master - A person who is skilled and has recognition in their abilities to train and breed horses. Can also be the person who controls the travels by horse.
Grandmaster - A person who has highest ability or competence in a specific field.
Constable - An officer with high rank, but lower than sheriff. Can also be a person of such high rank that he will serve as military commander in the absence of a commander.
Hunting Master - A person who is skilled and has recognition in their abilities to hunt.
Seneschal - A person who is in charge of the administration of servants in a noble household.
Barrister - A person who is authorized to appear and present cases at any court in a jurisdictions.
Regent - A person who rules during the absence, disability of the leader.
Justiciar - A officer with high rank in the areas of law and courts.
Innocent - A person who is seen as uncorrupted by evil and is sinless. Usually combined with children and maidens, as they are seen as still sinless.
Clock Keeper - A person who tends or controls the clock of a building.
Vagabond - A person who moves from place to place without a permanent home. Usually due to economical reasons.
Artillator - A person whose occupation is the making of bows or other archery items.
Old One - Old one is the term for someone is really old, yet still powerful and skilled.

--- Those of current Crafter Golden rank that were grandfathered in do not gain the perks unless they renew their subscription. But can keep their golden titles.


Chat Feelings
Enhance your roleplay experience by adding particle feelings to your actions. When you hug another player, they can see and hear it! You must be within a 10b radius of the player. Make sure you have particle animations and sound enabled.

/feelings - To see all feeling options
/hug player
/slap player
/poke player
/highfive player
/yell player
/facepalm player
/bite player
/snuggle player
/shake player
/stab player
/kiss player
/punch player
/murder player
/cry player
/pat player
/scorn player
stalk player
lick player
dab player
boi player

Is someone bothering you? Disable particle animations through your settings, or:
/cf ignore player - Enable or Disable muting a player from using chatfeelings on you
/cf ignore all

Disabled: dab, boi, stalk, spook

Portable Crafting

/warp sorrows
/warp frontier
/warp nether

Name items with Colors
It still costs Enchantments!


Contribute or See more Information!
I'm welcoming any feedback on this.

Are you confused about how Chat Feelings work?

Ask any staff member about it and if they have the time, they can display the visual effects of it. Including me @solusrequiem in-game.

If I want to donate more monthly- is that possible?
Yes- Players can choose how much they want to pay, but it doesn't stack the expiration date of 30days.
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+On a quick inquiry, users can now choose to subscribe with their own amount or pay the minimum of $5!
This does not increase the number of HW credits, but we are always the more thankful

Edit: Paypal is not working for subscriptions right now. I've contacted customer support to help work it out. If anything changes and I adjust the method, I'll announce it.
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Hey all, Good news and Bad news-

The bad news is that I'm not able to make the purchases subscription based as it'd require me to have a business paypal account. The good news is that this is still being released, but is now a package with more incentives to "Help Keep HW Alive". The ranks have been adjusted to expiring within 30days. You'd have to purchase it again when you're wanting to donate. Read all the print! Sorry for any mixups! I wasn't able to catch this during my trial runs and am now set on this alternative.