The Curses of the Divine

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It is known among the faithful that the Pantheon grant those who worship their favor with blessings of their gifts. But there are those that turn their backs upon their Divines in favor of self-serving power or bring mockery to the Divine’s domain. It is agreed throughout the Pantheon, that such defilement of their gifts should not be dealt with lightly. Those who have wronged their patrons among the ranks, will be Cursed by their Divine prowess. Blasphemous actions are those in which one is in offense of speaking or acting sacrilegiously of their god or goddess in their presence.


The following is a list of all current Divine Curses:​

+Francis BoredBrit [Curse of the Scorched] A part of your body becomes permanently burnt through some means of light or fire and no amount of relieving medicine eases the pain of it. It's as if that part of your body looks like ash and you smell as if you were burnt.

+Podric Luam [Curse of the Corpse] When outside of the wards, the right hand finds itself in a perpetual cycle of rot and decay, but living enough to not lose the limb. Sections slough off but flesh regrows underneath ready to rot again. It becomes blackened in colour, extremely painful, but will heal over a few days once back in the safety of the wards.
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