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The Eastern Continent
- The Previous Inhabitants -
The Northern Kingdoms fell to ruin when the Bastion Stones were removed from their pedestals and the dead were given invitation to the continents. Men, women, and children fled into the east, across a vast and stormy ocean in search of safety from the undead horde that had quickly overtaken their old cities. After months of sailing and constant siege from the denizens of the deep, the uprooted Alterans finally found haven in what would become the new home for civilization.

The new land was quite different than what many were accustomed to. The land was primarily a large super continent, with outlying islands being relatively small in comparison. As the people began to settle and feel at ease, there were a few things they began to notice. First, and foremost, was the lack of any immediate sign of previous civilization. The terrain was devoid of any thriving metropolis or native peoples. Only the wind, the trees, elemental entities, and the strange beasts greeted those of the kingdoms.

Many wondered if they were the first settle on the pristine land, but overtime it became evident that someone, or something, had come before. Arrowheads turned up in the tilled fields. Stones were unearthed as house foundations were dug that proved to be business end of cudgels and hatchets. Primitive though it was, the tools that are found from time to time prove that it was not virgin soil that Alterans landed on.

Of course, the massive super continent is vastly larger than anything people have known before. Much of it, even to this day, remains unexplored. It is unknown what may exist out there in the wilds, or what has yet to be unearthed deep in the sand and the soil. For what the people of The New Kingdoms know now, all that is certain is that something roamed these hills and plains before and may still do so for all anyone knows.

NOTE: Please speak with staff beforehand if you plan to build any ruins, or to have discoverable loot such as primitive weapons or tools. Players cannot build large and elaborate ruin structures on their own and should focus on building existing structures. If you have an idea of a ruin, seek Lore Council approval.

Written Credit: Niah
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