Upcoming The Emperor's Game [Violent | Ongoing]


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To the most audacious, the greatest victories and the most terrible risks. In the Fuvurian Empire, but within the ruling house especially, audacity is considered a virtue much like how bravery is considered a virtue in most other parts of the world.

In pursuit of a new apprentice and a third champion for the house, the emperor has sent heralds throughout the known world to announce a grand game to be played by those who consider themselves up to snuff. To the person who brings forth the head of the most ferocious possible beast of the lands to the emperor, shall win a place as the emperor's apprentice and the third Champion of the House Fuvur. Those already "in house" who participate shall be granted rewards as well, especially for assisting in foreigners in pursuit of the position. Participants are encouraged to form parties, electing who will take the grand prize amongst themselves, with the expectation that those who assist in the party shall serve as the entourage of the winner, or be granted more minor prizes in turn.

The heads of all beasts presented for the purposes of consideration for being the most fearsome must be surrendered to the state before the announcement. The fiercest head shall be made into a public display in honor of the Champion.



The winner will be chosen on July 1st, Monday (because i have mondays/tuesdays off).

A condition of winning the position is that it has to be a hunting event DM'd by me, including the tracking of the beast in the first place. The date is so far out so that hunting parties have time to arrange the hunts with me (over forum conversation, with all the people who will be participating in the hunt). If I can't make it for scheduling conflicts, it has to be a DM picked out by me to do it in my place.



it doesn’t say it on the thread but Blarg made it a rule that you have to bring me along too



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First of a few hunts I believe. Remind me to get screenies for them if I attend in some fashion so there's variety : ) Good turn out! Thank u.