The Fallen


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Once upon a campfire tale, upon a song, upon the words of a drunken bard- There lives stories of beings of greatness, being Godlike and Godly. Yet, at the end of each of these tales is a stunning recount- Of how that being fell. Some essence of who they were still lives on in such stories, but skewed.. perhaps some of their stories are left untold.

This is the tribute to the Fallen.

The god of Light, Truth and Goodness in the world. He was publically known to have fallen from unknown forces into corruption due to his pride and greed for more power. Now some essence of him still lives on in Ignis Synnove.

Son of Jishrim, he was known to be the evil god of war- seeking bloodshed, famine and horror.

A divine of wolves and werewolves alike. Not much is known about this one.

Son of Harateth, the good god of War. He was a foil to Kilrox, aiming to protect the people in defence against evils.

+She Who Is Beyond Names+
A goddess of the Moon, the Arcane and Knowledge. Not much is known about her now.

Daughter of Korog, the neutral god of war. She was the balance between Kilrox and Valor, keeping both at bay from consuming each other.

Son of Harateth and Sallana, a god of commerce. He fell to the tricks of his brother Jax.

God of the sea. Lack of faith and worship of him has long since dwindled and dissipated.

God of Knowledge- he had been next in line of SWIBN, and was closest to the mortal people.

The Caparii Queen. She abhorred unnecessary bloodshed and was a guardian of the forests.

Son of Shalherana, he was a god of Justice and Equality.
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