Finished The Festival of the Harvest {Saturday 5th | 5pm EST}


Lord of Altera

Greetings to the readers of this poster, it brings us great pride and true pleasure to announce the upcoming
Festival of the Harvest; to praise Sallana for providing us with a fruitful Harvest.
To celebrate such, we invite the realm to a great festival, in which Astrum shall hold a market day, as well as a series of contests as part of our annual tradition, to crown...

The Queen or King of the Feast!

The competition shall have a noble prize as well as granting the victor the Feast Crown and all the benefits that apply from such.

A series of spare Market Stalls have been set up for use of the General Public, please write to Lune Tek'ton of the Astrum Isles to reserve a Stall for yourselves.

The festival itself is free of charge to enter. The only condition is those that come wear the most extravagant clothing in their possession, in order to truly commit to the festivities.

I eagerly await to see many familiar and new faces upon our shore. For any enquiries please do not hesitate to send letter, I thank thee all for your attention. May love guide.

= = + = =

An Astremian Festival to celebrate the end of the year's Harvest.

Date & Time:
Saturday 5th, 5pm EST


Astrum's Market

Available Stalls:

1) North's Bakery

2) Midnight Circus

3) Teline Flora

4) Swift Family Tea Shop

5) Florence's Stall

6) Umbra's Stall

7) Delightful Dolls

8) Shoreside Sweets

9) Ronak

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Legend of Altera
Look forwards to this, see you all then!
And Stall 6 or 2, whichever has more room in front of it please.
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Lord of Altera
All stalls are taken! The event is today!

(We have 2 small carts available if any stragglers forgot to post)
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Loyal Servant of Altera
ah yes, the astrum market stalls. the swift family tea shop, shoreside sweets, delightful dolls, and ronak


Survivor of Five Rivers
Going to be mildly late in case anyone is hanging around my stall. Probably half an hour at the latest.