The Holy Valiant Phalanx


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T H E - H O L Y - V A L I A N T - P H A L A N X
A N - O V E R V I E W - O F - T H E - V A L I A N T - F A I T H


R E M A I N - V I G I L A N T

The Valiant Faith is widespread and diverse. With each denomination and leader there are rites and traditions.
However, all of these faiths are united by the common belief in their recognition of Valiant's divinity and that
they are all a part of the Holy Valiant Phalanx. These individual denominations are led by their own leaders but
they all follow the unifying codified beliefs of Valiant as taught by His chosen Blessed.


The Sons of Valor {Aegis}
Led by Uriel Valhart. The Sons of Valor is a religiously inclined Warrior's Lodge that welcomes all
who value honour and battle. Housed on the island of Aegis, the Sons of Valor are known for their
siding with Archon during the Stasis and for the canonisation of the Court of Conflict.

The Valiant Order {Blackrush}
Led by a council of the chosen. The Valiant Order is the legacy of the Lady Raalvara Edelmonte. The
Valiant Order is left largely autonomous to rule over Blackrush Crossing and to act as the Faithful of
Valiant should bid. There are links with the Sons of Valor, through joint memberships and alliances.

The Earkfaith {Bol'nathar}
Led in faith by the efforts of Kam Hakiaz and Jerr'co, the Earkfaith is a mystical, spiritual endeavour
largely left to develop on its own out of respect of the Eark. There is, however, a connection between
the Sons of Valor and the Earkfaith that maintains their links in faith and brotherhood.

The Reichskirche {Kaltstadt}
Led in faith by the joint efforts of Uriel Valhart and Podric Flanders, the Reichskirche is the first such
organisation of its kind to be seen in Altera for a long time. Akin to the ancient Church of Might, this
Reichskirche is not dedicated wholly to Valiant, but is instead a joint-faith church with the faithful of
Ignis Synnove found within the Kaltstadt.


Positions within the Faith

Commander of the Faith
- Uriel Valhart
The Commander of the Faith is a title granted by Valiant, often to the highest ranking blessed,
as a means to set them apart as the commanding cleric. The holder of this rank is the leader of
the Holy Valiant Phalanx and is tasked with the upkeep of the faith as a whole and the choosing
of Wardens to delegate their responsibilities to.

Wardens - Eren Abel, Jorvun Aersvar
The Wardens are those individuals of the blessed who are chosen by the Commander of the Faith
to oversee the cultivation and health of the faith in a certain area. Currently, Eren Abel is the Warden
of the Southern faith and Jorvun Aersvar is the Warden of the Riverlands' faith. They are expected to
oversee the teaching of new faithful and the upkeep of the temples within their domain. This is a rank
that offers more duties than it does power, as it is these Wardens that are tasked with knowing the
rites of their constituency and executing them perfectly. So far, the two Wardens have been granted
gifts by a Valiant messenger, to assist with their duties.

Sect Leaders - Rowley Durandal, Uriel Valhart
These are the leaders of the various sects within the faith. They are tasked with the more personal
mentoring and teaching of the members of their sects and personal temples. They are under the purview
of the Wardens' teaching and are expected to follow their call in directions of the Faith. So far, only
two such leaders exist but a potential third is being trained to oversee the Earkfaith and its rites.

Blessed - Uriel Valhart, Eren Abel, Jorvun Aersvar, Rowley Durandal
These are those who, through extraordianary faith, are granted the blessings of Valiant. Their power
varies, but beyond the aforementioned ranks, they are largely considered equal in power and in their say.
The blessed are tasked with upkeeping the tenets and maintaining a reputation of being the epitome of
the faith.

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T H E - H O L Y - V A L I A N T - P H A L A N X
A N - O V E R V I E W - O F - T H E - V A L I A N T - F A I T H


R E M A I N - V I G I L A N T


The Holy Valiant Phalanx recognises the following six tenets to be the holy commandments of Valiant.
-Pledge with good faith. For Honor binds you
-Fester not thy body to disrepair
-Meet thy sword of words and blade in fields of diplomacy and war
-Defend those that cannot defend themselves
-Do not betray thy companions or thy people
-Cower not upon thy enemy's field


The Holy Valiant Phalanx recognises the canonisation of the Court of Conflict and their service to Valiant.

Korigon- The Just will Triumph -Justice -Honour
Honour - Fair Fight - Victory
Skeira- The Blade Cares Not for the Cause -War
Martial Skill - Pain and Recovery - Dueling
Kilrox- Might Makes Right
Oppression - Rage - The Horrors of War
Rahas- Kneel Not before Self Proclaimed Greatness -Loyalty
Equality - Leadership - Community
Crusade- The fight is Unstoppable -Unending Endeavour
Determination - Unending Endeavour - Conflict

When the primal forces of the Universe birthed Harateth and Jishrim, there existed a great disparity. Order and Chaos, light and dark. Two Gods with whom a mutual peace could never be known, instead there was only to be war. This War was personified in the Valour and Kilrox, Glory and Bloodlust each, they battled endlessly with neither truly able to best the other. A war such as this, between Gods and their children, can only bring about pain and suffering. It is for this reason that Korog, the God of Neutrality, thought to forge his own answer to the feuding Gods. He brought forth Skeira, a Goddess who saw war for its true lamentable nature. It was she that brought an end to the constant bloodshed of the Divine War and brought about a new kind of war, a cold war, in which battles were found less often, for victory is much harder won against two foes than it is against one.
However, despite this solution, everlasting peace was not to be. In the age of corruption, Jishrim saw fit to betray His son. In his weakened state, Kilrox was set upon by Valour and in turn, Valour was set upon by Skeira. For the first time in eons, the three Gods of War were engaged in a bloody battle and for the first time ever it looked like there was to be a definitive victory and defeat. This was not an outcome foreseen by the Primal Forces, as it greatly threatened the Order of things. They imbued a wandering figment with the rites of divinity and granted him the domains of war. What followed was a war that lasted a million lifetimes and a few seconds simultaneously. No longer was War split between three Gods of three opposing ideals, for now all such ideals resided under the purview of one. Crusade had bested each of his predecessors and subjugated them into his court, to be stripped of their Godhood and to serve him evermore.
It was during this age of corruption that Harateth had become corrupted by the dark tendrils of Grief. It was up to the Son of Shalherana, the God of the People, to act. Armed with the domain of justice and righteousness, Rahas led the people of Altera against the corrupted tyrant. His actions brought forth the rise of the one known as Ignis Synnove, however it is not the place of this author to discuss such happenings- readers are instead directed toward the works and wills of her followers if they wish to know more. It was in this action, this toppling of tyranny, that a covenant was formed between Rahas and all the peoples of Altera. Wherever tyrants rose, he would guide heroes to oppose their grasp.
It was in a great melee against the Visage spawn, Aldred, that Rahas was mortally wounded and betrayed by a blessed of Ignis Synnove, causing Crusade to step in and defend His cousin. On one hand, he fought his war against Aldred, on the other he offered to Rahas a chance to serve the Court of Conflict and continue to help the realm. Rahas took this choice and bestowed upon Crusade his divinity, strengthening the War God enough to push Aldred back and, with the help of the other Gods and their worshippers, they sent the Scion to its end. Victorious, Crusade withdrew to His mighty fortress with His newfound courtier.
The introduction of Rahas to Crusade's court was a breach of the trust placed in Him by the Primal Forces, for it skewed the Court toward Good and betrayed the nature of Crusade. The Primal Forces did not look upon this act kindly and, as they had with Crusade himself, they bestowed the figment of Valiant with the rites of divinity and granted him the domains of war. An honourable duel for the control of the Court and the true dominion over the domain of War ensued. Crusade was bested and, with the accordance of the Primal Forces, granted a place within the Court of Conflict, to serve the new War God.


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T H E - H O L Y - V A L I A N T - P H A L A N X
A N - O V E R V I E W - O F - T H E - V A L I A N T - F A I T H


R E M A I N - V I G I L A N T

Certain items in the world have been found to have Divine origins. These items hold worth to
those of the Faith.


Unyielding - Missing
A longsword, the very first sword blessed by Valiant.
It is an artifact lost in the wake of it's owner's departure.

Shield of Valor - Uriel Valhart
A shape-shifting shield, granted to Valiant's second blessed.
Held by the commander in Faith, it is a blue-steel shield that
is known to redirect a foe's anger upon its bearer.

Rankbreaker - Eren Abel
A shape-shifting poleaxe, granted to the Warden of the South.
It is known to turn into a spear and can release a great shock
wave that may topple foes.

Holdfast - Rowley Durandal
A shape-shifting cuirass, granted to the leader of the Valiant
order. It is known to turn into a chainmail shirt and can redirect
its blows upon an attacker.


Roundshield of Valiant - Eren Abel
A wooden roundshield, ringed with steel, painted in blue, white
and red, the colours of Valiant. It was given by Gerard to Eren
upon his appointment of Warden.

Longsword of Valiant - Jorvun Aersvar
A steel longsword of exceptional make. It was given by
Gerard to Jorvun Aersvar upon his appointment of Warden.

Endless - Locked Away
A Nether-Iron battleaxe with a rusted steel haft. It is known
to have odd effects upon its wielder that are reminiscent of
Kilrox's domains. Found in Hell, it is now locked away on


Marr's Glory - Uriel Valhart
A steel sword of Arcturian make, fashioned for an unnamed
Marrian general. It now belongs to Uriel Valhart. It has been
blessed by Valiant with a red glimmer and sharpness.

Kourt - Rowley Durandal
A steel sword of Rahas origin. It now belongs to Rowley

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