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The Imperial Citizen


... is very scientifical.
"To build a house without first providing for its foundation is to build something that will be brought to its knees at the first stiff breeze of opposition."

From the broken lands of the south, the mountains of the east, to the desert of the former Wise empire. All of these regions are different, varied, with their only shared history being mass migrations from the old continent to the new. And most of these groups are probably annoyed that the others weren’t consumed by krackens enroute.

However, due to the resolve and ambition of one autocrat, all of these lands are united under one rule, if not one culture and one ethnicity. Each person who lives under the rule of House Fuvur, be they a wealthy industrialist in the heart of the empire, or one of the few paid laborers harvesting sugar in Palmwood, each citizen holds the same rights and the same path to citizenship.

  1. (Appeal to Ambition) The right to pursue risk and create opportunity to advance oneself or a proven associate.

  2. (Appeal to Privacy) The right to privacy on leased land not considered public grounds.

  3. (Appeal to Reprisal) The right to petition the government for permission to seek vengeance against another citizen for wrongs commited.

  4. (Appeal to Assumed Innocence) The right to not have to prove innocence in Fuvurian trials. Citizens are assumed to be innocent and the accusing party must prove them guilty when brought to trial; foreigners, by contrast, are assumed to be guilty and must prove their innocence at trial.

  5. (Appeal to Enlightenment) The right to seek knowledge and education for oneself, as well as the right to improve oneself’s physical state of being.

  6. (Appeal to Self) The right to not have one’s sense of being, soul, or mind damaged, and to appeal for protection of it in the event of threats to its wellbeing. The right to appeal for its protection only extends to threats deemed legitimate.

  7. (Appeal to Obsequiousness) The right to petition for reward from the Fuvurian government in exchange for duties fulfilled in excess of expectation.
To apply for citizenship is a simple matter. Approach an appropriate agent of the Fuvurian regime (a land holder, a legitimate agent of said landholder, or a member of their noble house). Summarily, petition them for an allowance to lease land on their property or serve the household of someone who is already a citizen of the empire. Should this allowance be granted, the landholder shall provide an appropriate contract. Insofar as everything raised in the citizenship contract is followed, citizenship shall be granted to the petitioner as well as themselves, members of their houseold, and their children, if their signatures are also provided on the contract and they are permitted by the landholder. They will then be put into record by the agent who swears the new citizens in, and each community ruled officially by a Moghul of House Fuvur is required to maintain their own listings of their citizens as well as provide an annual copy to be kept in Sanardu for official record.