To Be Resumed { The Kalstaat's Tournament of Frost } | Jan 18th


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- } The Kalstaat's Tournament of Frost { -

I, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Kane, will open the gates of Queensport once more, and invite people from far and wide to join together in a day of festivities that will allow us all to come together with friends and family to watch the renowned knights and riders of the realm compete in the Tournament of Frost. It will be a day of feasting, revelry, and I will make an announcement regarding my daughter, Katherine Kane, and the future of the Kalstaat itself. With the cycle restored, it is some to celebrate properly. All the craftsmen, merchants, and brewers are invited to attend and set up to show their wares while the knights of the noble houses take part in the events.

May the revelers be merry, and may the strongest rise.
Grand Duchess Elizabeth Kane
Duchess of the Kalstaat

Saturday, January 18th at 4:00pm EST

4:00 - 8:00 EST
4:00 - 4:30: Food, Mingling, Revelry
4:30 -4:45: Elizabeth's Announcements
4:45 - 630: The Joust
6:30 - 8:00: Melee Tournament
(Note: The Melee Tournament may run longer than expected.)

Feasting and Tournament Grounds in Queensport


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- } The Joust { -

Elizabeth Kane invites jousters from across the lands to represent their respective houses in glorious mounted combat. Jousters must sign-up ahead of time, must bring their own plate armor, and must bring their own horse. Any who do not have a house to represent are welcome to partake, so long as they can provide their own armor and steed.

The winner of the joust will receive 10,000r as reward for their prowess.

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- { The Melee } -
Following the Joust, Elizabeth Kane invites fighters from across the continent to step forward and join into a battle royale. The melee will be organized into teams and chosen by Elizabeth and last until there is a clear winning team. Any manner of man may join into the fray, Blessed, Mages, and Man alike. Any Blessed or Mage may use one spell or blessing to help themselves or a member of their team, but must be submitted beforehand for approval, or it may be denied.

The winners of the melee will be granted a 10,000r prize to split amongst themselves, and the rights to hunt wild game within the forests of the Kalstaat year round.


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(Taken from Paint )

The mounted joust is made up of a three point score system, the two riders will tilt until the score is reached. Points are awarded based on whether or not a strike was successful and the result of such;

No Point is awarded if the lances tie or strike each other. (Rolls within 1-3 of each other)

One Point is Awarded for each broken lance (Rolls between 3-9 difference of each other)

Two Points are awarded if a lance strike dehorses the other rider. (Rolls 10 Points higher)

However, the sport of Jousting is a sport of nobility and order, and therefore includes other laws and rules that govern the sport. Each rider is required to have plate armour protection from the pelvis upwards as a basic requirement for entering, this includes the following; Helmet, Curiass, Pauldron, Shield or Reberace. Elbowguard, Vambrace, and Gaunlet. Purposefully striking the horse of the other rider is considered
highly dishonourable and will be met with severe punishment for the rider. Each rider must also use only blunted lances, the use of clay ornaments on the lance is permitted. Aiming for the helm of the other rider, will some consider it to be dishonourable is not against the rules, but is simply considered a foolish move to make.

Regarding the Rank System-
In future jousts held within the Kalstaat, there will a ranking given to those who partake from one joust to the next. To Answer a bit of possible confusion, the top three have (+1) on them for a reason, those in the top three jousters in the next tournamants held in any of the settlements in Kalstaat receive a +1 to their d20 rolls for each tilt, to try and show a bit of realism when it comes to the skill of the jousters.

Quick Example of a Jousting Round-
Tilt 1:

Each Rider will make a emote detailing their charge, and both will roll;
Knight 1 rolls 3 out of 20
Knight 2 Rolls 10 of 20

The Tilt goes to Knight 2, and he is awarded one point.

Tilt 2:
Each Rider will make a emote detailing their charge, and both will roll;
Knight 1 rolls 20 out of 20.
Knight 2 rolls 5 out of 20

Knight 1 has dehorsed Knight 2, and therefore takes the tilt and is awarded 2 points, making the current score 2-1 in favour of Knight 1.

Tilt 3:
Each Rider will make a emote detailing their charge, and both will roll;
Knight 1 Rolls 13 out of 20
Knight 2 Rolls 17 out of 20

Knight 2 has won the tilt and made it a tied round, the score now being 2-2.

Tilt 4:
Each Rider will make a emote detailing their charge, and both will roll;
Knight 1 Rolls 17 out of 20
Knight 2 Rolls 10 out of 20.

Knight 1 wins the tilt and the round.

Regarding Injury and Chance of Death-
Before deciding whether or not your character should attend a Joust please consider the possibility of your character's harm, and at your own choice, even possible death. Jousting is a dangerous sport and the chance of being harmed is high. Do remember its the not the same as simply falling off a horse or being poked with a stick, there is a lot of force involved in the sport. So please kept such in mind, we want to keep as much realism as possible when we hold these events and don't want the event to be slowed down with OOC issue.


The Melee will be held in the style of a battle royale until one team stands out as the victor. The teams will be arranged by Elizabeth's choosing. A team will be out of the melee when all members of the team hit one of the following conditions: a teammate can no longer stand, a teammate can no longer hold their weapon, a teammate has yielded, or a teammate has been pushed out of the fighting grounds. The fighting grounds will be marked by clay. If the melee extends to an unreasonable time, Elizabeth will declare a victor from the notable remaining teams.

If the fighter is beyond being able to continue but tries anyway, it will be up to Elizabeth's judgement whether or not they can continue. Killing during this event will still be considered a crime, and will be punished according to the Kalstaat's laws.

These rules may be changed and amended between now and the event. Updates will be posted if so.
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(For melee and joust.)
Character Name: Sigmund von Hallon
Titles: Kronprinz of Anhald, Red Prince.
House Fighting/Jousting on Behalf Of: Hallon.
Spell or Blessing: ‘Ruin’, a tier 1 divine spell.
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Character Name: Otto von Sturmherz
Titles: Knight of Kaltstaat, The Storm Knight
House Fighting/Jousting on Behalf Of: von Sturmherz
Spell or Blessing: None rn
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Character Name: Uriel Valhart
Titles: None / Son of Battle
House Jousting on Behalf Of: Sons of Valor/Valiant

Sir Andrew Wallins

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Character Name: Vlad
Titles: Formerly a lord of Anhald. As of now, he has no land to his name.
House Fighting/Jousting on Behalf Of: Walanescu
Spell or Blessing: None.


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+ Due to the hostilities in the south, the joust is on hold until resolution is found with the southern cultists. It may be resumed depending on the happenings.


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Character Name: Kublai Kulligar
Titles: Frostwarted Headmaster
House Jousting on Behalf Of: All Dwarves riding on donkeys through-out Altera (got me own donkey I do believe)