The Mist


... is very scientifical.
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All around the world a fog suddenly begins to appear. Nigh opaque with how thick it is, the fog persists even in the middle of the day and resists the light
of torches and other flames. While it is not a constant presence on the continent itself, it has made its presence known in the coastal regions,
and surrounds the continent like a suffocating blanket at all sides and has become a hindrance to those of naval disposition.
In tandem with the fog, the sky has been overcast day and night, never once revealing even a stripe of blue sky.

It has left the world quite desaturated, miserably grey, and almost... familiar, to those who are intimately aware of the afterlife.


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Big Bad will pop out of The Mist and inquire whether you would like to queue for a lemon-flavoured beverage


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Just to clarify since I've seen it in a few combat scenarios, I think it's best that we say it isn't so thick you can't see several feet ahead of you. More like a lighter fog until you go out sailing and hazy enough to not see too far, but close quarters combat shouldn't be hindered by it. An example of its range, perhaps:


(Subject to edits when I can speak to the others, but for now this is how it should be.)