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The Night of Mortilor

When the sun sets and night begins to take hold one night a year when winter sets in its fullest the veil between worlds thins out and the souls of the dead can pass into the world of the living for one night only. The hearths in the homes are put out so that spirits of the loved ones may be visited as families tend to their graves and offer prayers, food,festivities and fun are had and at midnight the Fire of life is lit with prayer and song so that the light may flare again in the dark and guide the spirits both lost and visiting back to her realm. When the new sun rises a new day and year begins for the threads of fate the gods weave continue on for another year.

Looking for
1x priest or priestess of the grey lady herself or two who will do it together
People if they want to sell wares at stalls especially candy and masks,or outfits for kids.

tbd sometime next month as i get my scheduals two weeks out and will have to pick a day off.
Inspired by Samhain
Sack races
Hide from the monster
Boat races
Lighting of incense for graves
The lighting of the fire of life
drink and fun all around

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