The Odd Shop (IC Shop)


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(Right now this store is a WIP things may be removed or added as seen fit.)

As you walk into the small building located not too far from the docks the sounds of birds singing fills the air along with the chime of a bell. Suddenly things go silent. A small and dainty caparii walks up from the basement, holding a few odd items in her arms. She sets them on the counter as she smiles to you.
Theo Shop Pic.png
“Oi! Hello there! My name is Theodosia Engem, I sell some odd pieces here or you can commission me to go after items for you. If you would like to take a look around, feel free! If not I do have an item catalogue for easier shopping.”

As you take a look you notice a few strange items like old jars, a skull bleached and decorated fancifully. There is a large nest behind the counter with several birds nestled in it as well. You turn your attention to the catalogue, It’s relatively thin but given the items she offers, maybe it’d be worth checking out.

>Talk to Theo about commissions
"Sure thing! Just fill out this paper and I’ll get to you as fast as I can."
(Fill out the form below to request materials or items. Note: Your request may be declined. Please check out the T.O.S for more info.)

Username: (Your MC name)
Character putting in the order: (What character is making the order)
Request: (What would you like)
Budget: (Your price range)
Timeframe expecting: ( Minimum is a week due to IRL stuff)

>Question Theo about the parrots
Theodosia smiles and responses “I have a way with animals so if you are looking for a pet or animal, I can try to get them for you at certain prices. More info can be found in the catalogue on the counter.”
(Fill out this form to request an animal)
Username: (Your MC name)
Character putting in the order: (Self explanatory)
Request: (What animal would you like, remember there are limits to this)
Timeframe expecting: ( Minimum is a week due to IRL stuff)

>Look at the Catalogue
The Catalogue lists things and animals currently being stored and can be bought by contacting the shop or meeting Theo IG or doing a Forum RP. For things already in house, comment with the form below:
Things requested:
Your order will be processed as soon as I respond to you to confirm things.

Terms of Service

-A request can be denied for:
-Not being worth the price you have
-The form isn’t filled out right
-The item(s) requested are overly difficult to get.
-When the initial payment is not sent.
-If other issues are seen with the order.

-All orders must be made ICly through RP when requesting an item on the forums. This helps with keeping things under rules for having your character receiving items. This rule can be skipped if the materials are being bought for other projects your characters aren’t working on or having ICly.

-Half the payment must be made up front unless there is a payment plan talked about. After that, the item(s) will be gathered or collected and set aside for you. You may find me ICly to collect your commission and finish the payment. If you cannot fulfill the payment; I will keep the down payment and the products will be resold. You can ask to put things on hold for up to a week unless payment plans or talked about otherwise.

-Everything will be refunded if the item(s)/ animals cannot be gathered or collected in time.

-By requesting an order for item(s) or animals you are agreeing to the T.O.S and other rules set in place.
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Lord of Altera
-The current things being stored in house-
(Updated 6/20/2018)

-Current stock-
Cobblestone-35r per stack unless buying more than 5 stacks than it is 20per
Sandstone-45r unless more is bought in bulk. Prices and be talked out.
Flowers and lilypads-75r per.

Animals are sold in pairs unless they are llamas, parrots, bears, wolves, ocelot and are gathered on commission but sometimes there may be a few loose ones here and there.
Sheep- 2 for 200r
Pig- 2 for 200r
Chickens- 2 for 150r
Cows- 2 for 250r
Parrots- 500r (out of stock
Llamas-500r (out of stock
Bears- 800r (out of stock

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