The Pantheon

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-] The Alteran Pantheon [-

There was an Age of Immortals.
But they fell.

There was an Age of Corruption.
But it was set to order.

There was an Age of the Gods.
But only in silence, was there peace.

In the Beginning, there were only the Primal Forces. Hope, Ambitions - thriving upon the nothing that is the End.. The Void. Shaping and becoming all that is known- the Immortal Kings among them. Begotten with no conscious thought of their own, yet the worlds began to grow and they began to ponder that which was around them. The pondering grew to be a consciousness, and as they came upon a mind of their own, they could no longer be one with the Primal Forces and were created into being. Cut off from the primal forces, springing from the Void- these entities became Gods.

As the lifebringer, Shalherana rose, there came Jishrim- Created from greed and lust for power, wishing to darken everything but himself. The primal forces, out of need to create a balance, brought forth Harateth- the brother of Jishrim and his opposite. And Shalherana watched as Korog, the god of Craft and Balance and permanence, was inadvertently given birth. More came after.. and one by one, they were formed, joined together, aligned themselves, fought or fell from divine graces.

Alterans knew the power of the Gods. A common farmer could reap the harvests of Sallana's blessing, and entire empires rose and fell in pursuit of Ignis Synnove's perfect realm. Men, women, and children were marked with madness by Jishrim, and waves of undead crashed against the shores of long lost continents at the allowance of Skraag. With blessings come curses, and it was the Son of Visage that was shown how mortalkind were toyed with and controlled at their whim. Their weaknesses whispered to him in the dark, and the only retaliation to their reign was madness to pursue.

Aldred, with his own curse of divine blood, gathered the knowledge and power he needed to enact a ritual unlike the Alterans had ever seen before. A ritual that would bring ruination to a longstanding Age. A beast was born from his essence after the ritual was cast, and it was the Beast that made its mark to fell a few of the Divines, and weaken others. The pact of neutrality that the Pantheon had agreed upon had unraveled and cracked until this final straw. Through trials, there came the Holy War, and with it- a balance at stake. The Gods would continue to dwindle and die as the creature grew stronger, their portfolios lost or taken by another. Only a joining of hands by the people, and in turn, the gods- would defeat it. And it was so.

As the dust settled, the remaining like-minded Gods and Goddesses stood together against the abnormalities of the doubtful realms. To stay chaos and corruption.. To make sure no birth of a demi-god ever occurs again, they stepped back.. into their own realms. In understanding and empathy for their creations, they granted boons to those faithful, so that they may strengthen their resolve without their constant presence.

..It is said that in order for Altera to have Balance, the Gods must continue their purpose.

Alterans remember them for what they once were. Churches and priests still fervently pray for that which some used to be. Those that carried their blessings awoke, however. It was them that spread the new teachings and names to those that still yearned for faith in something greater, and on that day they found new stars in the sky for each deity that still yet remained.

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