Poster The Southgate Meadery Company's Response


Lord of Altera
Posters like these are found in a lot of public places.

It seems as if the outcast of the old Veracian society, or what's left of it, has decided to finally show its face. Unfortunately, that face is neither intimidating or impressive. Asero Crow, the esteemed advisor of Vyre-King Rogerius, has made a bold statement of resistance that will surely inspire the world to his corrupt side. The Meadery would tremble in this brave display of resistance if it wasn't declared by a laughably incompetent administrator and leader. Vyre-King Rogerius extorted others, consolidated tyrannical power and worked for his own aggrandisement under Asero Crow's counsel and he is the one who claims the Meadery are the criminals? And that the Meadery must "answer" to these "crimes"? The ironic comedy is tangible in this instance.

To humour us, Asero Crow has even advised the Company to submit to his power, or whatever skeleton of it he might dream of ever achieving. However, the Meadery will adhere to his demands once Asero can actually exhibit a shred of competence. In an amateurish way in attempting to outmaneuver the Meadery, Asero has suddenly revealed supposed letters showing cooperation between us and heretics. Let us think more logically than our good friend Asero: is it wise to trust these letters, revealed only by the strong opponent to the Meadery who would have every motive to forge such things in a desperate attempt to rally support behind his cause? Not only this, but the only means by which Asero would have to obtain such "letters" would be if he himself were apart of the Dark Order. Let us not forget that these heretics yearn to sow chaos and by framing the Company for heresy, they would have achieved this.

To Mister Asero Crow, here is some wise counsel from people actually competent at advising: never resume your work as an advisor because it is clear that you are laughably incompetent as seen by your history working not only for Veraci, but for other realms. Resistance is futile because you could not have stopped us and your attempts to combat us have failed miserably, so please walk away while we still show mercy to your criminal syndicate. Lastly, try not to be so hypocritical, it is very easy to spot.

The Southgate Meadery Company has eliminated the criminals working for Vyre-King Rogerius. While we occupy the city, we are restoring order and allowing the citizens to live peacefully. Do not fall victim to these humourous attempts at defaming the Company.

Baroness Southgate of the Pale City.