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Finished The Strength Within - [EST 6:00pm | 14/10/21]


I think I might like it here




The Strength Within

It is not the brawn nor the physic that defines us. Our fetures will fade with time, leaving the spirit thats within us.
Our strenght.
The spirit of war have descended once again, with the tomorrow challenging us.
We are called upon once again to stand where once we stood before.
To face Evil and redeem Life.
Let us rejoin once again, before descending into the depths of war, and strenghten our faith so it wont falter when we need it the most.


This is a public event for the attendants of the final of the campaign.
Joining in the Cathedral let us share a few moments of prayer and bonding before the next day's challange.
Bringing offerings is a good idea aswell as the shrines in the Cathedral still could be used.

Where: Landing's Cathedral
When: EST 6:00pm | 14/10/21
Who: Anyone
Event: Peaceful

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