The Wedding of Lavendula Hal'Shink'Maho and Salazar Dunn


Lord of Altera



Priest/Priestess: TBD
Private by invitation.
Time/Date: Friday, June 21st 6EST
Location: TBD
Duration: Around 1-2 hours in total, depends on guests and level of interaction.


Specific invitations would be sent to:

-Ayda & Cassian Hal'Ulamyar Ayda Baron2537
-Gerry McIvy Jeroxia
-Ashna Hal'Kov'gra'sek Solus
-Leofaren Venna Shankster
-Cymic Seymour Cymic_
-Hadley Bentlee Krystiv
-Esplin Wyvern740
-Ardaric Tideborn Tideborne
-Thordil Jazzper
-Kublai Bartooliinii
-Those related to a certain Brass situation would also receive invitations, though less personal.
Kamaoe Blorbis83 Shao

Any individual characters who did not receive a direct invitation are free to know about the wedding, and can always ask to attend before the event itself. Otherwise, if any invitations would have trouble finding their way to the intended guest please post about it. It's not necessarily intended for someone to show up just because they were invited, so nobody fret if you can not make it.​


Lord of Altera
Will be searching for a priest/priestess for the event. Odds are they may go to Asha (Solus ), but to my knowledge there's also the newest Sallana worshipper on the block, Purgatoris


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You can choose for a boring Sallana wedding..
But you can also get shitfaced on ale with Big K! To celebrate a Permanent marriage, ofcourse.