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General Information

Character Name: Theodosius Hostilius Herennius
Known as "Theo" by his friends.
Known as "Thuncle" by Garrett and his other nephews and nieces.
Known as "Thee-Thee" by his wife.

Age: 33
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good

Current Mood(s): Thoughtful, wary, confused
Mental State: Normal, if a bit exhausted
Relationship Status: Engaged
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Ideal Partner: Lucila

Religious Beliefs: He is liberal about others' belief systems, so long as they contribute to society and do not cause trouble, then he is happy to have them. While not devout, he has found himself praying more and more often to the Gods. Favors The Valiant.

Regular Theme:
. (No he's not at all like King Robert. I just like the theme.)
Combat Theme:
Kingly Theme (Entrance):


Eye color: Dark Blue

Hair color: Blackish-brown
Hair style: Slight parting of the bangs, a bit silky

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Weight: 150 pounds, mostly made up of muscle

Intelligence: He’s not a genius, but he is fairly intelligent.

Scars: Scar on right cheek, near eye, where he was hit by an arrow. He rubs at it during times of stress, and it is now painfully raw and sensitive. It is not bleeding or vulnerable to infection, however. There are also a few scars from where he was stabbed in the sternum, hip, back and in the right thigh- during the same battle in which he was hit by the arrow. Multiple, lengthy scars from his flogging.

Voice: Damian Lewis

Skills and Talents

Military Combat Skills- 10/10- Theodosius is a soldier through and through. When surrounded by fellow legionaries, he fights with lethal efficiency.

Single Combat Skills- 5/10- This is Theodosius's weakness. While confident when attacking in formation, he suffers when alone. His biggest fear is that he may come across a foe wearing plate armor- and be caught without his morningstar. However, the Civil War has kept him on his toes, as there has been an increased amount of ambushes. These ambushes have forced him to fight one on one with relatively easy opponents- honing his skills somewhat.

Command and Authority- 10/10- Though it's been a while, the young king has finally managed to become quite the expert on how to lead, motivate, and organize other people. Theo has come to realize that it is through making a goal personal or relevant that people will follow him- by inspiring loyalty through love, not out of fear or tradition.

Politics- 6/10- Theodosius has learned that silence, logic and flexibility are excellent factors in making a good politician. However, he is not at all interested in gaining more power for power's sake, and is decidedly neutral when it comes to the squabbles and schemes of other nations. He simply wishes to care for the Dominion and assist the realm however he can.

Leatherworking- 10/10- After years of practicing in what little spare time he has, Theodosius can create anything from simple caligae to the sturdiest of rawhide armors.

Rhetoric/Oratory Skills- 10/10- Theo has quickly mastered the art of word-smithing and is able to create a speech for any occasion.

Farming/Herding- 10/10- Theodosius's first job when overseeing Astrakhan was working in the fields and in the stables. From flax to flocks of sheep, he knows all there is about agriculture and cattleherding. It is one of his favorite past-times.

Building and Architecture- 6/10- He has finally begun to get the hang of designing slightly less utilitarian looking buildings.

Medicine and First Aid- 5/10- Theodosius can bandage and clean wounds, create splints and set bones. He has observed the actions of Eastoft and other medical professionals and can use guesswork to treat an illness. Sounding like you know what you’re doing is helpful too.

Cooking- 5/10- Living with a wife and a son has forced Theo to go beyond a soldier's stew. He now is decent at cooking most things, usually soups, stews, or roasts.

Philosophy - 6/10- For the longest time, the man has grappled with his past and the various sins he's committed, and how they coincide with the established ethics of the world. He has read as much literature as he can on the various schools of philosophy, and while he has no strict adherence to any one school of thought, Theodosius is certainly able to make decent arguments for any of them (though he might not agree with it).

Lavoyarde/Lavo - 4/10- Theo has only just begun to get a grasp on the basics of this ancient language.

Asrakosian Dialect- 10-10- Theodosius was born speaking the dialect of common known as Asrakosian. He takes pride in speaking it and encourages his fellow countrymen to do so as well.

Bonus Facts
1. Theodosius will not ever eat or touch eels. He has seen and fought monsters twelve times larger than him, faced off against fanatics and cultists, but there will never be a time in which he will consider going near an eel. Theo is still terrified of eels, but he has recently attempted to consume them.

2. Theodosius is a huge dork for board games, including role-playing and strategy games. He has even attempted to create one, but it fell flat due to a lack of free time.
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Overall Personality: Theodosius was once an easily inflamed individual whose pride and arrogance led him to burn many, many bridges and generally got him into a few wars and produced quite a few enemies. Now older, he has begun to reflect on his past actions and has determined that his emotions were undisciplined and that only logic could save him. Thus, Theodosius has adopted a rather stoical or stiff-lipped attitude for most situations, in which he tries to see things through a more logical viewpoint. This has made him a bit of a dullard to be around, since it's difficult to get past this defensive exterior, but once someone has penetrated this, he can be an amiable, if a rather quiet, solemn fellow. When amongst his family or the few friends he has left, he feels more able to express himself and generally relax.

Moral Code: Theodosius is a strict idealist, and generally abhors the sort of cynicism that allows people to abandon their personal codes if it is convenient to them. He is a lawful, moral individual, who believes that all actions will be met with an equal, retributory action by the universe. If you are a vile, cruel individual who seeks harm upon others, you will eventually meet your own demise through the very things you brought upon others. This is- in Theo's opinion- because Evil is inherently illogical, and when something acts illogically enough, the compounded discrepancies will topple that thing. Normally, such a belief necessitates a belief that anyone who is good will receive rewards, but Theodosius isn't truly sure this is mirrored by reality. Further, it is his belief that one should act righteously and morally for morality's sake, rather than for some idea of a personal reward. This is reflected in his role as Basileos, in which he tries his best to act righteously, even if it doesn't make him the most popular or well-known leader.

Favorite Things:

Food: Prawn soup, salads, olive oil. Raspberries are a new favorite.

Animal: Dogs, ants, and horses, all of which are loyal or hardworking animals.
Plant: Chamomile. Alternatively, potatoes, for their strength and endurance in the worst possible situations.
People: Honest, thoughtful, individuals who put others before themselves.

Least Favorite:

Food: Eels or any form of beer. Also anything with lime or anything sickly sweet.
Animal: Lions, they are used as a sign of panache and power by nobility, but they are depicted as male lions, which are generally cruel, lazy and/or tyrannical, which he feels says something of those who use the animal as a sigil.
Plant: Seaweed; he never could get behind the stuff. It's ugly, slimy, and tastes strange.

People: People who sacrifice their values to achieve a goal, cruel people, overly ambitious people, and people who believe their titles should get them anything they want.

Strengths (No Order)

  1. Keen Strategic Mind- Theodosius can be relied on to come up with good plans of action either before an event or during one, but he has never really been able to flex his wings in this regard as of late.

  2. Trustworthy- Theodosius is a stalwart ally. He will not abandon you if you fight for a righteous cause. However, he is a very cautious ally, and can, at times, be slow to risk himself or his people. As such, he is quick to recommend tact and caution rather than quick, decisive action.

  3. Open-Minded- The man is by no means hostile to unorthodox methods of doing things, as long as they are generally fair or humane (assuming he isn't trying to win a fight.)

  4. Compassionate- Theo has a big heart and will offer you the shirt off his back with nothing more than a nod. However, in those moments, Theodosius is most vulnerable to betrayal and attacks of opportunity.

  5. Hardworking- Theodosius rises early each morning and has a strict schedule of exercise, paperwork, and town-wide chores. Set him to a task and he'll stop at nothing to achieve it.
Weaknesses (No Order)
  1. Awkward and Closed- Theodosius can be good company, but it takes a lot of time for him to open up emotionally. He is afraid of letting his emotions show for fear of the damage they might bring. In truth, he is a sensitive and empathetic person who loves to laugh and be close to others, but you'd never know it. Even when out in public with family, he might come off as rather stern and cold. However, in private, Theodosius's true nature blooms. This also applies when he is around soldiers (whose lifestyle and experiences are most familiar to him) in a casual situation; he drops all formal pretenses and becomes as rough-and-tumble as he was in his teens. Theo has a visceral dislike of being complimented or praised, as he always feel that he doesn't truly deserve praise.

  2. Bookish- While Theodosius loves fighting, camping, and all that manly stuff, he is also a big nerd. Books (among some other things) are his "safe-spaces", where he can freely explore his emotions in relation to the book's characters or situation.

  3. Compassionate- As an Asrakosian, he has gone through the hardships typical of a refugee; starvation, warfare, disease, and loss. He wishes nothing more than to make sure that the realm (especially his people) never have to go through that while he lives and breathes. This makes him especially vulnerable to depressive attitudes when disaster strikes his people, and he often blames it on himself. He is also prone to trusting those in need, and as such, can be swindled quite easily if you put on enough of a sob-story.

  4. Plain/Cheap- Theo would like a palace, but he finds it painful to part with such a vast amount of coin. He'll spend quite a bit to care for his people or when sending a gift to others, but you'll never see him spend anything on himself! As such, he's not the most regal looking person, and it's really difficult in figuring
    out what he'd like as a gift because his shopping habits are pretty mundane. Plus, most of his family would like a palace, but he's content with a modest house.

  5. Stressed/Overworked- Theodosius constantly overworks himself and as a result, his mind is almost always on the next task, and never on, you know, chilling out. Combined with a general tendency to overwhelm himself, his ability to get work can be easily hampered, despite his generally good work ethic. He also tends to overthink his own flaws and generally perceives himself negatively, causing him almost constant anxiety and depressive fits.
Short Term Goals (In Order)

- Enjoy life with his family.

- Build up the Legion

- Establish trade treaties and new alliances.

Long Term Goals (In No Order)

- Finish the construction of Astrakhan.

- Seize life again and make a new name for himself.

- Retire from the Throne.

Relevant Feats

1. Defeated a band of Royalists who attacked Astrakhan and threatened his people.

2. Brought supplies to Linlea during a famine brought about by the Ashen Blight.

3. Organized a treaty between the Grey Lady Supporters and the Archonites, preventing mortal and divine bloodshed.

4. Negotiated a Peace Settlement between his people and the House of Longtree over a dispute regarding Sungrad.
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Relations and Background


Lucila Luciliax Lucilina II 1/2 (Wife)- "Where are you?" ToastySpam

Family and Close Friends

Dimitrius (Son)- "Sometimes you're a little naive, and yes, you shirk duties, but what boy your age doesn't? I know that you've a good heart, and so long as you follow it, you will be a good Prince." @Me.

Garrett (Nephew/Honorary Son)- "You died twice, but only broke my heart once. You need to give yourself more slack on the self-hate, and give more attention to being careful. Your art is gorgeous, and I want to do everything I can to help you remember your stonemasonry once more. You have a stalwart attitude, and it's something my skittish son will need as an advisor. I am so, so proud of you, and I hope you know that I consider you as a second son." Galaxy

Cassia (Niece)- "What fiery wit! What a sharp, keen mind! I am proud to know that at least someone in our family has graduated from Frostwarts. You have a level-head on your shoulders, for the most part, so I hope you can keep Remus, Garrett, and Dimitrius's heads on too. I hope you don't hate me, I know I can be stern with you, but it's only because I want you to grow up into a good person. I know that whatever you choose to do with your life, you will be able to do it well." MelodyComplex

Remus (Nephew)- "Bug Boy, but soon, you'll be a Bug Knight, if that is what you wish to be, still. You have a good sense of humor about things, and a generous, kind heart. Still, please clean your room once in a while." ShamelessSauce

Antonides (Brother)- "I'm glad that we aren't so distant as we once were, even if you're certainly a tougher man than I. Take care of Sungrad, and of yourself. Don't be afraid to write and visit; I certainly won't be!" Old-Seadog

Carling (Sister-In-Law)- "You are my sister, and there is nothing I will not do to make sure you are happy. I value your advice and your serenity, though I do miss you quite a bit." MelodyComplex

Leighton Altham (Brother-In-Law)- "You fit well in the trappings of leadership; I envy you. I should visit you and see how Eldpoint has progressed, as apparently all my nieces and nephews have began to live in it!"

Boetius (Old War Buddy)- "Last I saw you, you were a mad, drug-addled soul. I hope you find help, brother, because there's still a lot of life in you. We can accomplish great things together.." TheDuples

Fronslin- "You were there with me when I helped stopped a great conflict. I wish we could talk more, there is still so much I do not know about you, and so much I could learn.." Fronslin

Cymic Seymour (Friend??)- "I do not know if we are friends anymore, considering how different we are, but I hope you are doing well, and I hope we might be able to meet once more, though it might be a bit...awkward." Cymic_

Kam Hakiaz- "We don't talk much, as in, ever. But I think about you and your family a lot. Maybe I can invite you over so we can catch up." Kamaoe

Rook Corvus (Blessed of Theodra)- "I am eager to see how your Guild developments, and I hope to take part in some of your hunts." Theo doesn't know the man very well, but found him an amiable fellow. ZeAfroGentleman

Stella Brydove (Hat Kid)- "I enjoyed talking with you- you have a great sense of curiosity and I hope you never lose it. Though if I feel the same way about my current winning streak." Mudpaw11

Uriel Valhart (Blessed of Valiant)- "I don't know much about you, but I think you and I might share a few things in common. I hope everything is well, wherever you might be." BoredBrit

Lana Wake (Scholar, Newest Resident)- "I apologize for having never been able to talk with you about your works. Though, I think you might have dodged a bullet, as there's very little interesting about me, haha! Anyways, I hope you find Astrakhan to be as suitable a home to you as it has been for me." I am Wake

Katherine Kane (Queen of the Kaltstaat)- "You must think me some odious, insidious coward who was willing to use some old treaty to save his skin. But I am not your enemy, nor am I the threat and pest that your Commander sees me as. I hope I can change this perception." Elz


Asher Varyn (King of the Kaltstaat)- "You are a cynical, hateful young man, but I am glad that you at least made your willingness to go to war with us clear, as I do hate not knowing who might oppose me. I fear what you might do to my people, as it seems the Varyns and the Herenii almost always find each other in conflict. Nevertheless, I hope we can find some sort of common ground." blargtheawesome

Peter Longtree (Commander of the Kaltstaat Army)- "I sincerely question your motives and your mental faculties. You would make an enemy over an abandoned castle because someone- specifically a Southerner- cleaned it up and claimed it for themselves? That is pathetic. You do not deserve to lead an army." Sir Arc

Background and Inventory
Homeland: Asrakos

Current Home: Astrakhan, Asrakosian Dominion.

Current Profession: The Basileos- Servant King- of the Asrakosians and of anyone in Astrakhan.


  • A concentric helmet, complete with a mail aventail that covers his face, leaving only two eyeholes.
  • A mail coif
  • A cuirass of steel lamellar, complete with lamellar tassets and pteruges.
  • A long hauberk of riveted maille
  • A gambeson
  • Maille chausses
  • A steel gorget
  • A pair of steel spaulders
  • A pair of steel, gauntleted vambraces
  • A pair of steel greaves with poleyns
  • A duck-billed, Italo-Norman helmet
  • A steel breastplate with plate tassets/faulds, and pteruges.
  • A bronze, muscled breastplate
  • A steel transitional breastplate
  • A steel, muscled breastplate
  • A bascinet helmet

  • A dory style spear
  • An arming sword with a tapered point.
  • A morningstar.
  • A kite shield, which (if stood on the ground, point downwards) goes up to his lower stomach, emblazoned with the inverse colors of the Herenii sigil. An orange sun on a field of white.
  • A goatsfoot crossbow with about 12 quarrels.
  • Four angons.
  • A pugio-style dagger.
  • A couched lance
  • An Asrakosian stallion named Achilles. Decently fast with his lamellar barding on, but nothing too special.
  • A rather mischievous raccoon named Balasi, clad in a cape bearing the Dominion sigil. Has a few kits. Steals food when no one is looking.
  • A bulldog named Rufus, fierce, loyal, and a massive enabler of Balasi's shenanigans. Has his own boiled leather harness to act as armor in battle.

Other Items:
  • A rucksack to carry his belongings.
  • A messenger bag filled with documents, papers, wax tablets, and writing supplies. He feels embarrassed whenever he leaves it, as believes it to be a mark of unpreparedness.
  • A hunting knife.
  • A wood-chopping axe.
  • A medical kit containing bandages, vinegar, honey, clean rags, splints, forceps, and a bronze scalpel.
  • A bag of bread, cured sausages, cheese, and dried fruit.
  • A canteen of water.
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A Gallery of Theodosius

Most of these images are things I pulled up from the internet and liked a lot. If someone has art of Theo, PM me and I'll post it here and tag you :heart:

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Updated. Lots of people were added.

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Hey were's Violet in there? xD

And also lowkey would think Theo sounds sorta like Ben Platt. was thinking maybe like- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (the actor who plays Jaimie Lannister).

But then again, Theo also has an accent akin to Greek and Italian so...I'm stuck again.