Upcoming [Theodra] Archery Competition


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A poster is left up on the board at Storm's Landing. It's succinct, and written in careful handwriting.
"I am holding an archery competition at Stormhall, north of the Landing, in ten days. It will accompany a dedication to Theodra, but all are welcome to join. The prize is bragging rights for the one to hit the most targets, unless the archers want to start a betting pool. The range is open, practice is encouraged."

What: Archery competition preceded by a brief sermon to Theodra
Where: Stormhall, on the road between Storm's Landing and Veraci
When: Saturday 2/15/2020, at 7:00 EST
Rules: Each participant can take as many shots as there are targets per round. After several rounds, the one with the highest score is the winner. Ties will be decided by a tiebreaker.

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