Titan of Altera

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Titan of Altera

Upon the end of the Holy War, that was fueled by Aldred's desire to fell the Gods, the Pantheon showed themselves for a time before promising their faithfuls that they will retreat behind the Divine Veil. There after, came a peace upon the world, as the fabled Bastion stones were turned to dust and the Divine wards took hold around the Eastern Continent to prevent the gods' and demons' meddling. ..However, the people soon found that with the change of their protected ward source, new wonders and creations came to light.

Beings that were left to linger and hide in fear of the gods soon sprung for their power. Through cracks and holes, around crevices and over mountains.. they lay in wait to prepare themselves in order to climb to the top of the food chain. To transcend their own limited bounds. Their Origins are vastly different, as is their true purpose and abilities. These distinct Beings, dubbed Behemoths in their own right, make themselves known to claim their spot in the History of Altera III.

With an inkling of their existence, the mortals have shown they come to conflict when dealing with these creations. Some may interact differently than their compatriots. Does one oppose or aid these Behemoths? ..What impact does it bring to our world if they are not stopped?


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Titan of Mind

Qlippoth is a dormant horror which lives beneath the very earth we all propagate. Qlippoth spans the majority of the Hollows in the Eastern Continents, filling its cavernous depths with its own flesh and degradation. It consumes and spreads, seeking only to expand itself to consume all that would dare to walk upon its earth and not be apart of itself first. Being made of the millions of minds it has consumed over the millennia, Qlippoth is one of the most powerful behemoths of Mens in the current mortal plane of existence.

-Qlippoth is associated with disease, and especially fungal infections. It is able to tailor diseases to its victims, and they propagate virulently.
-Hunger is the primary drive of this being, and its second strongest association.
-Assimilation and control is something that Qlippoth wishes to do to all biological matter.

Quirks and Powers:
Limited Omniscience: Qlippoth has subsumed the minds of many. With its vast intelligence, it can do things that normal people cannot conceive. One of these things is that it has a limited omniscience of the past and present in whichever way it has managed to grasp it with its limited capacity under the caves and crevices of the continent. It cannot directly convey things to people, but it is safe to assume that it has in some way or another an understanding of events both ancient and new. From one piece of information, it might be able to surmise, as close as possible, everything that relates to that one piece of information.

Impossible Communication: Qlippoth cannot communicate with mortals. It is completely unable to convey direct speech to them in any way that they can understand. However, it is able to communicate on such a high level that things it says might be understood on a level that surpasses even conscious understanding. It could whisper dread truths to mortals and have that truth haunt them for the rest of their lives if they cannot find a way to deal with it. Words that they cannot consciously understand, but are communicated at such a high level that they understand it subconsciously. Qlippoth typically uses some kind of intermediary to communicate to people, such as one of its many sub-minds, which has its own personality and can be personalized to the situation.

Heralds: The individual minds of the collective that are not Qlippoth itself, "heralds". These minds have their own personalities and justifications, but are bound together by what Qlippoth wants, They all are working toward the same goal, with their own methods and plans to do so. They do not compete with one another, but they can work separately from one another, or collaborate as the case may be. The four guardians all had different methods to accomplish the same goal, and collaborated with each other based on what they felt was most appropriate for their abilities. In Order: The Watcher, The Harvester, The Dreamer, The Keeper. It is to note that they are now deceased, providing their deaths sealed Qlippoth into its dormant state.

Neutral Evil

Honoring the Titan:
-Qlippoth seeks only to be fully awakened, so it may feed upon those that deny themselves from it. To this end, the only way to honor this behemoth would be to do this.

Contacting the Titan:
-To contact Qlippoth, Qlippoth must first be awakened. To awaken Qlippoth is to invite disaster. Perhaps only personal disaster if a small part of Qlippoth is awoken. Or disaster on a global scale if one somehow managed to set in motion events that would awaken Qlippoth entirely. However, it is currently dormant and asleep due to the active efforts of the Alteran people. It is near impossible to contact him in its current state.

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