[Tonight] Pyre of Berndt Eberhall


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Upon this day, Blessday 26th of Springrise, in the year of our lord, 2293, the Sonnesbischof Maceo de Courtnay hereby annouces the death of his brother in arms and lifelong friend, Herzog Berndt Eberhall. With great grief and pain, his Holiness invites all citizens of the reich and the friends of the late Herzog to come together in the capital of Faith, Knight's Haven to honour his memory and join in rememberance as he makes his journey to the heavens. Those who wish to honour him are invited to join the service with.

May each of you walk with the great Sun.

Verum Illuminat et Veritas Praevalebit.


Infomation of this would be sent to the Lords of Anhald and those of House Kane word would also be sent out to the known friends of Berndt.
OOC Infomation:
Classifiation: Moderate

Location: Temple in Knight's Haven

Time: 4 PM EST

Date: Tonight

Note: Lannis is not needed, but I will tag him just to give him the annoyance of thinking that he needs to be there.