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~(X) General Information (X)~
The Easternmost County of Thorne and the Town of Thorne protect the Eastern Gateway to the Kingdom of Anhald. At the crossroads of many important cities and the site of territorial scuffles with neighbors, Thorne maintains a strong sense of identity and pride among its expansionist neighbors.

~(X) History (X)~
The roots of the County of Thorne were founded with the initial charters of land granted by King Peter. Upon the re-founding of the Kingdom of Anhald following the mass exodus driven by the undead hordes and the weakened bastion stones. The Kingdom was divided into many counties, shared and spread among the various lords of Anhald. House Bayard, one of the last Great Houses to lose land, and the one house to house the royal family during the undead menace, was granted one of the largest counties in the new kingdom. However, due to the lack of foresight, and the inability to obtain building materials in the new frontier, Lord Bayard was delayed in starting his charter settlement. As such, large tracts of his land were settled and squatted on by the poorer peasants of House Eberhall in County Eberland.
The site of the town of Thorne was chosen due to the prominent northern cliff-face the overlooked the East-West crossroad that entered the Kingdom. Lord Bayard began with the expectation that this would be a small border fort, but with the founding of rich soils and ores within the Blue Mountains, the town expanded.
~(X) Culture (X)~
While Lord Bayard is of Lavoyardian stock, and thus was raised in the Lavoyard tradition, he has adopted many of the Anhalder ways. As such, Thorne is representative of this Anhalder culture.

~(X) Traits of Those from Thorne (X)~
Values such as hard work, honesty, and faithfulness are highly valued, while cowardice, sloth, and religious apathy are appalled. Men and women from Thorne are of similar stock to the rest of their Anhalder brethren: of middling height, strong builds, and dark hair. Blonde is also common, and a throwback to old Lavoyard stock.
~(X) IC/OOC Owner (X)~
IC- Lord Henri Bayard
OOC - Archbishop

~(X) Location of Thorne (X)~
[Map Link]
Northernmost tip of the Eastern Mountain Range, in the Kingdom of Anhald. County of Thorne. The easiest and safest route is heading south along the roads from the port and royal city of Queensport. Roads also extend in all directions from Thorne, to the west towards the future city of Mairenburg and far to the east towards the villages of Natri'Evar and Crone's Pass.

~(X) IC Laws (X)~
See Laws of Anhald.
Addendum: Lord Bayard has a distaste of magic due to it's association with heresy. All magic is forbidden in town, unless explicitly allowed by King Peter.
~(X) OOC Rules (X)~
  1. Consent is always assumed unless the reason is considered suspect. If the reasoning is suspect, bring it before Archbishop or a staff member. (I.E. no random murders, assaults, or thefts without impetus or backing).
  2. Be kind and courteous. Just because consent is always assumed, doesn't mean you can be an asshole.
  3. IC stealing is not permitted if the person is offline, OOC stealing is never permitted.
  4. If inactive for a month without notifying Arch and arranging things ahead of time, your home and goods contained within can be confiscated for resale.
  5. Realism is essential for immersion, as such, unrealistic RP won't be accepted.
~(X) Joining Up and Settling Down (X)~

~~~ Census ~~~
House Bayard
Lord Henri Bayard (Archbishop )

Cornelius (Niko )
Jaxon (Michcat )
Anna Falkiir (mokwar )
Wilhelm (magister )
Adem (EnzoDaBoss ) [Weidedorf]
Kate Harthing (KatyKookie )
Isaac Senner (Xverion)
Kevin Evergreen (Warriorxp7 )
Saffire Harcourt (Angel )
Celine Bordeaux SimplyRose
Greater-Pierre ContestedSnow


IGN Name:
Skype Name (Not Absolutely Necessary):
Character Name:
Character Race (Beast-races are frowned upon in Anhald, but permitted for farm labor):
Character's Desired Job:
Follower of Ignis?:

~(X) Environment and Resources (X)~

Physical Geology:
Found at the northernmost tip of the Blue Mountain Range and in the valley south of the Green Mountain Range of Eberhall, Thorne is town built upon cool mineral-rich soils. Mechanical and chemical weathering have left most of the soils in the valley rich in silt and low in sand and clay. As such, it is perfect soil for the farming community that exists there. The iron rich rocks of the mountains provide fortification to any crops grown there, but it does make the water harder than other areas.​

Köppen Climate Classification: Dfb (Warm-summer humid continental climate; coldest month averaging below 0 °C (32 °F), all months with average temperatures below 22 °C (71.6 °F), and at least four months averaging above 10 °C (50 °F). No significant precipitation difference between seasons (neither above mentioned set of conditions fulfilled).

TL: DR Warm summers, Cold Winters

  • Pine Trees
  • Spruce Trees
  • Common Larch
  • Silver Fir
  • Juniper
  • Walnut
  • Hornbeam
Brush, Grasses, Tubers:
  • Lavender
  • Wild Onion
  • Wild Mustard
  • Siberian Iris
  • Globe Flower
  • Ostrich Fern
  • Broad Buckler Fern
  • Poppies
  • Amaryllis
  • Feesua
  • Alanya
  • Corn Poppy
  • Blackberry Bushes
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Buttercup
  • Violets
  • Marigolds
  • Hops
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Wintermelon and Watermelon
  • Pumpkins
  • Squash
  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Sugar Beets

Natural Resources:

Fertile Soils: See Geology section
Iron Ore (Blue Mountain range - not tapped yet)
Lumber (Minor-Moderate amounts of spruce, fir, and other alpine conifers)​

~(X) Trade (X)~

  • Lumber from up north.
  • Seafood from the coasts
  • Iron (Temporary until mine survey is done and further excavation is done)
  • Crops (Wheat/Flour
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Watermelon
  • Pumpkins
  • Sunflower seeds/oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Honey (Sunflower and Lavender honey)
  • Mead (Meadery set up but not functional yet)

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Reserved 4/4. Screenshots.

Main Road/Crossroads


Some housing overlooking the fields

Wheat fields

The main tavern. The 'Rough Plough'

Gatehouse leading up to the Citadel
2016-12-26_00.20.40.png Citadel (WIP)
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Holy, moley, Sank love.

Also, changed the basic material composition of the citadel and worked on it a bit. It now matches the town a bit more, although it looks slightly less siege-sturdy.


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Added a meadery and the subsequent bee hives complete with the bee hive head blocks inside. I haven't fill out the interior of the meadery, but it's progress.​


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Realized I haven't updated this in a bit. There has been a sizeable amount of progress made on all fronts. Added is the Eastern District as well as a few more fields of wheat. I've worked on another housing complex inside the walls of the Western District, and naturally I've put some work into the palace (I just cannot seem to get the exterior right though!)
The new wheat field next to the Meadery:
The new cart to Lyon, a new farmhouse, and another new two wheat fields:

The Eastern District next to the lavender field:

The new mine in the Eastern District:

View from the square in the Eastern District:

Compound I'm building inside the city walls:


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Separate post for the palace work.

Added another tower to the main gate of the castle:

The main entry hall:

The library/waiting room:

An empty room, undecided use, probably dining:

The Thorne Throne: