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Active Umbra De Noctis


Loyal Servant of Altera
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General Information
Name: Umbra De Noctis
Other Names: Umbrie by his mother
Titles: Blessed

Link to Blessed Profile: [X]
Age: 26
Race: Northern Sangrian
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Current Residence: Veraci
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: Middle Class (1).png

Height: 6'0
Weight: 210
Eye Color: Oceanic Blue
Skin Color: Deep Caramel
The shape of Face: Round
Distinguishing Features: has a tattoo of Jax's holy symbol on his left shoulder blade
Build of Body: Mesomorph
Hair Color: dark blonde like dull gold
Seen by others: As warm and inviting.
Voice: a slightly low with some gruffness.

A golden coin with a silver anchor etched into it that's held by a thin leather braid around Umbra's neck. (1).png

Umbra has changed since he received Jax's blessing, he has been more social. Some may even say he has developed a gambler's personality, loving the thrill of a gamble. His feelings towards others can change like a drop of a coin. Umbra loves a good adventure and enjoys a drink.

  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Drinking
  • Reading.
  • Gold
  • Adventure

  • Arguments
  • Toddlers/Little Brats
  • Arrogance
  • spicy food

  • Knows what herbs are good and which ones are deadly by his mother.
  • He knows some basic hand-to-hand combat to defend himself.
  • Expert Smith and Tailor.

  • Relies too much on luck
  • Terrible at using a bow.
  • Failing to do the Tenets of The Opportunist.
  • Letting his mother or friends down.
  • Forgetting what his mother taught him.
  • His mother.
  • Follow the Tenets of The Opportunist
  • Everyone deserves kindness.
  • Forgiveness is earned, not entitled.
  • His mother taught him basic herbology and how to defend himself without weapons.
  • He learned how to read and write from books.
  • Common
    • Written - Fluent
    • Spoken - Fluent
  • Elvish
    • Written - Fluent
    • Spoken - Fluent
General Attitude:
  • Life is an opportunity, so make the most of it.
  • Problems can be solved without bloodshed.
Religious Inclination: Follows Jax's Tenets of The Opportunist:
General Intelligence: Above Average
General Sociability: Omniverted
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Short Term Goals:
key: != unfinished, *=finished, $=ongoing
  • Get his business more traction
  • Organize another sea expedition

Long Term Goals:
  • Expand his and Jax's influence
  • explore every edge of the world.$
  • Become blessed by Jax*
  • Spread Jax's Faith and become the head of The Opportunist's Religion.

Owned Homes:
  • A Lower Class home on Astrum Island
  • A home in Veraci

Carried Inventory:
  • Journal
  • Jax's Holy Symbol from his mom.
  • A satchel gave to him by his mother that holds his journal and.
  • A book with general knowledge of the sea [Artifact]
General Inventory:
  • Clothes, some need to be sewed
  • A spear/Drowning Short Spear(Spellbound Relic)
    • A rope is readily tied around the spear. A strange-looking barb appears to be made out of stone, as if belonging to a living creature, once before. Those injured by this weapon, enough to draw blood, will find themselves coughing up saltwater, and sometimes choking. Those that are cut or wounded by the obsidian sharp barb find that it stings like alcohol in a wound [Up to the target on the extent.]
  • Pair of short swords on his waist.

General Wealth:
  • Some wealth. (1).png
  • Apples
  • Peonies
  • A knee injury from the past causes a burning sensation in his knee when he puts too much weight on the joint.
  • Suffered a concussion, does occasionally have headaches
Sleeping Habits:
  • Tends to sleep after sunset.
Energy Levels:
  • Typically calm and quiet.
Eating Habits:
  • Veggies and fruits
  • Meat
Exercise Habits:
  • Tends to jog every morning to build his stamina.
Memory: Good
Unhealthy Habits:
  • Worries too much when his inner demons make him believe that everyone will die.
  • He tends to scratch his arms too much until they bleed.
Drinking Habits:
  • Fruity wine
  • Whiskey or Vodka
Birthplace: Village in the Sangrian North.

He was single-handedly raised by his mother, who taught him most of his current knowledge. His mother and himself suddenly starting feeling excessively sweaty and he saw dark images that tried to trick his mind. His mother took them to the Village Doctor who deemed that the infection was unknown. the mother-son duo was separated to prevent the illness from regenerating. Umbra slowly got better while unbeknownst to him his mother was getting sicker. He was released home after three months, he returned to his mom's cottage and began clearing away vines and fixing her mother's prized garden. Once the house was back to its normal state, he began praying to Jax to save his mother from the blight.

Teen Years:
Umbra at 15 was reading as he heard a sangrian curse as the doorknob turned, he knew one person that would curse at the doorknob. He hugged his mother, who returned it, they sobbed into each other's arms, he never felt so happy. He finally felt his life was getting back to normal. His mother began teaching him how to harvest crops correctly and how to prepare them for cooking. Every day, his mother would take care of them both. She began working at the tavern at night before switching to daybreak and noon hours.

When he turned an adult, his mother asked him whether he would stay with her or journey the world. He knew his mother was testing his tenets, he told her he would venture into the world. His mother gave him some radiants for food and traveling by ship. He hugged her and they had their last night together. He packed his necessities into a satchel, such as bread, water, and his journal. He traveled to Halbed by foot, it was a three-day trip before he saw the capital. He entered the capital and asked the residents for directions to the dock, where he saw many ships, but he felt an odd connection to one ship with a turtle flag. He went to the ship and asked the captain, where does this ship go. The captain said It goes to Astrum Island. I'll take you to the island for fifteen-hundred Radiants. Umbra reached into his bag for his radiants and give the man his payment. "You can wait on board if you would like. We'll be leaving at noon." Umbra walked onto the ship and sat against the railing, he was excited for his journey to begin. When he arrived, he was in awe of the Island's beauty. The buildings were beautiful, he walked around the island before stopping at the Tavern for some rest as he wondered what he should do now.

Past Places of Residences:
  • A small village on the far outskirts of Halbed.
Current residence:
  • Lower Class of Astrum Island
  • Home in Veraci.

Places Traveled:
  • The area around Halbed.
  • Astrum Island
  • Veraci
  • Queensport
  • Parts of the sea.

Combat and Skills
  • Drowning Short Spear
  • Glimmersteel Cutlass

Combat Training:
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Staff combat skills 10/10
  • Spear skills 10/10
  • Swordsmanship 10/10

Training & Skills:
  • Herbology 5/10
  • Cooking 8/10


  • Herbalist
  • Mercernary
  • Religion Advisor to New Sool.
Favorite Types of Food:
  • Mint braised Steak
  • Grapes
  • Potatoes with Lemon pepper salmon
Favorite Types of Drink:
  • Fruity wine
  • Whiskey
  • Herb-infused Water
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Daydreaming
Favorite Colors:
  • Gold, the only color worthy of my love.
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Loyal Servant of Altera

Pink = love, green = like, blue = neutral, red = doesn't particularly care for them and dark red =hate.
Relevant Family Members:

Romantic Interests:
Abraham Solivu ( Snowymaximus ) - "We had quite the chat, you would make many proud. I hope you gain the opportunities you see as well and I hope to learn more about you and teach you, The Opportunist's Ways.

Trusted Friends:
Friendly With:

Abraham Solivu - "My new boss, I'll make sure to guide you and your city in the ways of The Opportunist. You have given me some ideas to come up with."
Mira (Brown)- "Jax brought us together weirdly enough, you bring some excitement to my life
Eliss(Mudpaw11 )- "Not much interaction other than coming to tell you about your money that you lost but Jaxite have to stick together."
Cymic (Cymic_ )-"Lord of Halbed, my mother spoke of you as a subject would normally speak of their king. The current head of the Jax faith but I will beat you out of it even if I have to use an entire culture to do it. Look out Krakenbane, I'm going to eclipse you."
Cerelia-"I hope you do the crew, it will be quite the journey."

Loose Acquaintances:

Disfavored Individuals:
Wary Of:
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