[Unbanned] Ban appeal for discord


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6. Players must not incite drama storms. If you are reporting a problem or player, please provide proof and don't make it public - make a conversation with any staff member. Posts and OOC IG discussions designed to stir up trouble will be handled as Staff see necessary. If the discussion is causing trouble, whether intended or not, and the participants continue to escalate it despite Staff warnings, the thread may be locked and players given warnings.

7. Citizens are required to protect the harmony of the HollowWorld community and ensure that they contribute positively to it. This means players must behave in a manner befitting an upstanding HollowWorld Citizen and refraining from activities which could be construed as damaging the community by Staff.

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Yeah I escalated the situation that happened in #serious-chat. A mistake on my part I should have blocked and left, it's better to not talk to someone who upsets you rather than feeding the fire of hate. I would reconcile with the player, but I have my doubts of him wanting to. I take the blame for this because I invited him, and I take full responsibility for my actions. De-escalation would have resolved the conflict peacefully rather than saying mean things in a public viewing port. The point of the discord is for friendly interaction, like on the server, not things that are harmful for others. Had I been able to think for a moment before using my automatic sensory systems, I wouldn't have done what I did, I just get passionate when people are troublesome especially towards my friends/women. I send my sincerest apologies to not only the staff and players, but to the friends that saw me in the outrage. God bless.


Staff member
This appeal has been seen. We'll give this at least 24hrs for things to cool down and a Staff moderator will respond to this appeal when possible.