[Unbanned] HavocYouCried's Appeal


Hi, I used to play on this server a number of years ago- to the best of my memory the last time was around 2015-16.

I reapplied to join the server recently, was accepted, and got the message that I had been banned for "breaking rules 1, 2, 18, 19 and 21". I only remembered this ban existing at that moment, and looking at the King's Law and other rules afterwards, however, I couldn't actually find rules 18 through 21, and given that this was 4-5 years ago I don't really remember much of what happened outside of general personal toxicity towards other players.

I'd like to appeal the ban on the grounds that I've undergone fairly profound personal change since then, and I am a far different person in practically every way. In terms of punishment, a span of that many years also seems like enough time excluded from the server to warrant some sort of new start in terms of moderation. I'm around on the Hollowworld discord server already if a conversation in DMs needs to be had.



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Staff member

Moderation has reviewed your appeal and case, and has decided to unban you on grounds of it having been close to 4 years since you were banned.

As for the rules you were then banned for, we have managed to find where they are in the current King's Law lay-out:
-The old rule #1 has become rule 1 of Section A.
-The old rule #2 has become rule 2 of Section A.
-The old rule #18 has become rule 6 of Section A.
-The old rule #19 has become rule 7 of Section A.
-The old rule #21 has become rule 2 of Section C.

Please make sure to review the current King's Law before logging onto the server once more. Regardless, welcome back to the Hollowworld community!