Unhinged - Final Notes


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With two sides preparing to wage war on one another for what they believe in, it was expected that the day would end in much bloodshed
and perhaps loss of life. It did not however turn out the way many expected, to their relief, as through the intervention of many individuals
the two opposing sides were able to compromise, and agree on terms that suited all. This conclusion results in a great variety of changes
in both the world, and the people that inhabit it.

One of the biggest changes that is visible, is that there is a faint sort of scar in the skies where the portal once was, and that at night, beautiful
waves and lines of teal and blue colour the skies from the portal all the way up to the north. It can be seen all year long and in various locations.
(See pic above for a reference.)


With stasis ending, all Vyres who had not fed recently found they were overcome with a manic, overwhelming bloodlust, and were
unable to control themselves from feeding on the closest available target. All hunger effects return from now on, and all Vyres find they are
slightly weakened for the next few days before they feed and return to normal.

No stasis means that time goes on as normal for the mortals of the world, and aging returns to normal. It does not however set you to how old you should
be, only that it resumes from the point it stopped.

The Body
All find hunger, thirst, and exhaustion hit them hard once stasis ends. They are ravenous, dehydrated, yet so tired many fall asleep in any location,
too drained to continue going. Bruises and aches form from tired aching muscles, and they will feel sore and take to recovering for at least a week before
feeling like themselves.

Any injuries sustained in stasis now are as fresh as the day it was given, unless it was healed prior by Shalherana or magical means. Blood flows, brusies form,
pain is felt, and death can now occur.

Pregnancies carry on from the moment that stasis had paused them, the children unaffected.

Revenants, once taken by the Reapers, find they return to the cycle. But they feel a pull, an offer, from Shalherana, where they can be revived normally.
Should they accept, and be revived via the Sisterhood, they will have one life left. They become one life characters, and cannot revive again.
(This 'Reaper' taking can occur without DMing if you wish, just ask in the conversations you've made)
- The bodies of those taken by Reapers will remain until put to rest or revived via Sisterhood. -
Note: No new Revenants can be made. This only applies to those characters who went through the process.


Archon has returned his sentinels to himself as his wings, and began a ourney south, to the temple of Shalherana. He goes
with a reindeer and a beehive, and can be seen with a small golden laurel crown as a bracelet.
He will be able to be visited in the future and edits to both the Temple and the Revival System will be coming into play
when I have some time to get that done, but for now, he's just settling in.

The Planar
The Planar will return to its former glory, but find itself darker somehow, and more foreboding, not unlike a deep dark ocean with
a myriad of unknowns. It is said that the realms being torn through have allowed for a variety of entities to call it their new home,
such as Demons, which can take hold of an individual if they're unlucky enough.

The Veil
The veil between life and death is thinner around the area of the 'scar' that Archon once held open is now weaker, and
allows for the occasional spirit, malicious or otherwise, to wander on through it. This will be an OOC change to allow
for things like ghosts and wraiths and so on to be played in the future, which will be added to the bestiary in time.

The Nether Horde
Those mercenaries who ventured forth from the Nether itself were eventually slain, though there are rumours of
occasional groups who split off and fled at the time of battle. The majority of them were burnt in their masses upon
pyres, and strangely all the armour and weapons granted has dispersed. Some witnesses may have noticed glimmers of
red and blue upon the steel as it was cast into the flame.
(You can arrange for a DM for a party to hunt down and find one of the groups, though I will not personally be doing it. See here for some DMs: [x] )


If I've forgotten anything, please let me know! There may be edits to this as I go along, but I wanted to get
something written up ASAP so people could continue RP. :)

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What is the Archon, and the afterlife realm's final fate?
I'm aware, but you asked if you forgot anything


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Question - Did anything happen to the pigmen corpses? I might've missed that as a conclusion and would like to know before I write up their blurb. Thanks!


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Hi -

My apologies I didn't comment on this very publically. Rhvyle-Lothryne Went around 20-30 rounds of dragging out corpses with the help of like one other guy and got pretty lazy and just started burning them all. This was all done semi-ceremoniously and fairly briskly for fear of disease.


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Updated with the piggies. If people want to say they snatched a stray corpse here and there you can, but the vast majority were handled.


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Note - For those who got items, usually gemstones, poke me to get them lore'd items. I have a bunch of 'Tealstones' for those who gathered them, I'll give a max of three to any one char (who took them IC of course).
I'll do this up till 1st Jan, anything after that I won't be loring.


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I forgot an important thing. Im sorry.

- The bodies of those taken by Reapers will remain until put to rest or revived via Sisterhood. -​