Verba Index and Lexicon (Language of the Nakam)

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The Nakam Race has now become Extinct.
All contact from Kavdek has ceased, as if the entire island and outside population of Nakam has ... vanished. No new Nakam will be arriving or appearing, and no new Nakam characters may be created.

The only exception to this is two existing Nakam having a biological child.


{Questions and Answers} - Ask questions to clarify the Lore!
{Lore} - All the official lore can be found here (ORGANIZED)
{The Art} - Ever wondered what the Nakam look like?
{Applications} - How to play a Nakat + list of Active Nakam
{Lexicon} - Verba, the language of the Nakam

-Verba can ONLY be learned through extensive RP with a willing Nakat. Alongside that, I will personally investigate any Nakat teaching every other passerby willy~nilly and I do not hesitate to remove lore-breaking Nakam from game.
-Verba cannot be learned from a book or taught through a book. It is a heavily oral-based language, ergo no books teaching verba will be successful and it is nigh impossible to learn without a dedicated Native Speaker teaching you.
-A non-native speaker (Someone who is not a Nakat) cannot teach comprehensive or fluent Verba they have been taught.
-The written equivalent of Verba is known as Ludkava, runes that are only decipherable by a well-educated Nakat. It is not available for any non-nakam to learn.

Any transgressions in this lore will be persecuted.
nakam only, yo

En -1
Du -2
Swi -3
Lef -4
Vi -5
Sep -6
Keh -7
Jev -8
Wev -9
Dek -0

Additional numbers are created by fusing two of the 0-9 scale. For instance, sixty-nine would translate to "Sep'wev".
Age is not generally calculated by the number of years you have lived, and more in what stage of life you are in, following this chart:

0-3 Dekdaki (the beginning age)
3-13 Dakichal (The age of innocence)
13-20 Dakibek (The age of idiocy)
20-45 Dajakal (The age of responsibility)
45-death Dakeva (The age of wisdom)
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Dwarf Oh! (This phrase can not only be used for the hostile Dwarves of Kavdek, but for any enemy or aggressive/threatening person)

Home, Close (Often used for 'Comfort' as well)

I, me, mine

You, Your, Yours ("You're" would translate to "Vuku")

Need, essential, Required (Can be subsituted for 'requirements')

Cooking, food (Comestibles.)

To Harm, cause pain (An incredibly toxic or unwanted person may be referred to as "Misha'n")

Love, Happiness, lover (Not to be confused with "Satob", the word of your spouse.)

Fast, run, running

Idiot, stupid (A common insult.)

Fat, lazy, avarice (Another common insult)

Hello, hi, greetings

There, place, location

Their, them, others, group

Too, also, as well, additionally

Clothes, cloth, coverings (A somewhat altered version may refer to hats or hoods. "Kav'aak")

Sweet, desirable, innocent

Explosion, booming sound, bright colour, much attention (More an exclamation then anything, akin to "Wow!" or "Whoa!" )

Naked, plain (It can be used with connotations to "perfect", or "not needing of any addition")

Apology, regret, sorry, forgiveness

Family, Friends (To indicate close friends, someone you consider all but blood)

Hers, her, she, feminine indicative

His, him, he, masculine indicative

Pain, sadness, Torture, death, grief

Thing, item, tangible (Generally used in conjunction with other words)

Everyone, community, referring to the population of a city or town.

Fire, flames, power, warmth (As with 'Oom', can be subsituted for 'comfort'.)

Smoke, haze, confusion

Pretty, gorgeous, nice, pleasant, beautiful, wanted (Gender neutral unless paired with a masculine or feminine indicative)

Caves, underground, underneath

Stone, hard, cold, isolated (Can be used as an insult when referring to the death of another. The most malicious insult of the Nakam is to wish another buried forever in stone.)

Personal, private, locked, inaccessable

Writing, books, journals, literature

Helpful, helping, assistance, wisdom, knowledge

Please, thank you, excuse me- plesantary

Yes, okay

No, not, don't

Such as, like, similar to

Trees, forest, treeline, wood, canopy

Metallic, shiny, (Can refer to the substance of tools, weapons, and armour)

Transportation, walking, movement, journey

Want, long for, wishes,

Where, why, who, (Question related)

All of, a large amount, large.

Goodbye, so long, a more polite farewell

Back, before, last, end

Stop, halt, be still

Build, create, construct

Destroy, take away, remove

Guard, protect, safety

Drink, water, liquid, thirst (Can indicate a well)

Stealth, innocuous, hiding (Also used to indicate suspicious, "Sneaky")

Thunder, great power, lightening, loud

Agility, flexibility, swiftness

Now, currently, happening (Relates to passage of time when referring to things)

Land, place, area, location

Beginning, start, birth, anew

-Ah'm (ahh-m)
Ours, us, our people, (Usually pertaining to Nakam. Could be used for a tribe, organization, or race if the Nakat in question feels significantly attached)

Native, original, first (Depending on sentence structure, could refer to 'Only')

Sand, Desert, loose dirt, beaches

‘Feral’, crazy, insane, unwanted (Can be a subsitute for 'dangerous')

Honourary term for a Mother. 'Fehrdem' or even 'Fvdem' are used as informal terms.

Honourary term for a Father. 'Hemvdem' or even '
Hvdem' are used as informal terms.

A term for child, usually said as 'Kubv' for general children. Quite informal.


Feel free to stick suggestions in the thread.
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Common Phrases:

"Ish Ivdev Vu!"
+I'll guard you!

"Fertao Vu Sagev?"
+What are you making?

"Rodem Dep."
+Destroy this place.

"Fertao ehp dep?"
+Where's the bathroom..?

"Ish vulu oom.."
+I long for home

"ish devap kavook."
+I need food..

+A dwarf! Don't hurt me!!

"Vu ibek..."
+You moron..

"Ish Levda Vu"
+I love you

"Ish yivdem tibjev!"
+My good friends!

"Sa, Vudem."
+Yes, please.

"Ka, Vudem."
+No, thank you.

"Harash yivdem!"
+Hello, friend!

"Fertao En?"
+Which one?

"Fertao Dep?"
+Who's there?
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