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Outdated [Village] Zima'Maloj {Moderate}


The Shadow Admín
Retired Staff
The city was closed. Banners taken down, shops and homes boarded up. The manors gate was lowered and entrances sealed. The citizens took the last riverboats heading north and from there they went to the Crossroads and from there booked passage to Arget.

Edgar Syl'veen last of his family was loathe to leave the city to the filthy undead and would have preferred to fight for her to death. Yet orders from The Lady were absolute. He took solace knowing he would return and when he did he hoped the undead were still there. He would send them to the Blind Queen himself.

Note: The city is now infested with undead. There are no living people in the city anymore. Travel to and out of the city has ceased. The swamps of Zima fell. Yet the citizens of Zima'maloj escaped unharmed.