Upcoming [Violent] A Noble Omelette


Poppy is your Mommy

The Green Shipping Company has been contacted on behalf of Bartolomeo di Campofregoso (a rather rotund member of the Veraci nobility, known for his appetites) to locate and collect a rather unusual egg in order to create an exceedingly fancy omelette. Word of a giant bird in the untamed peninsula south of Storm’s Landing has reached him through his numerous servants- although the actual location of the bird and what species (or if it even exists) is not known to him.

He is willing to pay the GSC a fee of 5,000 radiants for an egg in pristine condition, with the stipulation that should the egg be delivered in a damaged condition it will not be taken. How the egg is obtained, as is made very clear by the servant ordered to retain the GSC for their services, is not a matter of concern for the noble.

OOC Details:
This will likely be split into 3 parts. Part 1 - Rumor Hunting, Part 2 - Actual Hunting, Part 3 - Return to Veraci
Public/Private: Private, GSC members only + those invited.
Rating: Moderate-Part 1, Violent-Part 2, Moderate/Violent-Part 3
Tags: Kamaoe Squidziod Jazzper blargtheawesome