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[Vyre] Evan


Loyal Servant of Altera
~~~~{ Evan }~~~~

Character Name
: Evan
Type: Feral
Bloodline: Gluttony
Sired by: Bok'ra
Progeny: Thorimir
Rank: Fledgling.

~~~~{ Log }~~~~

23/05/22 Was fed on. Now fledgling

~~~~{ Boons and Abilities }~~~~

[ BOON ] Gluttons are able to hear with extreme acuity, about twice as good as elves.
[ BANE ] Gluttons are inherently destructive, and prone to intense violence or erratic rage. And the extremely good hearing results in it being quite easy to deafen or disorient them with loud sounds.
Tremendous Girth: 6. For a day after feeding, members of the chain find their teeth become even more durable, able to pierce steel.
Psychophysiological || They look pale, anemic and sickly. It is hard for them to focus, because their mind is constantly on how hungry they always are.
Weaknesses || Bright light hurts the eyes of Ferals and they take comfort in dirt beneath their feet. Sometimes this manifests as pica syndrome, or wanting to bury themselves or others in earth.
[Flock] Ferals can smell that another person is a Feral, and are subconsciously drawn to others of their kind. If they are not aware of their curse, they justify and rationalize the behavior somehow.
[Smell] Ferals can smell the presence of blood within a kilometer of themselves.

~~~~{ Hiatus }~~~~


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