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Sunblessed Vyres, throughout a complex and taxing process, can effectively be cured and pulled from the dark influence for which the curse was intended. The subject must be willing, and the ritual seen to completion, before the Vyre becomes 'Sunblessed'. These individuals do not return to this state if they are killed. They must revive through the Sisterhood upon death or not at all, and they are returned to their normal state pre-Vyre. Mages cannot go through this process.

The ritual can only be conducted by a Blessed of Ignis (and all Blessed of Ignis are given this knowledge), and will take several hours to conclude. It goes as follows;
The individual must be willing, and the ceremony begins an hour before dawn, when the lands are dark but being drawn into the light. A circle of nine candles should be lit, surrounding the Vyre, with a basin or container either side of them. One should be of birch wood, set alight, and the other of clear water.
An Oath should be sworn to Ignis, loud and clear, and then the overseeing Blessed should recite an incantation, accepting this Oath as their Penance, asking Ignis to burn away the darkness and to guide this individual to a better life. To turn their back on the ways of darkness. [ This Oath should be sent to Divine Staff (via forums, or discord) to be put in logs. It should be something substantial. ]
Then, they wait for the sun to rise, and once the first rays emerge, the flame from the basin moves to slowly sink into the skin of the Vyre until all the flame has been 'absorbed'. Over the span of an hour, the Vyre will feel like they are burning on the inside, the flames from the basin in their bodies working to burn away the impure darkness within. No measures to lessen this pain should be taken, or this ritual will not work. Should they leave the circle, the ritual abruptly stops. It is only if they power through it that the basin of water turns inky black, and the burning stops, leaving them exhausted and with fresh burns upon the back that resemble feathers. [ These will fade within a few days to become as described in Traits. ]
Once the water is blackened, the candles can be extinguished, and the ritual is over.
Red eyes shift to a golden, or amber colour in the day that dims to a shade of charcoal in the night. No longer is the red present.
Fangs become dull, a reminder of what they once were but no longer with the sharpness that made them effective.
Skin becomes a healthy tan, even bronze, and markings like deep amber tattooing resemble feathers upon the back and shoulders.
If they die, they burn up and become ashes within a few moments. The flame does not damage its surroundings.

Firetouch - When the Sunblessed is exposed to extremely high temperatures, such as a fire or otherwise, their bronzed skin warms up alongside the combustion without itself igniting. Only after a few minutes of exposure would they begin to feel the heat and take physical damage from the fire. Until their skin is cooled, where the fire touches is now hot, as though metal heated to a dull glow. This only applies to their extremities - hands and feet.
Renewal - So long as a source of flame has embers, or a spark, a Sunblessed can focus upon it for a period of one minute with a prayer to Synnove and it will burn at its fullest and brightest. Does not work with flames larger than that of a campfire.
Warmth - They are always comfortably warm, so long as they are in sunlight, regardless of the conditions around them such as rain or snow. However, when they are bereft of the sun's grace - such as at night, underground, or in a windowless building - they slowly sap heat unless they are near a sufficient source of flame. If they are bereft of the sun or fire for too long (nine days) it can prove ultimately fatal, with their bodies becoming cold and rigid like a furnace deprived of fuel.

Darkness - Like moths to a flame, they are fundamentally driven away from the darkness that they once embodied. it fills Sunblessed with terrible anxiety to be in a dark or even dimly lit location. In complete darkness, they may be pushed to fall into the same sort of frenzy of a starved vyre, desperate for any kind of light, driven by an inconsolable fear of darkness. By contrast, light - especially fire - tends to draw them in and lure them like a beacon of safety.
Penance - For the intervention of Ignis Synnove, She draws a toll from those who walk this path. An oath made in her name, that if broken for any reason, will kill the character by burning them from the inside, and they will revive as a Vyre anew through the standard Vyre revival process (including the increased insanity). Please ensure this Oath, sworn during the ritual process, is given to Divine Staff.
Blood - Blood makes them incredibly uneasy and to consume it is like a burning poison that makes them very sick. This includes raw meats, though not as intensely.

- F A Q -
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What happens to my place in the Vyre bloodline?
You are removed from it as if you had died, no longer part of the chain.

What about my appetite?
It is as it was when pre-Vyre, though it is common for meat to be less appetising.

Can Sunblessed have children?
No, they cannot.

What if a Vyre drinks from a Sunblessed?
They taste like liquid fire, and will burn the lips and mouth of any who willingly drink it.

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