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[Vyre] Malark Tallstag


Storm's Landing Wanderer

Character Name: Malark Tallstag
Type: Noble
Bloodline: Grey
Sired by: Branko (Enthralled), Loriss (Enthralled), Bok'ra (Infected by hate)
Progeny: N/A


Gluttony Log:
- After a visit by Bok'ra to pick up his armor, he already had a hatred for the man, but was willing to work with him. After Bok'ra threatened Malark, then cast MADNESS II on him, he lost that willingness, knowing what he's done to the people he cared for and the way he's treated Malark. Now, he truly hated him, unable to see him in a positive light, unknowingly becoming infected. (19/05/2021)
- Cast Feast of the Gods (Visage) to satiate hunger through blood in the morning of (23/05/2021), then the day after 3 times. Had 4l fed overall.
- Cast F.O.T.G(V) to feed, three times to satiate hunger. (02/06/2021)
- Ate F.O.T.G(SKR) from Hellmann, satiating his hunger. (03/06/2021)
- Spending the day of (04/06/2021) in a coffin to help his joint pain, feeding on 3x F.O.T.G (V) before sleeping.
- Cast F.O.T.G(V) to feed, two goblets to satiate some hunger. (08/06/2021)

Azarin Log:
- Enthralled by Loriss to join the Azarin line, feeding on her in turn to become a Noble. (11/06/2021)
- Fed on 2x Visage F.O.T.G for 2 pints of blood, then on Astreia for 1 pint, fully feeding. (26/06/2021)
- Cast 3x Visage F.O.T.G after being impaled in a pit trap, then burying himself outside his forge to heal them over 1 day (29/06/2021)

- Cast x2 F.O.T.G for 2 pints, fed 1 pint from Astreia, then coffin rested for 24 hours to heal many wounds. (19/07/2021)


Grey Log:
- Enthralled by Branko to join the Grey line, remaining a noble. (22/07/2021)

Greybloodline traits ||

The Grey bloodline originates with one of the original five. Members of the Grey bloodline develop patches of scales over their skin, have needle-like teeth, and tend towards baldness or balding.

[ BOON ] Greys may willingly put themselves into a state of starvation - with the resulting desperation to feed - while at the same time oozing blood over their skin that immediately hardens to be equivalent to iron scalemail.
[ BANE ] Greys are inherently paranoid and distrustful of others, feeling they must always rely only on themselves.

3. The members of the chain make no sound as they move, no matter their speed or terrain.

6. If the members of the chain are in an environment for at least one hour, their body and clothes naturally begin to take on the pigment and coloration of that environment.
9. The members of the chain have no reflection.

Noble vyre traits ||

Psychophysiological || Nobles become paler and their eyes change from whatever it naturally was to a mix of red and that natural color. They grow fangs that are either pronounced or subtle, depending on the person.
*Malark has become slightly pale. His blue eyes have became a near purple/violet like colour, though he can change his eyes to be green and brown, allowing both yellow and maroon. His fangs are very pronounced.

Strengths || The fangs. Their teeth are unnaturally sharp, for teeth, and able to bite through clothes with ease.

Weaknesses || Nobles of this rank cannot stand the touch of pure salt, silver, or gold (that is: not as part of an alloy). To them, coming into contact with these materials is physiologically equivalent to touching boiling water. Additionally, they cannot pass over closed circles made of this material, whether inlaid in the ground or dusted over it like salt. They cannot touch it at all as it functions as an invisible, impermeable and indestructible barrier over the surface of these materials that they can in no way pass. The closed circle does not necessarily need to be “circular,” but as stated above; it needs to be pure.

Nobles may slowly move along vertical or sheer surfaces - even upside down, but if their concentration is broken (such as by pain or combat), they fall.

Hiatus: Played actively


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Storm's Landing Wanderer
Ah shit, here we go again. Apologies Azarin,
It's time to fade to Grey.

Holy shit guys I collected all three bloodlines weeeeeeeeeeeee I swear it wasn't my fault