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It's been quite a long time, nearly two years infact since we have all parted ways. It was probably for the best and I know myself and Kyle enough to know that if we were not gone by then, the introduction of meme warfare and the great meme war of 2016 we would have definitely shot ourselves in the foot. Anyways, I'm not going to speak for him or any other players that left during that period, but I'll speak for myself.

I've had a long time to think about writing this appeal and I've kept putting it off due to my own stubbornness, sense of morals, and no real reason to come back among other reasons.

I've come to decide that my actions during the after period of that event, out of the 4 rules that I was accused of breaking, only one was possibly broken. I don't need to go into full detail, those who already knows and relevant are aware of what I'm saying. The only person who my actions directly involved with that night was Nick/Landir/Sif who was a good friend of mine and we both talked about it that very night, days before the ban, and since then. Region tags and the event tag that had already expired was moderate. Landir retracted consent after already committing to the RP that happened. We talk at that time every night in Skype with our own group of friends, so there is no logs of asking for consent and Nick and I know each other and how we feel about the consent rule, that we don't have to ask between one another.

The only iffy part was the alt abuse rule. I still had my reasons for playing that character at that time and wasn't operating on my own IC directive but other characters of the Lavoyard family of our empire that he owed loyalty too. If broke this rule it was by complete accident. I don't care if I did or didn't if I'm right or wrong, that is well behind us.

I know this is not the apology you are going to want to hear but it is the best I can reasonably give without bending my own self respect for what in the end, is a free time activity for enjoyment. I feel that Nick and I that night handled it fairly ourselves and the next day later people who were Irrelevent to the conversation took advantage of the situation to see some of their players gone, whether maliciously, subconsciously, or knowingly doing it but truly believed it was best for us to be gone for the server without much dislike for us personally. Not that there wasn't thing to dislike. I had no tact and went after whatever I wanted to do on a whim.

So with Nick and I squared away, who do I apologize to and for what? I apologize to the server management of that time for not foreseeing what my actions that night could and inevitably caused. I should have known someone would call a rule infraction. I knew people were watching for me to slip up, I knew people would take advantage of the situation, I should have known context and facts would be skewed, but I went after our groups goals with fire and fury regardless of knowing that. Admirable to some, but in the end a headache for us all.

Don't get me mistaken, I am happy with how things are going across the board right now, and I have other alternative places to RP with friends there to enjoy RPing with. I'm not another banned player groveling to be allowed back on to play mineman pretend. I appeal because I do know alot of the players here and enjoying being around them, and I feel that it would be just... Wrong in general knowing I never made peace with the few people I quarreled with here.

That is my reasoning and all I can offer for an apology while respecting myself, I imagine both of us has matured quite a bit so please, don't drag me across the dirt to your side and force a fake and meaningless confession I have my own verdicts for. It simply will not happen. I say that without aggression or accusation.

If this appeal successful, I look forwards to recconecting and occasionally RPing with those that I left. If it is not successful, I will not be hurt and continue as I am and be content that I at least made known that I don't harbor any ill will to anyone here.

I have nothing to gain and my offer is to meet you half way.

-Tiberius | Humpfries | Tybalt
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Thanks for the appeal. We'll be discussing this and will get back to you.

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While certainly an interesting ban appeal, what I can commend is your honesty. You've set out to clear the air and you have done so (at the very least with the staff team)

The infraction of the rules and the subsequent turmoil that followed meant that a ban was necessary, but I can understand the confusion when deciding what to apologise for. There were two sides to what happened, but you've recognised that what followed quickly became a headache. For appeals we value honesty and understanding more than an empty apology, but fault must be acknowledged to be understood.

Having said all of this, we see no reason why we should keep your account banned. We wish you luck in reconnecting with the community, even if it is to rp once in a while