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"As you once did for the sighted of old, grant us Eyes, grant us Eyes! Plant eyes on our brains to grant us the one true and primal Madness!"

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Character’s full name: Reverend Preotul Vârcolac, Priest of Jishrim
Reason or meaning of name:
~ Priest of Jishrim: Is a priest of the god men know as Jishrim
Character’s nickname: Madman (Most People), Reverend (Most People)
Reason for nickname:
~ Madman: Comes across to all who meet him as insane beyond measure
~ Reverend: Is a priest
Birth date: No one knows

Current thoughts: "Planul meu merge așa cum era de așteptat."
Theme: "Chant of the Misanthrope" by MisanthropiK

Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Race: Claims to be Human
Age: Nobody knows his true age
How old does he appear: Most likely over 60 years old
Weight: 242 lbs.
Height: 6'4" (slouches to about 5'10")
Body build: Has a massive build of body comparable to a blacksmith
Shape of face: Wrong
Eye color: Has no eyes
Glasses or type of aid for the eyes: Covers his eye-holes with loose fitting dirty bandages
Skin tone: Waxy
Distinguishing marks: His lack of eyes
Predominant features: His bulky frame, lack of eyes, and crooked teeth give off a feral impression
Hair color: White-gray, the same color as the thick hair growing all over his body
Type of hair: Stringy and coarse
Hairstyle: Messy
Voice: Shane Rangi - {X}
Overall attractiveness: Repulsive
Physical disabilities: Blind as a bat
Usual fashion of dress: Very grimy church attire
Favorite outfit: A wide-brimmed hat with a tightly fitting longcoat, and bandages for his eyes
Jewelry or accessories: Wears a distinctly unsettling charm about his neck

Good personality traits:
+ Charismatic: Despite his evil and twisted appearance, his words carry a real weight and power
+ Clever: Is no slow thinker, presumably having been well read before his...
+ Cunning: Seems to think very far ahead for a man who cannot see anything ahead of him
+ Deceptive: Lying is like breathing to him, and none can truly tell if he is being honest
+ Observant: Despite his lack of sight and constant stumbling, he seems ever aware of things
+ Unshakable: He seems unfazed even by the most grotesque of acts, smiling at hearing them
+ Zealous: Believes in his unholy faith with an unshakable certainty, disregarding skeptics
Bad personality traits:
- Bloodthirsty: Craves the blood of the innocent, demanding it for his experiments
- Cruel: Gets a sick sort of pleasure from hearing the madness and anguish of others
- Insane: Pretty obvious that some screws are loose... or missing... did he ever have screws?
- Prideful: Thinks himself to be a prophet of the true word of Jishrim, beyond all others
- Racist: Believes mankind to be the chosen race of Jishrim, true children of chaos
- Unstable: It is very easy to see that this man's mind is twisted into a horrid dreamscape
- Volatile: He is a boiling pot of insanity and madness, just waiting to spew at any time
Mood character is most often in: A creepy sort of pride
Sense of humor: Very dark, borderline disturbing
Character’s greatest joy in life: Bringing others to madness
Character’s greatest fear: Does not have one
Why?: Has complete confidence in the will of Jishrim and his spawn
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?: Jishrim's demise
Character is most at ease when: Praying to his dark gods
Most ill at ease when: Hah, like he's sane enough to understand danger
Enraged when:
~ People interfere with his work
Depressed or sad when: Almost never feels depression
~ Serve the will of Jishrim
~ Gain his blessing
~ Convert others

Life philosophy: "Toată nebunie este divinitatea încă neînțeleasă."
If granted one wish, it would be: The glorious reign of Jishrim on Altera
Why?: It would be his ideal world, madness and cyclopian law reigning supreme
Character’s soft spot: If he has one, none know what it is
Is this soft spot obvious to others?: Obviously not
Greatest strength: His sheer amount of cunning and cruelty
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: His blind devotion to his gods
Biggest regret: That he never took up Evicism
Minor regret: That he evidently left a mess behind at those graves
Biggest accomplishment: His creation of the "Tome of Păianjenii"
Minor accomplishment: A few successful rituals
Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about: The... less successful ones
Why?: They did not end well
Character’s darkest secret: What he does with the bodies he takes
Does anyone else know?: Not anymore

Complete = {X}
Incomplete = { }
Abandoned = {/}

Drives and motivations: Bring about the perfect world of madness
Immediate goals:
{ } Gain more materials for his rituals
{ } Contact this "Dark One"
{ } Convert a few followers or acolytes
Long term goals:
{ } Become Jishrim's blessed
{ } Complete his rituals and experiments
How the character plans to accomplish these goals: By any means necessary
How other characters will be affected: Depends on if they are for or against him

Hometown: A small, nameless town by the sea
Type of childhood: Strict
Pets: None
First memory: His earliest signs of mental disease, in the form of grotesque phantasms
Most important childhood memory: The day he started to be amused by them
Why?: It was the first step towards his glorious destiny of madness
Childhood hero: His grandfather, a man who had seen terrible horrors and lived
Dream job: Scribe
Education: Decent for a middle class child
Religion: Probably Harateth
Finances: Average

Current location: Rogue's Hearth
Currently living with: No one
~ Tovarăş:
His constant and seemingly beloved pet wolf-spider, he constantly pets it and scratches its little thorax. He even lets it crawl into his empty eye sockets for shelter at times
Religion: Madly devoted to Jishrim and his spawn
Occupation: Priest
Finances: Lower in funds

Parents: Dead, no doubt
Relationship with them: Hell if he knows
Siblings: None he knows of
Relationship with them: Non existent
Spouse: Never had one
Relationship with him/her: Does not feel such romantic feelings
Children: Can vaguely remember a daughter...
Relationship with them: That is something he cannot remember
Other important family members: None he can recall

Color: Likes deep reds
Least favorite color: Sterile white
Music: Chants constantly in language none can recognize
Food: Has a love of all meats, raw. There were rumors of cannibalism, but they were not proven
Literature: He owns many books of dark subjects, though he can no longer read them
Form of entertainment: Watching madness set in
Mode of transportation: Enjoys travel by boats
Most prized possession: The only remaining version of the "Tome of Păianjenii"

Hobbies: His experiments
~ The Tongue of Păianjenii: Fluent
~ Common: Nearly perfect, but heavily accented
Plays a musical instrument?: Can play an eerily beautiful tune on a small wooden flute
How he would spend a rainy day: Digging up specimens, as the ground would be softer
Spending habits: Unpredictable
Smokes: His old lungs cannot handle any more smog
Drinks: Finds the taste to be lacking, but enjoys seeing what it does to others
Other drugs: Sometimes takes hallucinogenics of sorts
What does he do too much of?: Experiment with the dark things
What does he do too little of?: Sleep
Extremely skilled at: Public speaking, where his booming voice always leaves an impression
Extremely unskilled at: Writing, as he can hardly tell where the paper is at this point
Nervous tics: None. He does not get nervous
Usual body posture: Hunched over, giving the appearance of a prowling predator
Mannerisms: Comes across creepily friendly, but it is clearly a skin-deep kindness
~ Will occasionally drag his clawlike nails across tables when bored, leaving deep scratches
~ Breathes very heavily, like he takes in an incredible amount of air
~ His movements seem unnatural and jerky at times, only made worse by his blindness
~ Will at times seemingly talk with nothing, usually arguing or reprimanding some unseen annoyance

~ Schizophrenia: Has a mild case leading to auditory delusions
~ Arthritis: His joints and bones creak when they have been inactive
Allergies: None
~ Eyes seemingly torn from their sockets by strong hands, presumably self inflicted (irreparable)
~ Right side of his face bears a horrible scar about his mouth, presumably self inflicted (irreparable)
~ Walks with a limp usually due to a poorly set bone, broken by unknown causes (irreparable)
~ Minor scars and burns of varying size and intensity coat his body, inflicted by unknown causes (healed)
Sleep schedule: Horrible
Energy Levels: Ungodly high
Diet: From figurative garbage to literal garbage
Exercise routine: Highly unorthodox, to say the least
Memory: Selective, picking and choosing what to remember
Mental stability: As stable as a tiny ship in a hurricane

Peaked Skill = ~
Improving Skill = +
Struggling Skill = -

Traditional Combat, -1/10

*Is damn blind*
In terms of traditional combat or skill, he has no idea what he is doing, however...

Violence in General, ~10/10

*Horrifying sounds of a starved beast*
In terms of pure harm caused and injuries dealt, his blind, chaotic rage is quite deadly

Writing, -3/10

*Still damn blind*
It is difficult to write when you cannot see, though he could write quite well once

Ranting, 10/10

"Lăsați porțile nebuniei să se deschidă!"
Surpasses even a modern televangelist in this facet, his speech always commanding attention

Experimenting, ~8/10

"Bring the next subject."
Knows how to preform his crazed experiments while literally blind

Translating, ~5/10

*Scribbles on random pieces of paper*
He did translate an entire massive book once, but that was before his loss of sight

Walking, ~3/10

*Walks into a closed door*
He has learned to use hearing and especially smell to get around, but he is still horrid at it



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It took a lot to get here
Optimist or pessimist?: Optimist
Introvert or extrovert?: Extroverted
Daredevil or cautious?: Knows there is a time and place for both caution and action
Logical or emotional?: His twisted logic is above all
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: Very messy, probably due to blindness
Prefers working or relaxing?: Loves his work
Confident or unsure of himself?: As confident as humanly possible
Animal lover?: If by animals you mean spiders, yes

How he feels about himself: "Eu voi fi poarta! Eu voi rupe vălul!"
One word the character would use to describe self: Dedicated
What does the character consider his best personality trait?: His supposed 'True Sight'
What does the character consider his worst personality trait?: His human limitations
What does the character consider his best physical characteristic?: His physical strength is surprising for a man so old
What does the character consider his worst physical characteristic?: His eyes, or lack thereof
How does the character think others perceive him:
"I know they think me mad. They are correct, for I am the madness of gods and demons."
What would the character most like to change about himself: Nothing

Relationships with others
Opinion of other people in general: "Ech..."
Does the character hide his true opinions and emotions from others?: Not for the most part
Person character most hates: Unclean races
Best friend(s): Tovarăş
Love interest(s): Hah
Person character goes to for advice: His books
Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Feels no such affection
Person character feels shy or awkward around: No one
Person character openly admires: Jishrim, The Nameless Child (Visage)
Person character secretly admires: Skraag
Most important person in character’s life before story starts: Jishrim
After story starts: Still Jishrim

In-Depth Relationships

The Useful
Those whom Preotul sees use for

The Apathetic

Amelia Flint: "Nu am nici un folos pentru ea."
He keeps running into this woman for some reason or other, and finds her little more than a slight amusement to listen to. Preotul doubts she will serve any real purpose to him later down the road (Samiwashere )

Arianne Fuvur: "Un astfel de puzzle simplu de rezolvat."
A woman who tried to come off mysterious, but left herself open to being read by a blind man's ear. She favors no gods, but that is no matter of his. However, Preotul did find her insight on these things refreshing (Rossu )

The Dark One: "S-ar putea să fiți un instrument util..."
Preotul's knowledge of this being is limited, and he can only glean bits and pieces from the underworld networks. Still, they may be a valuable ally, and a useful benefactor in the manner of his experiments

The Useless
Those whom Preotul sees no use for

The Worthless
Those Preotul views as less than dirt

The Rotting

An Old Friend: "Ah, cum au căzut cei puternici."
A former colleague and liege lord to Rev. Vârcolac, he too was once a follower of Jishrim in the times of the Old World. Preotul soon became tired of the man, as he mellowed too much with age to still be of use

Goon: "Om prost."
A goon he hired to help him dig up some graves near Rogue's Hearth, he was far less than impressed with the idiot, and proceeded to kill him in cold blood. What he has done with the body is unknown

The inspirations for the major character aspects of Rev. Preotul Vârcolac came from several classic monsters of horror: Edward Hyde in "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde", Wilbur Whateley of "The Dunwich Horror", Dr. Moreau from "The Isle of Dr. Moreau", and the many gruesome legends of the Spanish Inquisition. In appearance, he is a mirror image of Father Gascoigne from the game "Bloodborne", with a bit of an H.P. Lovecraft style flare for theatrics
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It took a lot to get here
Sângeros (Hatchet)

A worn, rusted, but still sharp axe carried by Preotul for protection. It is by no means small, though it is easily concealed by his bulky frame and thick
longcoat. His brute strength, combined with its great size, make it an effective weapon


Măciucă (Staff)

A stout, oaken staff that can easily break bones with enough rage behind it. It is usually used more, however, as it was intended to be used; as a walking stick, helping him see and navigate

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No, it is you who must fight me!

Is there an inside joke here, or did I legit just do something wrong!
Well you went wrong making a Jishrim preacher. The moment that his existence is public there's going to be a proper pitchfork mob coming after him.


It took a lot to get here
Well you went wrong making a Jishrim preacher. The moment that his existence is public there's going to be a proper pitchfork mob coming after him.
Hmm... I suppose it would be the insane thing to do if he were to go public... but he is also not stupid, so he might not... these are the tough choices I now face.


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Hmm... I suppose it would be the insane thing to do if he were to go public... but he is also not stupid, so he might not... these are the tough choices I now face.
the skraag worshippers are already ahead of you.


It took a lot to get here
Oh my god, I was about to make a character that is the priest of Jishrim in 2 or so days. Can you read my mind.?
If it makes you feel better, he is looking for an assistant! Digging up bodies and performing unspeakable horrors is hard work for one guy, especially when that guy is blind.


It took a lot to get here

- Added Theme/Current thoughts

- Added Equipment
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- Added new scars
You don't retain marks of your death upon revival. You also don't keep any wounds inflicted within a twenty-four hour time period leading up to the moment of death. Along with the loss of memory, I mean.