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February Newsletter 2/2/2019

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Greetings, Alterans!

Server News
♥ We have completed our big update to 1.13! Hooray!....
- For a guide on what this adds, you can look here [x]
- If you encounter any bugs or odd issues related to the update, post your issue in the '#bugs' general channel in the Hollowworld Discord, or PM/DM a staff member.
- Before the update, we encountered corruption with inventory storage. If your inventory was deleted, contact staff for reimbursement.



Server Issues & Inventories

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Public Announcement
Update 2/4/19:
See latest posts for more info


A command to restore inventories from the last recorded time will be used on each player, please PM a member of staff so we can get around to you. This will vary, ideally it will be recent as some cases are from yesterday, but it seems to update when worlds are changed (pocket, for example) and so that's when inventories are likely to be restored from. We'll be using the same plugin that we've used for years now until the upcoming 1.13 release, so while we don't expect this error again it may be more ideal to store any particularly valuable items in chests separately. (We also suggest moving things to storage in preparation for the upcoming release. Tiberione has more info on that with his threads.)

Rumor Starfall Rumors Thread

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= Starfall Rumors =


Events come and go, and the next arc in Altera's story comes. How will you remember it?
How will you write history to reflect it?


This thread will be where IC information that can be acquired through the rumors thread will be stored. As other rumors pop up, this will only be something to keep things organized so folks don't have to go through pages of rumors to find some...

[Public] The Lore Book

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The Lore Book

To the players of Altera for ease of access.

In which we gather all information that is official and published upon the forums relating to the Lore of HollowWorld. Gathered, written and credited to players that have contributed- core being the Lore Coordinators and Keepers of the past several years. Majority are to be tucked away into "Pages" here and accessed on a need-to-know basis.

In Roleplay- your characters would need to learn of many of this information on their own through teachers, scholars, or experiencing it first hand.

Table of Contents

I. Cosmology
A. Realms of the Universe (Simplified)​
B. Dissonance Event​

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