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Newsletter 9.2.18

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Final day, 2nd of Fogwater, 2293
Server News

Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • We are still looking for, and accepting applications for entry into the mentor department! See here for more information. [x]
  • Like what you see going one here? Staff are looking for new applicants to help in the media department. [x]
  • Be wary of...

The 1.13 (Aquatic) Update Information for HollowWorld

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1.13 Update & Our Plan

Mojang has announced that on July 18th (barring any major bugs), they will release the 1.13 / Aquatic Update. This update will bring several changes to the game, including a big update to the way water physics works. Water will now flow over any block that has air around it (slabs, stairs, chests, anvils, etc) rather than being blocked by the air. This may effect builds and flooding may happen. We advise all users to look over their builds before we update the server and plug any holes you find.

HollowWorld will not be updating to 1.13 on July 18th. The process for updating will likely take us days to more likely weeks to complete. We run many plugins and modifications that will take time to update, as well as ensuring that our custom plugins are fully functioning. Once the update is released we will immediately begin the process of...

[Rumour] Strange Sightings

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Several residents of Storm's Landing speak of seeing some large shape drift over the city and continue on West, but can't really tell what it could've been for it was so intermingled with the clouds. A group of men attempted to follow it on horseback, but it soon outpaced them.
Others think it was a rumour started for the sake of causing mischief, seeing as someone swiped a few items when the owners were looking outside.

Update to Donation Packages

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Contributions Update

Hi all!

Donation Packages Stack!


Anybody who is already the Legend rank and would like to have the rank-coloring of Mystic or Blessed while keeping the permissions/titles of Legend, this is now possible by using a "Keep Hollowworld Alive" token to have your color changed to either the Blessed or Mystic ranks.

Any questions feel free to ask below.
We've added a [Merchant] rank!{Check it out here!}

Welcome to Storm's Landing!

[Public] The Lore Book

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The Lore Book

To the players of Altera for ease of access.

In which we gather all information that is official and published upon the forums relating to the Lore of HollowWorld. Gathered, written and credited to players that have contributed- core being the Lore Coordinators and Keepers of the past several years. Majority are to be tucked away into "Pages" here and accessed on a need-to-know basis.

In Roleplay- your characters would need to learn of many of this information on their own through teachers, scholars, or experiencing it first hand.

Table of Contents

I. Cosmology
A. Realms of the Universe (Simplified)​
B. Dissonance Event​

Introducing HollowCards!

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HollowCards - Release & Information

We are happy to announce the release of HollowCards!
HollowCards is a quick and easy character reference that comes up in chat so that users can quickly reference the age, height, weight, description and profile link to your character.

Quick Command Information:
/card help - Lists commands
/card create {Character Name} - Creates a card for your character. You may have up to 5 cards.
/card {Character Name} - Displays the characters card.
/card {Character Name} {Field} {Value} - Allows you to add a new field to the Card. Fields are currently limited to "Age", "Height", "Weight", "Description", "Clothing", and "Link". This command is also used to edit the field...

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