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  2. The new Event Coordinator talks about the state of events and the UPCOMING SERVER CAMPAIGN! Click here to read.
  3. Welcome back to Antilogy as the new Event Coordinator and a welcome to Paint as our newest Staff Member!
  4. The Newsletter for 25 January 2016 is out! Read it here.
  5. There was a New Year's Lore release. Click here to see what was included. Interested in seeing what was done with lore in 2015? Click here!!
  6. Congratulations Cukie1 on December Player of the Month!! You earned it! Continue being AWESOME!
  7. Think a player is the bee's knees? Nominate them for Player of the Month! Send a PM to Som or CLICK HERE! Hurry and submit for January before time runs out!.
  8. For information on the UUID changes in 1.8 - please Click Here

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