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Mass Produce Sales!

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Ask and ye shall receive!

After taking some time to look over the drop rates of things, as well as making sure that we had things properly set up, we now have a set up for selling things that would come as mass production from farms!
The list of things, and their selling prices, are as follows!

One Stack of Wheat - 1 Emerald
Two Stacks of Wheat Seeds - 1 Emerald
One Stack of Hay Bales - 9 Emeralds
One Stack of Pumpkins - 1 Emerald
Two Stacks of Pumpkin Seeds - 1 Emerald
One Stack of Sliced Melons - 1 Emerald
One Stack of Full Melons - 9 Emeralds
Two Stacks of Melon Seeds - 1 Emerald
One Stack of Sugarcane - 1 Emerald
One Stack of Beetroot - 1 Emerald
Two Stacks of Beetroot Seeds - 1 Emerald
Two Stacks of Potatoes - 1 Emerald
Two Stacks of Carrots - 1 Emerald
Two Stacks of Kelp - 1 Emerald


Upcoming Journey to the Crater [March 30th, 4pm EST] {Violent}

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Another meteor appears in the sky, making it's way down to the planet below.
Those who wish to make it there should prepare, as there is no telling what will be awaiting at the crater.


Where: Another impact site
When: March 30th at 4pm EST
Rating: Violent with opportunity for peaceful characters​

March 2019 Newsletter

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Greetings, Alterans!

Server News
❈ We moved to 1.13 a month or so ago.
- If you encounter any bugs or odd issues related to the update, post your issue in the '#bugs' general channel in the Hollowworld Discord, or PM/DM a staff member.
-Auction House ('/AH') Is back up. There may be issues. Refer to the above statement if you have encountered an issue.

Lore Update: A Beginner‘s Guide to Playable Races in Altera [x]

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Rumor Starfall Rumors Thread

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= Starfall Rumors =


Events come and go, and the next arc in Altera's story comes. How will you remember it?
How will you write history to reflect it?


This thread will be where IC information that can be acquired through the rumors thread will be stored. As other rumors pop up, this will only be something to keep things organized so folks don't have to go through pages of rumors to find some...

[Public] The Lore Book

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The Lore Book

To the players of Altera for ease of access.

In which we gather all information that is official and published upon the forums relating to the Lore of HollowWorld. Gathered, written and credited to players that have contributed- core being the Lore Coordinators and Keepers of the past several years. Majority are to be tucked away into "Pages" here and accessed on a need-to-know basis.

In Roleplay- your characters would need to learn of many of this information on their own through teachers, scholars, or experiencing it first hand.

Table of Contents

I. Cosmology
A. Realms of the Universe (Simplified)​
B. Dissonance Event​

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