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Expected Maintenance [26 July 2019]

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Hi all,

Please read entire post.

After much discussion and research, we will be changing to a new server box in order to continue to support a high-resolution Dynamic map as well as save us costs over time.

This move will require a complete server migration. We will be moving both the forums and the minecraft server, so there will be downtime for both. As in previous moves or upgrades, it will go as follows:


Thursday July 25th:
7PM - Forums will go down.
~9PM - Forums will return as "READ-ONLY". While you will still be able to use the forums as normal, nothing you change will stay after migration. 7PM will be the cutoff time to make posts etc.

Friday July 26th:
~10am - Forums will come back up and will be usable as normal.
12pm - Minecraft server will go down.
~2pm - Minecraft server will return as "READ-ONLY". Same as above for the forums. Anything done after the 12pm shutdown will not stay after the migration. This will allow people to RP while we work...

[Support Ticket] The Support Ticket Guide & You.

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Hello, all!

The staff team and I have gotten a cool opportunity to try out a new system that we think will be helpful for communication -- The Support Ticket System.

Support Ticket System: Staff and Player Communication Made Easy (At least by a little)

Q: Why do we need this? Why did we put yet another system on our forums?
The support system ticket is a way to increase visibility for issues and form them into tasks for staff. Issues can be created and sent to departments as a whole, and then have status marked as the issue is resolved.


Player X has a question regarding the effects of a spell. That goes to the Lore Department.

After Department, you may be required to pick an additional category at the bottom of the ticket based on which part of Lore you mean to address.

With the bottom half of a ticket...

Starfall Afterward

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=The Heavensend Landings: Stella Terrarium of the Eastern Continent=

The threat of the stone elemental and cultists gone, the world seems to settle back into it’s typical normalcy. The land is not left without scars, as the craters still mark and change the landscape. Thanks to the collective efforts of those who volunteered their services against the threat against the continent, the effects of the Stone Elemental’s influence had diminished greatly. Some plants and animals have been affected, changing the area around the craters and holding a sphere of influence between the river going from Mockingbay to...

On Current Campaigns of HW

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Hello Alterans,

The aftermath of the meteorites that fell from the sky, will soon be part of the history books of Altera. The growing Earth Elemental is now no longer a threat to the continent. Its remnants still effect a part of the world, albeit thwarted by the efforts of players. The Starfall Campaign leads will be wrapping up any major threads if they linger and will bring up any Lore that’s left to reveal and publish it.

We will be taking a temporary break from the chain of Server Campaigns for about a few weeks. Summer is a significant point for player activity and we’re aware of the changes of participation towards our general events and the need for pacing concerning the length of Campaigns. We will be taking this time to reflect and prepare for the next leg of our journey through Altera via Server Campaigns until an estimated Mid-July. For those eager- the tentative Campaign theme hint is: “Schism”. There...

June Newsletter 2019

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Greetings, Alterans!

Server and Forum Updates

Technical Update

  • Brewery is still undergoing bugfixes.
  • Auction House is now up and running again.
  • A Support Ticket System is being created: a new way for players to interact with staff so that requests to staff are not lost to the wind. This will be out fairly soon.
Lore Update
- Divine Overview and Review is going through backend changes by volunteer players and Solus. Elz is managing current Divines and Progress and Lannis had made a staple Blessing progress list.
We'll be doing what we can to make this section of magic run...

[Public] The Lore Book

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The Lore Book

To the players of Altera for ease of access.

In which we gather all information that is official and published upon the forums relating to the Lore of HollowWorld. Gathered, written and credited to players that have contributed- core being the Lore Coordinators and Keepers of the past several years. Majority are to be tucked away into "Pages" here and accessed on a need-to-know basis.

In Roleplay- your characters would need to learn of many of this information on their own through teachers, scholars, or experiencing it first hand.

Table of Contents

I. Cosmology
A. Realms of the Universe (Simplified)​
B. Dissonance Event​

Renting Property in Storm's Landing

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Build Credit: BrianAT16 Solus Sankera Warwolf TheDeester And the entire staff team!

With the new reboot of Storm's Landing the staff team has decided to redo the current system in which players can purchase pre-built property and commission the Spawn and Build Team their own personalized build at spawn.

The Spawn Team Consists of Kamaoe, Warwolf , Tiberione, Ayda
Build Team: -

Purchase of Completed Builds:
Throughout Storm's Landing you will see multiple houses, business and market stalls with a sign that should look something like this.

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