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Renting Property in Storm's Landing


The Green One

With the changing of heads that’s gone on with Storm’s Landing, and trying to keep player involvement up, rent has fallen to the wayside several times. With one last restructure it is our hope to bring all builds under the same rules and make the process of renting quicker and easier for staff and players alike. While the new system will take getting used to, it will be an overall better system for renting in Storm’s Landing.

The Project Manager of Spawn is IceandFire

Renting Property in Storm's Landing


Renting Property has now become an automatic system, reliant on player's actively monitoring their own regions.
Base Player Commands

/arm help - Plugin help lists all commands.
/arm addmember region newMember - Add a member to your region plot
/arm buy region - Buy the nearest rent plot
/arm extend - Extend the rent of your plot
/arm info region - Read info about a plot
/arm limit - See the limits of your plot purchases
/arm listregions - List your regions
/arm regionfinder - Prompt a GUI that will show you available plots and teleport you to them
/arm restore - Reset your region. Warning- all materials will be taken by the server.
/arm sellback - Reset your region and sell it back to the server. Warning- all materials will be taken by the server.
/arm tptofreeregion regiontype - Teleport to a type of region. See types of Regions below.

/arm gui - Open a gui that shows your purchased lands, or search for a place to rent. The following are available options for all Storm's Landing Property Owners:

Types of Regions & Limit
The # of Plots any Storm's Landing property owner may have is a total of 2. Here is how they are distributed


Black Market- 100r
Slums Market-200r
Dock Market- 300r
Slums- 500r
Middle Class- 1k
High Class -3k
Farms- 1k
Shipyard- 500r

To Find a Plot


+Search Storm's Landing for a suitable spot! Find a sign that is green "For Rent". Right or Left click, without crouching, to see more information when facing a Rent sign.
+Search through the GUI system. /arm gui - Click the Compass, and any type of Renting plot. Hover over your options. You are able to teleport to these areas to view them.

For Rent. Green = Available. Red = Rented
Region Name
Price of the Region / For this # of days.
The Maximum # of days the plot can be rented

To Purchase a Plot
Crouch and Left+Click the Rent Sign. There is no confirmation- so be sure that is the plot you want.
Or type- /arm buy region​

Purchased Plots
When you purchase a plot, you're able to..

-Add/Remove members
/arm addmember [Region] [Member]​
-Teleport to your region spot
-Reset your region back to its original state. All materials placed by you or another member will be removed and given to the Server. There's a 7day cooldown.
-Reset your region back to its original state and Sell it to the Server. You don't get a refund and your materials do not return. (Reselling with % funds is a work in progress)
-Extend the rent time of your region by another xx amount of days
-Show the region's info in chat

Sell Plots to another Player:
The GUI inventory doesn't help in selling plots to a player. However, a command allows you to offer your rent spot region to another. Use the following commands:


/arm offer Buyer Region Price - Offer a buying player the price of your region plot
/arm offer cancel - Cancel the offer

/arm offer accept - Buyer can accept
/arm offer reject - Buyer can reject

-The offer times out if they are afk or do not respond.
-If accepted, The buyer will now be the owner of the rented region. The region does not reset- all materials remain as they were and the new owner of the rent plot will own it. The timer will continue.

Region Expiration & Reset!!
Staff helping with Region Resets:


-You get a 2 day warning before your region rent expires on its end-date.
-Your plot will return to an empty plot and all materials not removed will be taken by the Server.
-There exists backups of all reset regions. If you do not extend your time or evacuate in time, Staff can restore a backup of your plot, so long as no one has rented and fully built inside it afterwards. If someone has, we can start a Moderation Conversation with those involved to coordinate saving the New Renter's items, restoring the backup, removing the items, and restoring the new renter's plot items.
-We appreciate all players that can keep up with their rent or evacuate on time to avoid hassle!

Above section was written by Solus


Requesting a Custom Build
Currently Suspended

Requesting a custom build is simple, first you have to find the area you want then fill out the short form below.

Please be aware that when requesting a build the style of build will resemble other builds nearby. So if you choose to request a build near the slums, you will be built a build of the same style as the slums.

And lastly please note, custom builds do not come with interiors. You have to provide those yourself.
-Character Names(s):
-Area of the Build: (Screenshot of the Dynamap + Coordinates)
-Intended Use: (Is it a home? Is it a business? What kind of business? This helps the builders best create a build that matches what you want.)
-Notes: (You can add build specifics here and screenshots if you have any.)


Rules of Owning Property

Rules of owning property in Storm’s Landing are fairly simple and standard. Along with the OOC rules of not griefing or stealing, the following rules should be adhered to.

-If you are banned, the property will be cleared out and put back on the market. This does not extend to temp bans of periods of time less than one month.

-Basement and any underground structures not created or approved by the Spawn or Build Team is not allowed. Anyone found to have created an underground basement or other structure without approval will have the structure removed and may possibly lose their right to own property in Storm's Landing.

-The same goes for external additions to your home. Do not add anything drastic outside your home or edit the base 'house' itself without the okay from the Spawn Team. Things such as the addition of small market stalls and other small things will also require the okay. New rooms or other larger additions, are not. If you're unsure, it's best to ask.

-Each player is limited to the purchase of only two buildings in Storm's Landing.

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The Green One
Current custom builds and currently owned builds will be transitioned to the new system. Those with more than two properties will have to cut down and decide what they do and do not want. Below I will tag those who should reply in this thread what they'd like to do with their builds so that they may be entered into the new system. When tagging, I will include number of properties so that everyone can make an informed decision. Any excess payment you've made on any properties will be refunded to you.

Custom builds will fall under the same rules as any other property in Storm's Landing. Unlike before, you will not be able to stack a custom build onto two normal builds. You can only rent two total.

If you no longer wish to keep any builds, please let me know.

Current Renters:
Ruu Darling x2
Kostadim x2 - Completed converting farm house 023f x 1
Elz x3 - Completed converting dock stall x 1
Shankster x2
Olligreen x2
Sussurous x2
Shao x2
Hai_Paladin x2
Brave Rubber Duck x2
Magic Intern - Completed converting slum house
Luam x3
Arcana x2
Retro Hagrid

Current Custom Build Renters:
Ruu Darling
Brave Rubber Duck
Hai_Paladin (Antilogy handed over a custom brewery to you)
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Events Staff
Very Sweet
My bank build is one I made myself and paid the material costs for in total; what about that?


The Green One
My bank build is one I made myself and paid the material costs for in total; what about that?
I knew I forgot one.
I'll have to think and get back to you about that one, since you paid in mats, unlike the others.


Lord of Altera
I don't know if this has been answered, but what will happen to properties that have already been rented prior to this change?


Events Staff
Very Sweet
Me and blargtheawesome would like to keep the winery and bank (custom build) - The 'gambling hall' will fall to Squidziod - The other properties (a stall on the docks and a house near the tavern) I have cleared and restored to original layout. Unsure on what we do next tho.


object oriented
Staff member
Retired Owner
The other properties (a stall on the docks and a house near the tavern) I have cleared and restored to original layout.
psst, I'm done with my plot.
I'll be helping kam convert these to the auto rent system.

Kam will answer more detailed questions. If there are any other people closing their rent houses up when their time is over, point out what build # it is and I'll set it up.


The Green One
My bank build is one I made myself and paid the material costs for in total; what about that?
I'm going to refund you the exterior mats, when/if the time comes for clearing it out, you or I will take out all the interior to be returned to you.
This is simply because I want everything under the same system.

I don't know if this has been answered, but what will happen to properties that have already been rented prior to this change?
Nothing, they'll be put in your name.


Events Staff
Very Sweet
Alrighty. So I 'claim' the bank and winery under the plugin stuff now?