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Greetings, Traveler!

Welcome to HollowWorld! We are a Minecraft Roleplay community with a Medieval Fantasy theme.
We have a diverse range of races and locations that makes HollowWorld a great place for an immersive roleplay through a character of your own design.
Our server offers unique features to boost your roleplay experience!

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Here's How To Start!

These are the basic rules applied to all Players and how they interact with the server.
Learn them over the course of your stay!

Creating A Character

Creating a character catered to the server takes time. Here are some quick guides that can help you fill out your Whitelist Application, which requires you to create a character to apply. You don't need to use the same character in-game and can change features of the character before playing them.

+{ New Player's Roleplay Guide }
+{ A Beginner's Guide to Playable Races of Altera }

Common Knowledge

The World of Altera is vast and our Lore can be quite the hefty piece of read. Here are some points of common knowledge new characters can know, to help you choose to begin your path on our world. Much of what your character knows depends on your own consideration of their background, and what they would have learned. This can help their knowledge feel appropriate to the circumstances they find themselves in. We encourage learning deeper parts of Lore in-character and ask new players to not to worry when first starting off. Creating a base of the character is the goal.

+{ Character's & Common Knowledge }

How to get Whitelisted?

In order to login and begin your journey, you need to follow the guidelines here. You can then jump into Altera!

New Player Guides

Find out what you need to know as a new player! There are extra guidelines here you can read up on after becoming Whitelisted, such as the Starter Guide. This will walk you through an NPC questline that'll teach you content similar to the guides.

+{ New Player Guides }

Character Stats (On Server)

After you've been Whitelisted, you can create a character card on the server that links with your minecraft account. This will allow you to begin roleplaying and generate experience(Exp) through roleplay that you will fill your sheet with. You can choose where to distribute your stats and gradually grow your character through both roleplay and stats. Start with /character create [Name]

+{ Beginner's Guide to Stats }

+{ Character Stats }

Character Profile (On Forums)

Creating a Character Sheet is the next step, after you've jumped right in. Test out the Roleplay waters by finding any hotspots and introducing yourself to a group or individual in the server chat. Ask and look for roleplay in the global chat or discord. If you'd like to ease in slowly, try making a Character Sheet in this forum, following one of the guidelines listed at the top. Add in images or details, as much as you like. Look through other profiles too!

+{ Character Profile }

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Learn the Basics of making a Character!
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Learn about the Stat System!
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Weave into specializations that define your Character! From Smithing to Tailoring.
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Trek into the wilderness and Harvest Plants, Minerals, and more!