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Character Chart

Character’s full name: Sigmar
Reason or meaning of name: His mother wanted to give him a 'strong' name. Something that might attract his father's attention, should he ever come back.

Character’s nickname: Orphan. Boy.
Reason for nickname: His mother is dead. His father unknown.
Birth date: 2294
Speak - Fluent
Write -Illiterate
Read - Learning
Speak - Fluent - His mother's tongue
Write - Illiterate
Read - Learning

Physical Appearance

Age: 11
How old does he/she appear: Every bit his age
Weight: 70 lbs
Height: 4'8"
Body build: Gaining weight, looking better already.
Shape of face: Square chin with angular face
Eye color: Oxford Blue
Glasses or type of aid for the eyes: None
Skin tone: Caucasian
Distinguishing marks: None
Predominant features: Thin frame
Hair color: Black
Type of hair: Wavy
Hairstyle: Reserved
Voice: Backwater Lavish/ Gutteral Lavoye.
Overall attractiveness: A child...
Physical disabilities: N/A
Usual fashion of dress: Whatever he can get his hands on...

Favorite outfit: "You can have more than one outfit?"
Jewelry or accessories:
A silver locket, with a blue and white sigil on it. He is unsure what it means.


Good personality traits:
Loyalty 00000X0000

Courageous 00000000X0
Faithful 00
Industrious 0000X00000
Bad personality traits:
Obsessed 0000000X00

Workaholic 0X00000000
Cynical 0000X00000

ISFJ: The Defender
The ISFJ personality type is nicknamed the "Defender" and belongs to the SJ Protector temperament. ISFJs are kind, loyal and considerate. They desire to serve and protect others sacrificially. They serve behind the scenes without seeking recognition. Defenders like routine and have excellent follow-through skills. They possess rich inner lives, are private and quietly friendly.

Mood character is most often in: Contemplative
Sense of humor: Rich and robust
Character’s greatest joy in life: Helping others... once his stomach is filled.
Character’s greatest fear: Freezing to death
Why?: For some time now, Sigmar, has ended up on the streets, sleepign on pallets or rolls, if he's lucky. But many nights he prays for the Sun to come up and save him from the bitter cold. However, things aren't as bad now, as this fear now only sits at the back of his mind, clawing him as he tries to sleep in newly-found comfort.

What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?: It's already happened: The death of his mother.
Most ill at ease when: Hungry.
Enraged when: Hungry.
Depressed or sad when: He thinks of his mother.
Priorities:Learning to read, learning to 'fence' with a sword.
Life philosophy: Make it from day to day. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.
If granted one wish, it would be:To bring back his mother.
Why?: She was the only one whom showed Sigmar any love.
Character’s soft spot: The other children that he sees get mistreated.
Is this soft spot obvious to others?: He fights to defend those who have no protection, even if it gets him beaten up.
Greatest strength: His 'grit'. This was reinforced in his battle with the badger.
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: His affinity for his mother has gotten him beaten up more than once. Kids have a cruel way with words that Sigmar doesn't back down from.
Biggest regret: Leaving his dying mother when she asked him to go.
Minor regret: Not eating more when he was younger.
Biggest accomplishment: Surviving so far... and the badger.
Minor accomplishment: Asking Jaden about his love life in front of everyone else and making them laugh.
Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about: None.
Why?: None.
Character’s darkest secret: He keeps his locket under his shirt. He keeps it hidden for fear of thieves.
Does anyone else know?: No one knows.


Drives and motivations: Become a knight. Protect others.
Immediate goals: See above.
Long term goals: Find a home that /feels/ like a home.
How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Train, learn, get better.
How other characters will be affected: A better future.


Hometown: One of the larger cities. He doesn't really remember.
Type of childhood: Given his mother's... profession in the red light district, a dangerous childhood, but not necessarily a bad one with his mother.
Pets: None. The matron at the establishment wouldn't let him keep anything.
First memory: He doesn't remember
Most important childhood memory: The death of his mother and being forced out.
Why?: Life-altering experience
Childhood hero: The Knights he saw in the realm
Dream job: A knight. So he can help the helpless.
Education: Strangely, he is an autodidact, and as such has taught himself much of what he knows, but he still has no formal training or schooling. He's fairly illiterate.
Religion: Limited knowledge of
Ignis in the past. His Mother liked Valiant.
Finances: None-existent

Present (Still Childhood)

Current location: Queensport
Currently living with: The Rangers, until he moves into Podric's new estate.
Pets: None
Religion: Nothing too strong. He likes Valiant and Ignis, but isn't too strongly attached.
Occupation: Ward
Finances: About a 1000 rads to his name, given to him by Francis de Courtnay, he doesn't spend it, but he's never had so much money in his life.


Mother: He remembers her fondly, especially her smile and her lovely humming voice. She once told him that his father liked her for the very same things.
Relationship with her: Fond memories. But scarred by the memory that she died racked with illness.
Father: He didn't know him. Given the nature of his mother's 'work' it could've been anyone.
Relationship with him: None.
Siblings: None.
Relationship with them: N/A
Spouse: None.
Relationship with him/her: N/A
Children: None.
Relationship with them: N/A
Other important family members: None


Color: Blue
Least favorite color: He doesn't hate colors
Music: He likes those puppet shows with songs in them.
Literature: Pod is teaching him to read.
Form of entertainment: While in the past, he'd worry about surviving, he is now more concerned about making himself better so that he never has to be in that pitiful state again. He does, however, enjoy climbing buildings, and listening in on conversations.
Mode of transportation: His gods-given feet
Most prized possession: His locket. (see below)



Plays a musical instrument?: None.
How he/she would spend a rainy day: Darwing up in his blanket to keep warm and dry.
Spending habits: Extremely frugal. He doesn't want to spend any of the money given to him.
Smokes: Nope.
Drinks: Water. Apparently tea now.
Other drugs: None.
What does he/she do too much of?: Thinking
What does he/she do too little of?: Acting
Extremely skilled at: Fighting.
Extremely unskilled at: Reading, Managing and Making money.
Nervous tics: Zoning out, staring at his mother's locket under his shirt.
Usual body posture: Rigid
Mannerisms: Tends to crack his knuckles when he's frustrated.
Peculiarities: He tends to sequester himself in social situations.


Optimist or pessimist?: Realist. He doesn't see the glass half full or half empty, rather he sees 'the container as twice as large as necessary to contain set liquid.'
Introvert or extrovert?: Introvert-Extrovert; a bit of both.
Daredevil or cautious?: Daredevil
Logical or emotional?: Emotional
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: Messy
Prefers working or relaxing?: Who has time for relaxing?
Confident or unsure of himself/herself?: An odd mix.
Animal lover?: Yes, however, he hasn't had the means to take care of pets.


How he/she feels about himself/herself: Why would anyone pay any attention to an orphan on the streets?
One word the character would use to describe self: Dedicated
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Sigmar knows this, but just can't digest it. He wonders why his mother died, and why he is stuck fending for himself, but he doesn't always have time to worry about that: He needs to care for himself.
What does the character consider his/her best personality trait?: His sense of justice.
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait?: His way with money.
What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic?: He has a cute nose.
What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic?: He isn't that strong... yet.
How does the character think others perceive him/her: A dirty runt of a boy.
What would the character most like to change about himself/herself: His physical situation.


Wood chopping: Novice 2/10
He has started chopping wood in the tavern. He can feel his hands getting rougher, as he grips the axe, and he may get stronger, but his skill at it is still lacking. Ugly chops, missed swings, and overswinging still plague him.
Stealth: Novice 1/10
He is small, and light, so he can quietly follow people, but he doesn't know anything about blending in, and not being seen. He was able to follow that group out into the woods.
One Handed - Axe: Novice 1/10
Comes with the territory of wood-chopping, but also from killing that badger. They compliment each other, the weapon ability and wood-cutting, so maybe he'll use an axe, maybe not.
Arm-Wrestling: Novice 1/10
A favorite of those around Queensport. He'll have to get better. His form is lacking. His strength, absent.
Climbing: Training 2/10
The skill few know about Sigmar. He's utterly fearless when it comes to heights, and so he tries to climb what he can, when he can. He's decently good at it, for a layman.
Fencing/Swordsmanship: Training 2/10
Jaden has started teaching the Boy about using a sword. Sigmar has taken it upon himself to practice his grip whenever he can, and makes big chopping motions with the sword in a proper grip until it feels comfortable and second nature. Still not able to stand up to real swordsmen.
Handling alcohol: Excuse Me 0/10
One glass did him in at the Ball. Never again.

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His mother.
While gone, she is not forgotten. Why did she send me away? Maybe she isn't dead?


Podric (Luam )
He carried me back to the Guildhall after my fight with the badger. I don't remember ever feeling like someone was scared for me, but he did.
However, seeing Podric makes me feel a massive pain of guilt in my stomach. I feel like I let him down by drinking that glass of alcohol at the ball. He probably is really mad at me.
Joseph (JoeJoe )
I haven't known him long, but he was nice to me. He banged my leg and is letting me stay in the Guildhall. He also made me tea!


Duke Charles (Lannis )
Sometimes it takes physical exertion to really get to know someone. But while Sigmar lost, badly, to the arm-wrestling contest, he can't help but respect the
Titanborn's natural strength and machismo.
Duchess Elizabeth (NIAH )
While I haven't had time to really talk to the Duchess, I respect her somewhat. Anyone who tries to beat the
Titanborn in armwrestling has to be strong, and the way she gave Pod a big house says that she respects him! So if she respects him, I'll respect her! She /did/ give me a congratulations on my swordsmanship!
Jaden (CloakedReaper )
Jerky-man no longer. He has taken me on in training. I don't want to upset him or disappoint him. While I don't think he's a knight, and I'm not a squire, I do think that he has taught me some good stuff so far!



Isaac (Joseph12Q )
I don't even know his name, but the man was kind to me. He gave me a mended and altered tabard shirt to wear and taught me to take pride in my thoughts and dreams.
Lisbet (Elz )
She makes the best breakfast. I see that she hangs out around the Hall, and even asks after me to see how I am. I like Lisbet, but I often wonder why she likes me?
Bear-Cloak Lady (Blorbis83 )
I didn't get her name, but she let me use her musty old bear skin. It's super warm.
Gil (Samwych )
He made my leg feel better. And he seems kinda nice. Maybe shy. I don't like what he said about Pod, though.
Otto (Paint )
Although brief, he respects the older boy for the strength and nobleness that seems to surrounds him. He seems to be further on the path that I want to take. Maybe he has some ideas how I can become a squire? His Rede accent is thick though. I just hope that he doesn't think less of me for the incident at the Ball or my crying in front of him.
Ayda (Ayda )
Even though I didn't learn her name, she was nice enough to try and help me when I was sick after the ball. Why do adults drink those things? Yuck.


Francis (BoredBrit )
I don't know why he thinks riding is important. My own two feet are pretty good. But the way he talks down to Pod seems to me that he has some role of importance around these parts. He did muss up my hair, and seems to want to push my dreams. I'll give him a shot.

Caerwyn of Blackstone (Rygan )
The man says he's not a knight, but that he thinks he could train me. I don't know if I want to just be trained, I want to be a knight and help people. But, I don't know if they'll even let me go with him, even if I wanted to.
Raalvara (Raal )
She told me she'd heal my leg. She didn't. Oh well, supposedly she sent Gil. Gil was nice.


Arthur (Morbid )
Why was he asking me all those questions. He probably thinks I'm somebody else he's looking for.

Fearful of
Reivos (Niko )
Sigmar has discovered large bones, fur, and huge strips of meat once belonging to a bear in the kitchen at the Hall. He knows the bird is killing things. Sigmar was left alone in the hall with Reivos and he thinks the bird-man may kill him next. Why, oh why, did Pod and Jaden leave him here with Reivos? Also, what's with those beady eyes?


Holes in the ground
Badgers come from them.


Who needs them?
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(Assuming he learns how to write, otherwise these are assumed to be thoughts he has during the day).

(Still illiterate, but he did lay down in his new bunk and think about the events for the days, so it may read more like a train of thought)
Winterfeast 24, 2305

This bed is comfy...
That fire is pretty warm too.
How did I get here? I mean, yeah, that nice guy gave me his cloak and fed me and put me in here, but why?
I'm just Sigmar. I don't belong in this palace. It's a place for nobles and other big people. I'm just... me...
He told me he wants to find my place here and do work. I mean, I don't mind work, but I want to learn how to fight. I want to protect people.
Maybe he'll let let train?
Well, this bed /is/ comfortable, I suppose I'll sleep and see what he wants, if not, I'll keep moving on.

Winterfeast 28, 2305
We got to Haven a few days ago. Lord Podric seems to have some business here, so I had to tag along. I don't know what is we're doing here but something is wrong.
Pod's eyes glow yellow.
Is he a demon?
I got to try tea. That's a first! It burnt my tongue though.
Also, this tabard shirt is clean! But super itchy!
Shame I didn't learn the one-eyed guy's name.

Winterfeast 29, 2305
I keep meeting all these strange men, but I never learn their names!
This new guy didn't /look/ that old, but he seemed like he had some sort of huge weight on his shoulders (Francis).
I don't know why he thinks riding is sooooo important, but I guess he wants to buy me a horse.
I don't know what he was talking about with Lord Podric, but they seemed to be super serious about it.
I only heard the words 'Thorne' and 'Linlea'.
I've never been to Linlea, maybe Lord Podric will take me there someday?

Winterfeast 30, 2305
I was out in the village playing. I was a knight and I had to kill a terrible monster. But Pod found me playing and wanted to talk to me.
He mentioned that he thinks he may be able to get me trained, but that it wouldn't be him!
He wants to give me a sword, a horse, and some light armor. I still don't know what he wants out of me. I don't think those rads that were given to me by the man named Francis will be enough.
Pod also told me the 6... tenets, I guess they're called, of Valiant. He told me that he follows Ignis and that he can't really teach me about Valiant. Aren't they all gods?
I hope that I get to go to Queensport soon. Maybe Duke Kane or this Francis will take me on?
Snowdown 1, 2305
Pod dragged me to Queensport.
Well, I mean, I wanted to go anyway. It might be my best chance at squiring, then I can make mom happy!
But they were climbing all over this cathedral and I don't know why they would do that!
But Pod left me.
There was this strange jerky man, why did he want me to go to that hunting lounge?
Those men who took me didn't seem to want me there.
They kept talking about babysitting and called me a "lil' shit".
They don't think I heard 'em, but I was upstairs and heard them down through that big hole in the floor!
So I left them.
Went back to the tavern to wait for Pod.
I hope he understands...
Snowdown 2, 2306
Another day in Queensport, and another day of adults doing weird things.
This time there was some sort of archery contest happening inside the ruined cathedral.
Isn't that place supposed to be holy or sacred ground or something?
Why do they keep doing things like that?
I mean, then again, there is that brothel down below.
Adults are weird.
But at least I got to climb it when Pod wasn't looking.
They keep acting like it's dangerous, but I'm light! It won't break under me!
Besides, I can get into spots they can't even get into!
Kinda met the Duke and the Duchess.
I don't think I made a big impression with them.
Pod kept apologizing for things. I don't even think they were all his fault, neither.
But they kept talking about and saying back things about that Francis guy.
I don't think he's a bad guy, he just doesn't seem to be able to find his way, that's all!
They were going to talk about me, but I guess it got too late.
At least I get to sleep in this nice, soft bed and dream of mama.
Snowdown 3, 2306
They keep moving me around.
Now I'm in more of a servant's room. The bed is still comfy though.
I've been exploring this place when no one is looking.
There's /so many/ rooms in this palace.
I answered the gate a couple of times when I found myself over there.
It seems that Lisbet has a number of men that come calling on her.
As long as I sneak back to my room in time, they don't know I'm gone.
Lisbet took me to the tavern tonight. I met some strange people:
Some guy who wanted to play a gambling game with me.
Another guy who seems to be a mercenary or something. He said he could train me.
I don't know if I can accept his offer. I want to be a knight, and he isn't a knight.
But I do think he could teach me to fight!
There was also a man outside who made a giant... block? of ice.
I went back to the palace with too much on my mind.
Snowdown 4, 2306
I've been moved out of the palace.
I don't know what I did wrong?
Did I make the Duke upset with me?
Lisbet says that it wouldn't be fair for me to replace the Duke's squire, but I didn't want to replace him!
I just wanted him to take me too!
Maybe I'll take that strange soldier man up on his offer?
Snowdown 5, 2306
I spent almost the whole day inside.
I mean, Lisbet /did/ say I should chop wood or something to be helpful.
So I'll chop wood.
I'm not that good at it.
But I did do some.
Pod doesn't understand though.
I /want/ to be a knight, but he isn't helping me.
Why isn't he helping me?
Snowdown 6, 2306
Pod said he'd help me learn to read.
It is something that knights can do, right?

I followed a group out of the tavern.
I mean, I was bored.
They went to the castle and tried to get Lisbet to go, but, I followed them agian back to the tavern.
They keep talking about some exploration or something.
When they left the tavern, I grabbed that fire-wood axe and followed them.
I still don't know where they're going.
Deep through the forest I followed them.
Over hills.
Under trees.
Sticking to the shadows.
They didn't know I was there.
Until I stuck my head in a hole.
Some furious and ferocious thing lunged out at me.
I didn't know what it was until Joseph told me.
Apparently it was a badger.
Something as big as me, and furious enough to fight bears.
It bit me in the leg. I didn't know what to do, I just swung and swung.
I must've done something, because it was on the ground and Pod had picked me up when I came to.

I'm now in the Hunter's Lodge.
My leg hurts.
But I did it.

I killed the beast.
Snowdown 7, 2306
I woke up in pain.
Joseph's bandages seem to be working, but I can't really go anywhere. I'll probably just have to hop.
There's this strange woman, I think she told me her name, but I'm not really sure I heard it. Raalvara or something.
Weird and foreign.
She said she could heal my leg.
I don't know how she could do that, but she seemed jumpy.
Like she didn't want people to know she was there.
I hopped downstairs and Lisbet made me some sort of cheese bread.
But I tried those weird purple pickles I found last time I was there.
They're kind of sour and taste like brimstone.
I'll have to try them again.
Snowdown 8, 2306
I was able to put some weight on my leg.
But some goat-man named Gil showed up.
I guess he was sent by that Raalvara lady.
But my leg feels so much better after Gil looked at it.
I don't know what he did, but Pod said it was magic.
What kind of magic does that?
I got to arm-wrestle the Duke though.
I lost.
But I will get better!
Snowdown 9, 2306
A boring day in the Hall, so I went out for a walk.
My leg is doing /much/ better today, but it's not perfect.
I found Pod talking to the Lady Kane at the castle.
She walked us over so some nice district of Queensport where the houses look like castles themselves.
She gave Pod one of these castle-houses!
I didn't know people would just /give/ those away!
Snowdown 10, 2306
I started training with 'Jerky man' Jaden.
I think he still may want to kill me after my question earlier, but he showed me how to grip my sword.
I'm going to keep practicing with this sword if it kills me!
However he seemed to gather all of us together for some sort of questioning thing.
I don't know why we did that...
Snowdown 12, 2306
I went to the Ball.
Or, at least I /think/ I went.
My head is killing me.
I think I did something stupid.
I also think that Pod might be mad at me, or worse, disappointed in me.

I'll never touch that stuff again as long as I live.
Snowdown 15, 2306
I tried practicing my stances today.
It led to Pod and Jaden showing me some sort of practice bout.
at least that's what it was supposed to be.
It looked more like a bar fight or like those times that guys got thrown out of my mother's brothel.
But at least I got to work on parrying with Jaden.
Only for them to leave me with that bird-man again.
I /know/ he killed a bear! It's meat and fur and bones are in the Hall's kitchen!
What's the say he won't kill me?

I hope that Francis is ok and that they all come back safely from the trial.
Snowdown 16, 2306
Bored. Bored. Bored.
I've already practiced as much as I can when no one is around.
However, the Duke and Duchess stopped by.
They asked how I was doing and who else was around.
I mentioned Reivos eating bears.
They took me to stay at the Palace while Jaden and Pod are gone.
The Duchess did play a mean trick on me though...
she said that Reivos and other bird people /do/ eat people.
I believed her at first.
Snowdown 17, 2306
Jaden is apparently back in town.
So they want to let me go back to training with him and staying in the Guild Hall.
I was enjoying reading all those nice maps in the library, but I'm really confused by this one map.
It has some drawing of Queensport on it.
But it's not the Queensport I'm in...
I don't know what this second one is.
Unless it's a /really/ old map.
But the streets are all wrong.
At least I can resume training.

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Shoot, there goes his entire character arc! I was going to get revenge too with my dual blades style!
I'm going to have to temp ban you. If you had listened to the podcast you would know assassin ninja orphans are a nono. We shall see you again in 2020.


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I'm going to have to temp ban you. If you had listened to the podcast you would know assassin ninja orphans are a nono. We shall see you again in 2020.
Hey, I didn't mention anything about ninjas!

Now, a samurai with a wakizaki! /That's/ what I was aiming for!


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First journal entry. He can't write yet and doesn't have a journal, but these are his thoughts as he lies in the servant's quarters bed, trying to deal with 'all this'.

Will also be updating relationship with Pod.


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Updated journal entries for yesterday and today.

Sigmar has been up to some crazy antics in Haven, and seems to be meeting all sorts of new people.

Relations updated to include Isaac and Francis (Joseph12Q and BoredBrit )


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Updated again for the events from yesterday, ala, his journal.

Sigmar hopes he gets to go to Queensport; sooner, rather than later.