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Active Fr. Rogerius Ricci: The Golden Bishop of Veraci


Lord of Altera

Name: His Reverence and Majesty, the Bishop-King Rogerius Fitzolini Ricci

Age: 26

Current Occupation: Bishop-King of Trade, Commerce and Finances for Veraci

Duties and goals include:

- Organizing the budget and various taxes of Veraci.

- Authorizing trade guilds, creating/removing international tariffs, and organizing international trade.

- Moneylending

- Enforcing the “Proper” worship of Jax through daily tithes, congregations, etcetera.

- Enforcing his idea of Fiscal Purity (Goal): Casting out the parasites in society- the poor, the refugees, the foreigners- all drains on the city’s treasury. Creating a nation of prosperity and fiscal responsibility, where the middle class work as frightened, obedient, honest-to-a-fault, peasants whom never rise up in society, and the rich reap the profits of their inferior’s ignorance. A city where fear rule so that people may live according to how the world intended them- the fearful, and the feared, the ruled, and the rulers. Anyone who does not either find their place into being a hardworking part of a mechanical society or an overseer as such (i.e anyone who isn’t rich or middle class; the poor/dispossessed/minorities) are to be cast out forcefully, but slowly- so as not to upset those who support the scum of Veracian society. A city where poverty is a disease to be cast out, where the poor are seen as parasites to an efficient economy, or at least a means to an end.

Current Home: Veraci

Physical Description: Rogerius stands at an imposing 6 feet tall, a height which is only exacerbated by the long, black and gold pallium and mitre that he frequently dons. As a public figure and conman, he makes sure that he is in shape and is quite strict about his physical and mental health, despite the temptations of the lavish and mind-numbingly pleasurable lifestyle as a Bishop of Trade- after all, appearances are everything to the hungry masses of Veraci! Rogerius frequently goes out hunting and sailing, as well as boxing in his free time. His golden beard is trimmed to form sharp angles, and his head of golden hair is well-combed, if a bit casual for a supposed Clergyman.

Alignment and Personality: Lawful Evil. Father Roger has an intense (and immoral) fascination and love of gold and discipline, which drives him to lead his sector of the city with a (gilded) iron fist. As a once prominent businessman, he was famed for being able to pinch every penny from his clients and to drive every competitor out of Veraci- even it meant using...unorthodox....methods. He has a twisted sense of principles, in which he believes wealth comes only to those who work hard for it- despite the fact that he came into wealth by way of being a son of moneylender (something he refuses to admit, or realize). These principles often come in the form of undisguised disdain for the poor and uneducated- whose titular qualities he uses to his advantage to gain more and more power in Veraci.

Early Life: Rogerius was initially the son of money lender, he was dissatisfied with the way his father kept his family in a lower status of wealth by being so genenerous and lenient with his clients. Every taunt, jeer and thrown bottle of cheap wine that came his family’s way by the upper echelons of society drove him to rage until one day he found and brutalized a client who was more prone to taking advantage of his father’s kindness. While the man was unable to walk again, he paid back the money lent to him and then some, further convincing the young man of the fruitlessness of being lenient as a businessman. When his father passed away, he took his inheritance, and then his sister’s- whom he cast out as a weakling (and into a convent). With this money, he began to transform his father’s business into a mafia that- while terrifying- put the poorer folk on the run, turning the neighborhoods under his control into a more respectable, commercial areas of Veraci. Rogerius attributed much of his success to himself, but also to his devotation to Jax, the god of wealth (not luck, according to Roger)- and as such, became a acolyte to Jax. His devotation (along with a few bribes and beatings) lead him to be elected as a Bishop of Trade and Commerce for Veraci, a position he relishes, but is not quite comfortable in, seeing as he has a whole city to put to “discipline” and “cleanse”.


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Lord of Altera
Go ham I think. I’ve never played an evil person. I hope I can pull it off- maybe I just need to summon my inner hatred of all things lima bean. I hate lima beans.

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