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Daedric Prince




Updates in Red

Full Name: Lilith Hekate Sazil’Hexe
Nickname/Alias: "Moor."
Age: Distinguished as a lady in her late twenties. She is nearly a century old now.
Social Status: Middle Class
Relationship Status: None. Interested in starting anew once more, with someone worthy.
Date of Birth: 31st of Ghostmoon.
Death Records: None, as of now.
Homeland: The Northern Kingdoms, in the deepest pits of the swamps with her clan.
Current Status: In between Stonehaven, Sanardu, and Storm's Landing.


Sex: Female
Race: Moor Elf
Height & Weight: 5'4, 107 lbs.
Appearance: She is a lithe, short woman. Lilith is one of many to boast an hourglass figure, with a particularly full derriére and bosom. Her clothing choice often accentuates such features. Her hair is void black, with little shine to it. Her eyes are an
amethyst tint, embellished with charcoal. Her skin ashen. Keen facial features and angular shape of face.
Hygiene: She thoroughly enjoys keeping clean, though doesn’t care for occasional dirt or getting dirty for a certain period of time. Has the luxury of using the Sanardu Baths.
Tattoos and Marks:

  • Raked claw scars from a Wendigo on her upper back.
  • Small scars on her chest from another Wendigo attack.
  • Split right eyebrow.
  • Her feet have small cuts and marks from walking barefoot often in her past.
  • Small black pentagram tattoo on lower back.
Appearance: Lilith is one who holds vast pride in her appearance, and strives to be exquisite and alluring in visage. Hence, her need for maquillage and near constant upkeep of hair, skin, nails, and teeth.
Addictions: None
Allergies: Dust
Current Injuries: Negative.
Current Illnesses: Negative.
Current Conditions:

Alignment: Neutral Good. Lawful Evil
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Intelligence: Quite prideful of the knowledge she so dearly holds. She has an unrelenting thirst for more.
Lures: Knowledge ❖ Magic ❖ Power ❖ Secrets ❖ Wealth ❖ The Planar Infinity ❖ Discovery ❖ The Unknown
Fears: Fear itself. It can expose your deepest secrets and weaknesses. Therefore, she abstains from displaying any sense of it as much as she can.
Likes: Respect ❖ Exploration ❖ Secrets ❖ Quiet ❖ Stargazing ❖ Reading ❖ Meditation ❖ The Arcane ❖ Books ❖ The Moon The Paranormal
Dislikes: Arrogance ❖ Hypocrites ❖ Jishrimites
Strengths: Clever ❖ Collected ❖ Observant ❖ Quick Learner ❖ Persuasive ❖ Prideful ❖ Stubborn
Weaknesses: Prideful ❖ Stubborn ❖ Quick to forget ❖ Anxiety ❖ Paranoid
Most common mood: Observant.
Temperament: She keeps her anger to herself and speaks calmly when engaged in conflict, only to display maturity and the fact that she is likely getting the upper hand. However, if things persist and seem to not come to any conclusion, she is certainly not afraid to express her ire, and will do so. Often, she bottles up her feelings too much, and with such she begins to accumulate destructive urges.
Humor: She uses different humors in different crowds and different moods. More often than not, it is dark or provocative.
Most at ease when: --
Most ill at ease when: In crowds, or getting lost
Angered when: Threatened. Stolen from.
Saddened when: She muses of her past clan and parents, and when she is reminded of Zark’ses.
Optimist or pessimist?: Entirely depends on the current situation, though she is often optimistic.
Introvert or extrovert?: Introvert. While she is not afraid to speak to people or come out of her shell, she much prefers to be alone or with people very close to her.
Daredevil or cautious?: Her observant nature would render her more cautious, but her learning philosophy indicates that jumping right into something will help her learn. These two things are balanced.
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: Methodical and neat
Confident or unsure of herself?: Confident
Character's Darkest Secret: She's not afraid to dabble in darker, more occult things. She may be also as cunning and deceitful as a serpent whenever needed.
Does anyone know?:
As of now, no.

Wealth: She took all that she inherited with her. She is wealthy, though she prefers to keep this secret.
Current Homes: A small manor in Sanardu.
Most Prized Possessions:

  • A charmed silver crescent moon necklace. A gift to her by Zark'ses. It emits the notion of courage with his magic. Always worn.
  • Enchanted jet black quill, another gift from Zark’ses.
  • Crow foot
  • An almost-full human skeleton. Several skulls.
  • Her books.
  • A revealing short black dress and corset. Currently worn
  • Hooded black robes.
  • Nightwear
  • An outfit, fit for long-distance travel.
  • A silver dagger, enchanted with Fire Aspect. Doubles as a tool to light her pipe with.
  • An iron shortsword. Very rarely used, though she knows the basics of how to use it.
  • Often carries harming potions or a vial of poison.
Short Term Goals:
Find Evelyn Completed.
[-] A temporary home. Completed.
[-] Find a new sort of income

Long Term Goals:
Continue on Zark’ses’ legacy of Animancy.
[-] A permanent home.
[-] Become an accomplished sorceress
[-] Make a discovery.
[-] Write and publish books on her studies.


Pets: A black mare, by the name of Nyx.

  • Mok'yra | Mother tongue. Fluently spoken, written, and read.
  • Common | Secondary tongue. Fluently spoken, written, and read.
  • Elven | Tertiary tongue. Fluently spoken, written, and read.
Profession: Alchemist. Apothecary. Enchanter. Author. Scholar.
Religion or Cults: She worships none. Sallana or the Gray Lady when necessary.
Places Traveled: Riseport | Thiil | Storm’s Landing | Compendium | Sanardú | Linlea | Ruby Isles | Arget Isles | Natri'Evar | Khovr'Handar | Stonehaven

Pastime: Studies
Food: Wild Blackberries
Drink: Red Wine, Ciders
Color: Black
Animal: Serpent

Least Favorite..
Any place with humidity and heat. It wreaks havoc on her wardrobe.
Pastime: --
Food: Boar Meat
Drink: Vodka
Color: --

Zark'ses | BrianAT16 | "While you may not be under the same stars as I, you are beyond them now." Lilith will always hold this man in a special place within her heart, as she lives on. She hopes to fulfill what Zark'ses had been doing with his life before his untimely death.

Evelyn Lannis | At last, Lilith has finally met the Magus of Animancy. Though Lilith holds her in the highest respects, she seeks to build a friendship with her as well.

"Halecrow." Mitch | She enjoys the man’s company well enough after a long while of isolation, and thanks him for that. Lilith finds amusement as well as a sort of ambition embedded within Halecrow, yet to be seen. She is both admiring and unappreciative of his mysterious and secretive aura, and with this she does not trust him fully. Sees this, as a whole, a temporary love of sorts.

Elizabeth NIAH | Lilith likes the young woman well enough. She sees great potential in her, and hopes to see her knowledge and skill sprout in the world of the arcane.

Nikolche | Niko | A master of Cogimency, which piques her interest. He seems to be useful to her and her goals, as is she with his.

Dravos | PitaChipBoi | Lilith enjoys his company and is grateful for him listening to her troubles, though still has yet to trust him. She awaits him to prove himself worthy. Wonders where he went.
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