Linlea's Foreign Refugees


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With the approach of dangers from outer, unknown waters, the Lady of Linlea has seen to organizing a new notice among the people and land. These new proceedings are to be followed intentently in order to protect the citizens and the refugees to come. For one's’ own safety, ignorance will not be tolerated.

Sunrise, the markets and docks will open​
Two hours before sundown, the markets will close​
At sundown, all shops and homes should be locked. No citizen or attendee is to travel outdoors in the dark.​
The Hospital is open for infected and inspecting Mist Walkers, only.​
Citadel Gates are closed at all times.​

Lady Ashna & Lord Laerornor of Kov’Gra’Sek uphold their rule over their land and incoming foreigners. Discord and permission are given accordingly to citizens and non-citizens. Citizens are to follow the new set curfew and may request to reside in the First Quarter of the Citadel at nights. Infected citizens will be lead to the hospital. Windows are to be boarded up or covered and citizens must wear leather coverings to protect their mouths, noses, heads and bodies. The Citadel’s Northern Quarters and Wings are barred for anyone not given the Kov’Gra’Sek Tol’Fen’Ke and Ko’s permission.

Foreign Identification
This is how Linlean Authorities will be able to Identify the foreigners seeking aid in Linlea. Badges are carved out of spruce wood and glazed. All badges must be worn above one's left breast. Visible. Citadel gates are closed at all times. The First Quarters, and Throne room, will be open only for those displaying Mist Walker Badges or those appealing with Refugee Badges.

Mist Walker Badge - A grey painted badge with a carving of a teal/pale colored skeletal hand upon it. Temporary badge that allows specific named foreigners that have pledged to aid against the Ashen Infection, to walk inside the Citadel’s first Quarters and attend to Infected at the hospital. They have permission to walk at night with a partner, during cold and misty hours, and patrol with partners during emergencies. But are, of course, warned about engaging with possible beasts and lone nightly patrols. Badge may be rescinded and changed if infected or if deemed unsuitable.​
Tiered Fighters or Hands are under Duke Charles Kane’s overview - Badge has a shield under the skeletal hand​
Tiered Healers and Researchers are under Lady Elizabeth Kane’s overview - Badge has a book under the skeletal hand​
Given to: Shankster (Leofaren) CloakedReaper (Jaden) Omikuji (Kopii) Smurf (Olive) oveny (Ichein) French Roast (Katrina)​

Refugee Badge - A purple painted badge with a carving of a temple upon it. Badge for non-citizens that seek shelter from the current dangers of the realm. They are to follow all curfew restrictions and follow guidance of leaders and those with Mist Walker Badges.​

Ashen Infected Badge - A rust-colored painted badge with a carving of a triangle upon it, signifying a pile of ash. Temporary badge pinned to all infected, from mild signs to severe signs. They are barred from walking farther than the hospital. Disallowed from the farms, forests, markets and citadel unless given permission by Ashna Kov’Gra’Sek.​
Given to: Jstar (Daeron) Raalvara (Raalvara)​
..I think there's more, but the doctors in-game are keeping track​


In Addition
Restrictions will lift once the Ashen Infection is cured and creatures cease their hunts upon the living. Badges can be returned after wards. Those who worship undeath, are violent in nature or merely here for discord will be removed from our premises.

OOC: Welcome to the, currently deemed, lawful neutral grey isls of Linlea.. If the atmosphere here is not your cup of tea, feel free to get cured and exit quietly. I won’t force anyone to be here, so if you’re here for some fun, let’s work things out and rp :)

Region is Moderate. Consent for permanent maiming/death between players is needed unless actions in roleplay lead to it happening already.
Event rating is also Moderate unless the Forlorn folks decide otherwise. Be sure you’re marked in the Event Consent thread.

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+Seemingly updated. More things need to be, but rp goes.

The Astrum Isles and Queensport offer aid to the Grey Islands now rumored to be one of refuge, with talk of maintaining and providing more rations and defenses. There is, however, concern among the able bodies of so many different figures being together. There are two goals that keeps everyone at bay, in unity. Remove the Blight. Survival.


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(In response to this)

Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek opens the lower quarters of the Citadel for the injured in the attack. The hospital has been evacuated, and any still-sane infected are to be healed immediately. Citizens are asked to make their way over, or defend themselves in a stronghold. Doors should be locked at night.

No one is recommended to leave the premises unless they are with a guard or mercenary.

It is rumored Jaden Seeker and Podric Flanders will make a notice for seeking defenders among the stragglers, soon. There will be attempts to clear the corpses and tend to any wild .. dreaming infected that aim to thwart the Isles progress of fighting against the infected entity that aims to ruin it.​


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As the last expedition went to sort the growing sickness spread from the prior shipwrecks, they were met with a deafening sound. The Blight's Dragon calculatingly made its way for Linlea's farms. The wheat fields were in mid-harvest, as a caution to the Blight's wreck upon Thorne, but what was left is now in ruins. Farmers and helping hands have been ordered to scavenge what was salvageable. There has also been a rationing of food given to refugees, as the rest of the remaining food is stored, preserved, or salted. A scarce supply of goods still routinely sails from Astrum Isles, though they - too, are not relied on heavily considering their close proximity to Linlea. Seafarers and Fishermen are looked to for their supplies of food.

The Citadel and the rest of the Isles still stand. What remains of the ship wrecks will soon be pulled to shore and the docks will be secured. Defenses will continue to build, in apprehension of catching sight of the Dragon once more. Along with wearing scarves and gloves to cover their bodies.. citizens are requested to find ways to cover their ears to protect from the Blight Dragon's roars. Those who are able bodied are sent to learn how to wield crossbows or bows. And soon, a quiet expedition heads south to secure land to sustain the need for farmed goods. { here }​