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in-game technical

  1. HollowWorld

    Introducing IGT Team

    [ Introducing IGT ] In-Game Technical (IGT) is the staff in charge of controlling the building of the server, from world-edit requests to road building or event building. In-Game Technical (World-Edit Requests + Roads + Ports) Goals & Purpose » Provides access to WorldEdit and VoxelSniper to...
  2. HollowWorld

    IGT is Recruiting!

    [ IGT is Recruiting! ] The In-Game Technical team is now recruiting new members! With the new separation into two parts of the team, an aspiring member can apply to either Build or IGT; or both! The team is currently still small, but that’ll need to change with the addition of Build Requests to...
  3. HollowWorld

    Dynmap Icon Requests

    [ Dynmap Icon Requests ] In-Game Technical provides dynmap icons in a uniform format to regions that meet the proper requirements. All icons will now be required to be on a form of shield at 32x32. Bear in mind the shield should ideally appear longer in height than width, do not make square...
  4. HollowWorld

    Travel Port Requests

    [ Travel Port Requests ] "Hollow Travels" - created by the wonderful ptiber - is a plugin used by the server for “porting” between two separate locations with the </travel> command. These ports are normally in the form of a ship, or a carriage, that moves ICly across the world to their...
  5. HollowWorld

    Region Refunds

    [ Region Refunds ] Refunds are currently offered in full, and we’ll be processing them for the full 100% amount that was paid. If you have a region that needs to be refunded, you can send this form here on this thread or to an In-Game Technical ticket with the information. Please keep in mind...
  6. HollowWorld

    Worldedit Requests

    [ World Edit Requests ] Players may request WorldEditing and VoxelSniper changes to their projects, as well as transfers and biome changes. This may be as simple as turning every pane of glass you have in your windows into a block of glass, or moving a house 3 blocks to the left, or having a...