Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

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Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

What Comes Next

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Hey fellas,

I know it’s been a tumultuous several weeks for a lot of folk. I don’t think this comes as a surprise, but I decided I was done a few weeks ago and that I’d be stepping down. I had hoped to leave it in good hands, but the reality of the situation is that we have about two months of server costs left in the bank, and we’re just about out of experienced staff willing to deal with the drama.

It is with this in mind that I’ve had some long conversations, and have decided to close the server down. With what money we have, we’re going to focus on winding down and giving people a satisfying conclusion for their characters. It’s been a good run, I have a lot of good memories of being here, and I hope most of you can say the same.

On current events:
I think Dee’s a jackass and I do not need to contrive further reason to want him gone. There are certainly parts here that I’ve fumbled, but it has not been with the characterization he has portrayed, and I do not regret...

[Lore] Pioneer Project

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-= ━━━━━━ ════[ =]◈[= ]════ ━━━━━━ =-
S P R I N G ~ S U M M E R

-= ━━━━━━ ════][════ ━━━━━━ =-

The thrums of hammers upon anvils ring. Various metals molting fizzle. Textures form from threads sewn together. The pioneers within the crafts of Altera pursue to create the best of the best, the most unique of their discoveries. Some use it to hoard within their Kingdoms. A few share among their companions. Others use it to enlighten the public.

Altera enters an era for Pioneers

Crafters can use their Masterwork to submit a new lore proposal for a craft within their skill sets. The craft must follow the researcher’s method and the rules below. It’s recommended that players balance their own craft with crafts already known and made to ease the process through tickets. Players can work together on their discoveries, but must rely on one lead researcher as the speaker of the...

The Token Exchange

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Hello Everyone!
As you all know, voting is a crucial part of promotion for any server, so the PR team has come up with a new system to further encourage voting and to reward those players for their continued support of the server. As such, from this day forward, players will receive a 'Voting Reward Token' for every 25 votes alongside their usual rewards, which can be exchanged for a variety of items at the new token exchange vendors. These vendors are located in a new settlement called 'The Crossroads', with a small tavern and various places to purchase items (which can be expanded on in time).


The vendors can be found at /warp crossroads, but there are some rewards that must be handed to a member of staff to be given the reward. Below is a full list of what...​

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