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Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying


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-] Beacons [-

Beacons are ancient creations of the Immortal Kings, who granted these tools to their creations to help defend against the ancient demons known as Sorrows. However, the knowledge was lost over the ages to the point where the crafting of such wonders was deemed completely lost. The remaining beacons in the world often became the centers of religious institutions, and became incorrectly identified as a religious artifacts.

Beacons of old burned bright, arcane light that can disrupt sorrows. They drew from leyline power to create a highly powerful beam, capable of charging magical properties and destroying matter that came in contact with it for too long. However, this power is only available to beacons that have a true nether star at its core.

Over years of study, a group of scholars, enchanters, and jewelers...

Update to Donation Packages

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Contributions Update

Hi all!

As of today, donation packages now stack. This means, when you buy one donation package, you can upgrade to the next tier with a discount of what you've already donated. It is essentially a "tiered" system.
This will work for anybody who is currently a donator and is interested in upgrading to the next tier(s) of rank. When you log into the Hollowworld Contribution page, you will automatically see your discounted price next to the original price (which is in red) of the next package.



We've also added a [Mystic] rank in light of all new arcane folks in training springing up. {Check it out...

Finished Spill No Red

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The eldritch monstrosity awoken beneath the Scion's halls stirs again. Sparse glimpses have been caught of twisted beasts prowling the forests to the north of the fallen Compendium, lingering with yet-unknown purpose. Those that may venture, beware.


When: 5/16, 5:00 EST
What: Forest Shenanigans
Rating: Violent.

Forum Upgrade Features / Changes

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Below are a few of the changes/features with the new Forums - This is a WIP list and will be added to over time.

All new thread/watched thread/etc now found by clicking the dropdown menu on the "Forums" navibar.
Users may now choose their own header background for the forums. There is also an option for "Fluid Width" which is especially useful for those of us with wider screens.
Example with Fluid Width off:
Example with Fluid Width on.. Note the background gif!:
(I think you have to click to see gif version)
Some changes to the post/reply section..
Option to remove formatting (Highlight, click eraser)

Section to edit BB code and test it quickly/insert it into your post

Major Forum Upgrade (downtime) - 4/26/2018 1100-1900EST

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Major Forum Upgrade

On Thursday, April 26th, 2018 at 11:00am EST the forums will go offline to perform a major update to the forum platform we run on. The update is expected to last between 5-7 hours, however I have allocated 8 hours into the schedule just in case. During this time the forums will be completely unavailable (I will create a small landing page to inform people of whats going on).

The update to the forums will introduce a number of fantastic new features and smaller bigfixes and improvements that should improve overall user experience. On that same note, we will be changing our forum style. We will be keeping the feel of the current long-standing style, but the change will be significant and refreshing.


*Note that this upgrade is very significant and we have been working on this project...

Finished The Grand Hunt

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The wilds stir as the sleeping forest wakes; The Huntress has found the scent of Her elusive quarry. The hubris-bared fangs of the one that would threaten the heavens will shatter beneath the fury of the righteous.

Great horns shall ring out the hunt, and agents of the divine race towards that most dangerous game so that the mortals may follow. The path ahead will be dangerous, boon companions are needed.


When: 4/29, 1:00 EST
What: The start of the end.
Rating: Violent.

Discord & You

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Discord & You

Discord is a voice and chat site for players of the server to communicate. As this is a feature Discord hosts and we allow players in by invite, our rules still apply and roll over into Discord. Including the {TOS} {Kings Law} {Player Conduct}. Players are responsible for how they act and speak as they would be on the forums and...

Official Lore FAQ

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Official Lore FAQ

Have you read the server Lore and are confused about some details? Ask below and it'll be answered so long as it's reasonable. Anyone asking for lore background that's not meant to be answered freely will be told as much. We'll answer these as best as possible.

{New Player Questions}
{General Threads of Discussions}
[Old Thread]

Race/Culture Questions
+Do we have Half-Elves and can Elves grow beards?
Niah: Half-Elves are not part of our...

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