Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

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Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

The Hollow Crafting Guide

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The Crafting Guide

HollowCrafting is a plugin designed by Lannis from the ground up that vastly improves the way people play characters with skills and professions that pertain to crafting. HollowCrafting introduces new materials, flora, and fauna into the setting for people to discover and interact with throughout their time on Hollowworld.

Crafting and IC resources will be represented by lored items that can be gathered from the world and crafted and refined into products. Crafting categories now have a tangible...

Summary of Mechanics

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This thread is intended to be a concise summary of the mechanics involved in the stats system and the systems they're integrated with.

Character Stats:
A character's abilities are represented by various attributes and skills encoded in the stats system. Rolls are made as the combination of an attribute and skill that are most relevant to the situation, each point contributing a d6 to a dice pool used to make the roll. The number of dice that individually beat a DC count as 'successes,' the sum of which is used to determine the outcome of the roll.
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Experience and Progression:
Skills and attributes are bought using experience, which is earned passively by RPing. You can earn up to 2 EXP per day, and after reaching 60 you can earn 10 EXP per month. Characters cap at 240 EXP.


Stats Overview

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Hello everyone,

We're going to try something funky. For a while I've been thinking about things that could be better about the server, and what to do about them:

The first is that CRP is kinda wack as it is. Most take a good few hours, require a DM, and involve a good amount of arguing because it fundamentally comes down to resolving two different ideas about what's happening at any given time. I suspect this contributes to why conflict in general is scarce, as just the process of having it can be daunting when it's not done between friends.

The second is that there's not really a meaningful context for characters to be skilled at anything other than the eye test of 'this old character is probably better than this fresh one.' This is the big one, that there's no tangible way to develop past a certain point, and I think it manifests in a few different trends in various parts of the server. Magic/divine offers a way to tangibly progress, and is often an endgame goal...

The Token Exchange

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Hello Everyone!
As you all know, voting is a crucial part of promotion for any server, so the PR team has come up with a new system to further encourage voting and to reward those players for their continued support of the server. As such, from this day forward, players will receive a 'Voting Reward Token' for every 25 votes alongside their usual rewards, which can be exchanged for a variety of items at the new token exchange vendors. These vendors are located in a new settlement called 'The Crossroads', with a small tavern and various places to purchase items (which can be expanded on in time).


The vendors can be found at /warp crossroads, but there are some rewards that must be handed to a member of staff to be given the reward. Below is a full list of what is possible:


Harvesting Plugin + Beta Period

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] Project Overview [

Hello everyone,

Some of you have heard of the crafting rework teased at a while back. The short of it is that we're working on a system to standardize IC crafting and progress by making it plugin-based, with an experience system in the style of a traditional RPG. You gain experience by crafting actual in-game items from IC resources found in the world, and can name and customize the lore text of the things you make. As you progress you gain access to more difficult recipes, and can eventually choose a specialized branch of crafting to make expert crafts with intrinsically magical materials.

One of the stated goals of the project is to introduce more fantasy elements that are part of 'daily life' RP. Many new materials are being introduced for this with a range of magical and fantastical effects, from a metal that glows perpetually with heat to a sturdy wood that's near as light as air, and most can be found and used simply by exploring the map and...

Renting Property in Storm's Landing

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With the changing of heads that’s gone on with Storm’s Landing, and trying to keep player involvement up, rent has fallen to the wayside several times. With one last restructure it is our hope to bring all builds under the same rules and make the process of renting quicker and easier for staff and players alike. While the new system will take getting used to, it will be an overall better system for renting in Storm’s Landing.

The Project Manager of Spawn is Lenore
PR is Lenore

Renting Property in Storm's Landing


Renting Property has now become an automatic system, reliant on player's actively monitoring their own regions.
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