Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

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Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

HollowWorld 2024 Survey

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Greetings. We are doing a survey to gauge players feelings in regards to HW as a whole and their thoughts and feelings regarding potential changes. All of it is completely anonymous. Please take a few moments of your time to potentially make a change in the community in the coming year.
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[Vote] Storm's Landing Cathedral Reconstruction Project

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Storm's Landing Cathedral Reconstruction Project

Greetings, please take a few minutes of your time to review and vote on the hard work our community has put in to reconstructing Divine shrines for the Storm’s Landing Cathedral. The winning shrines are the ones you’ll be seeing in the cathedral from now on, so be sure to vote on the ones that catch your eye the most!


Voting Schedule
The vote will be open for one week, and results will be collected on Sunday the 24th! [Here]


Poll Credits- @Sneekz

Renting Property in Storm's Landing

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Copy of Copy of ICEANDFIRE (10).png
The Project Manager of Spawn is IceandFire

Renting Property has now become an automatic system, reliant on player's actively monitoring their own regions.
[Base Player Commands]

/arm help - Plugin help lists all commands.
/arm addmember region newMember - Add a member to your region plot
/arm buy region - Buy the nearest rent plot
/arm extend - Extend the rent of your plot
/arm info region - Read info about a plot
/arm limit - See the limits of your plot purchases
/arm listregions - List your regions
/arm regionfinder - Prompt a GUI that will show you available plots and teleport you to them
/arm restore - Reset your region. Warning- all materials will be taken by the...

A Beginners Guide to our Stat System

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Welcome! You may have just started out on Hollowworld, or you are a returning player.

You may have noticed in the first few days in Altera a system that we use to help elevate Roleplay, enhance character development, and have a useful effect for events.

What is it? It is our stats system!

It is a method to help represent a character’s developed skills over the course of their life.
It is not a perfect representation but it is a step to providing an accurate estimation of a character’s strengths and weaknesses.​
So, where do we begin?

The Hollow Crafting Guide

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HollowCrafting is a plugin designed by Lannis from the ground up that vastly improves the way people play characters with skills and professions that pertain to crafting. HollowCrafting introduces new materials, flora, and fauna into the setting for people to discover and interact with throughout their time on Hollowworld.

Crafting and IC resources will be represented by lored items that can be gathered from the world and crafted and refined into products. Crafting categories now have a tangible skill...

The Token Exchange

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Hello Everyone!
As you all know, voting is a crucial part of promotion for any server, so the PR team has come up with a new system to further encourage voting and to reward those players for their continued support of the server. As such, from this day forward, players will receive a 'Voting Reward Token' for every 25 votes alongside their usual rewards, which can be exchanged for a variety of items at the new token exchange vendors. These vendors are located in a new settlement called 'The Crossroads', with a small tavern and various places to purchase items (which can be expanded on in time).


The vendors can be found at /warp crossroads, but there are some rewards that must be handed to a member of staff to be given the reward. Below is a full list of what...​

Minecraft Server Status


Godsend, 25th of Floodlock
- Season of Frost

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