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[New Plugins] BookshelfDisplay & SignBoard

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As we anticipate server updates during downtime, I'm happy to add in two additional plugins to help players promote their regions, towns, or other form of activities. The following plugins bring the following to the table:

"Bookshelf Display allows players to turn their useless bookshelf blocks into functional galleries that display whole libraries of books and other items! Bookshelves will display the contents of containers and item frames attached to them. They will even display nested containers of items, allowing you to create detailed directories!

While this is a light-weight plugin, it can be a nice way to interact with the lore of a town or quest-- especially in a survival setting. When paired with a chest protection plugin, it is an excellent way to...

Community Safety Concerns & Discord: II

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Recently there have been some uses of our platform (namely the Discord server) by a banned party to DM members of the community some less than exciting things. We take this very seriously as no one should be harassed this way through Hollowworld with real life threats by any player - banned or unbanned. In order to take immediate action, we have decided to remove the permanent link to the Discord server. In its place, mentors will be sending newly whitelisted players temporary invitations, and existing members of the community will receive a link via making a support ticket on the forums. This is hopefully only temporary until an integration between the forums and the Discord server is created. If you're still worried about receiving any unwanted messages, setting your Discord account to only accept DMs from players you share a server with is recommended, and if you've already received any unwanted messages please report them to Discord itself.

Thank you for your...

March Newsletter 3.1.2020

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Firstday, 1st of Springrise, 2307
Server News

Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • Golden Crafter Rank-- Check out the newly released Crafter rank, a monthly subscription for added perks. [x]
  • Divine Staff Shift-- A number of individuals have been added to the Divine Team to keep things flowing smoothly. [x]
  • New Conversation Addon-- A few improvements have been made to they way...

Unhinged - Final Notes

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With two sides preparing to wage war on one another for what they believe in, it was expected that the day would end in much bloodshed
and perhaps loss of life. It did not however turn out the way many expected, to their relief, as through the intervention of many individuals
the two opposing sides were able to compromise, and agree on terms that suited all. This conclusion results in a great variety of changes
in both the world, and the people that inhabit it.

One of the biggest changes that is visible, is that there is a faint sort of scar in the skies where the portal once was, and that at night, beautiful
waves and lines of teal and blue colour the skies from the portal all the way up to the north. It can be seen all year long and in various locations.
(See pic above for a reference.)


With stasis ending, all Vyres who had not fed recently...​

Special Cultural Injunction

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† † †​

On April 5th, 2019, the Authors of the Arget Isles and associated IPs requested that both the physical island itself and the lore relating to Arget be removed from our setting. This is a request which was jointly granted by both the IG-Technical Dept. and the Lore Dept. On that date, the Lore Dept. considered the Arget Culture an official legacy language with special rules applying.

On July 24th, 2019, an official explanation for the destruction of the Arget Isles was approved and subsequently posted on the “Rumors” thread.

On August 20th, 2019, members of the Lore Dept. updated the official “Languages of the Eastern Continent” thread with:
This has been updated as Aurion has been moved to a dying language.
It can now only be learned it via characters who already knew it.
Two days later, on the 22nd, the statement was superseded by a new statement in...

Guild Template

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Please follow the link here [
x] if you want a subforum for your guild.
Guild Subforum Requirements:
+You must have a Prestige Guild in-game

The following are suggestions for players in how to format their Subforums. A guide made for players by players.

Proposed Stickied and Locked Threads:

Guild Introduction
- This thread should include the crest, the motto, any relevant goals or political alignments, and a summarized history of the Guild. You can list people of...

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